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That today things in Kaduna have changed dramatically from the way it used to be several years back is stating the obvious.
While change is something that is not static and known to everyone, the change in Kano State took many shocking patterns that those who were before now classified as the Bigger Boys because of their access to those in power and the issue of contracts are today struggling to be recognized in the state while those who before now found it almost impossible to make it road contract wise because of their refusal to tow the immoral lane of homosexuality that was a major factor then are presently reaping bountifully from governance and contract awards in the state, courtesy of the present governor who before this new term vowed to clear his government of not just all immorality but to face governance with utmost dexterity.
Below are the major Big Boys in the state who were unfortunately swept by the power changes in the state when the former governor was drafted to a higher position.
He is one of the Biggest Boy in Kaduna; recently his picture and another partner had the governor’s face super-imposed and used on a fake sexual photo with the present governor by enemies of the governor with the negative intent of casting the governor in negative light. He is from Enugu State in the eastern part of the country.
Not many know how he got himself into the power caucus in the state but he was been around the power corridors then in Kaduna State during the administration of the former governor who is now the vice-president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
He was so close to the top echelon of government then that commissioners kowtowed for him as he had the ears of those in the topmost positions ruling the state. While many then alluded his powers to his lifestyle which is said to be the vogue then to get anything in the state, others saw him as a mere pimp who assist those at the helm of affairs then in the picking of very good partner in the world of fun, not just fun but one between two males… if you get my drift.
The Boss, as he was fondly called then had access to all kinds of contracts and had influences over same such that most contractors who would not toe the line in the Humphrey game of survival normally found it had to work in the state.
He was said to be so powerful that even the then deputy governor feared crossing his path and was said to be one of the main men in the supply of sexual materials vis-a-vis partner to most of those in government that were said then to be involved in the unusual sexual acts.
He is presently said to have totally lost out in the power equation in the state as he has no iota of influence to peddle around this dispensation. Most of his boys then are also said to be having it tough, but as a fast man, he is said to have got a strong connection in the Federal Capital Territory where he is said to be presently domiciled, courtesy of some top government functionary in the top echelon of governance in the city.
He was one of the first sets of young upcoming men said to have been recruited by the pimp called Boss to help oil the needs of most of those in power in Kaduna State that needed sexual satisfaction the other way round. Said to have graduated as a lawyer from Kaduna State but never truly went to law school for reasons best known to him but rose via the instrumentality of Humphrey links and made it well financially.
He was said to have got into problem with Humphrey when he went behind him to bed one of the then commissioners that resulted in a fight in the then administration of the former governor when the story made the rounds that two commissioners fought over a young lover.
The young man was the one that caused the battle between the two commissioners in the then administration of the former governor who has made it to the seat of power in Abuja.
While the boss is said to be picking his life back in a big way in Abuja, he is not finding it easy, moreso that most of the commissioners in the act with him were said to have been left out in the recent cabinet composition of the present administration and this has put a big wedge in the financial flow of the young man such that he is said to be uncomfortable financially.
Though rumour has it that he is presently looking up to another governor in the north who is said to be in the act, no solid confirmation has been got to that effect.
He is one of the biggest losers in the power equation in the state.
He is also a protégé of the boss (from Delta State) but had to almost physically fight his way to become main man of one of the commissioners then who helped in getting him one of the lucrative contracts in the state that gives him steady cash flow with little or no work other than being a permanent lover of the said commissioner who got booted out in Governor Yakowa’s new administration which has a policy of zero tolerant for immorality.
He is said to be presently maintaining a low profile in the state and frequents Abuja .
Those close to him confirm he is planning to relocate to Abuja where he is said to have done well for himself property wise-from his contracts and sexual acts.
Popularly called Big S among his group of friends in the odd sex world, he is from Kano and said to have some kind of blood affinity with the late head of state from Kano State via their mother side.
Highly educated as he is said to have been schooled in faraway United States of America from where he got into the very weird sexual acts that have made him wealthy financially. He is said to have dated a former governor in Bornu State and also having links sexually with some of the former commissioners and a top masquerade in the old administration then.
He was one of those who did see eye to eye with Humprey and both did everything humanly and spiritually possible to see that the other lost out in the goodies of the men in power then before the death of President Yar’Adua and emergence of Jonathan catapulted Governor Sambo to the seat of power in Abuja and Big S was left in the hands of someone whose influence was not good with the new governor and that helped erode the power and Influence of Big S.
Today the name Big S is a big anathema in the administration in the state and can’t even get through the gate of Government House Kaduna such that Big S is rarely seen in the state but roves around some northern states doing God knows what.

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