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London city will be agog on Saturday, July 27, 2024 as Angel Global Promotions UK together dancers, actors and music and culture enthusiasts from different parts of Asia and Africa for the latest edition of ‘AfroAsia Dance & Cultural Events’.


Speaking to journalists, Princess Adetutu Jakande, the CEO of Angel Global Promotions UK, stated that the aim of the event is to cross-promote Africa and Asia, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of people of both continents.


The special events that will be taking place at Lighthouse Theatre, Camberwell Road, London, will witness a diverse range of music, cultural display and dances, with a fusion of the continents’ beautiful traditions, said Princess Adetutu.


Underscoring the important role of entertainment in society, Princess Adetutu, who is an international events promoter, contends that its significance extends far beyond personal leisure. She asserts that entertainment events play a crucial role in shaping culture, fostering unity, and expressing emotions within a society. “Such events like the AfroAsia Dance & Cultural Events we’re hosting in July, holds societal importance and its impact on cultural expression and cohesion cannot be overemphasized,” she declares.

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