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Funky Pastor With Fake Miracles, Chris Oyakhilome Solemnises Mercy Johnson’s Dubious Wedding

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The wedding of controversial actress Mercy Johnson to her beau has come and gone. But the soleminisation of the marriage by yet another controversial pastor, Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy, will ensure that ripples of the oddity he endorsed will continue to linger for a long time to come.

Many people wonder what type of Bible Oyakhilome is using to preach to his followers. They believe that he should not have gone ahead to solemnize the wedding because of the controversy that it generated some weeks before the wedding when the wife of Mercy’s new husband, Lovely came out that the man whom Mercy wanted to marry was at the time he was planning to go into another wedding still her legal husband.

Those who spoke to us said Chris Oyakhilome should bury his head in shame for conducting the sham marriage, stressing that the Catholic Church would never conduct such marriage that was full of controversy right from the outset and that there is no spiritual accountability in Christ Embassy.

Another who spoke to us condemned Oyakhilome, stating that his church is nothing short of a night or social club. He said further that Oyakhilome is always at the centre of controversy  for instance, he charges feed for the church’s programmes  and it is high time he stopped using the name of the Lord to perpetrate his crimes and thereby lead his followers astray. He also said that Oyakhilome has laid a bad precedent that now, people, especially single girls, can just wake up one day to leave their spouses for the rich or famous since they know that evil pastors like Oyakhilome would contract the wedding for them.

Oyakhilome has just contributed to turning two lovely children into literal orphans shorn of love from their father when their father is still alive,  because of his flagrant disobedience an express biblical directive on marriage.

It would be recalled that when Ini Edo wanted to marry in one of the Redeemed Christian Church og God parishes inHouston,TexasinAmerica, the pastor of the church bluntly refused to marry the couple. Despite the fact her husband had divorced his ex-wife, the pastor told them he wasn’t going to be part of the wedding because God did not approve and would hold him responsible despite the fact that the couple are both members of the church.

Chris Oyakhilome is not new to controversies especially with the shoddy ways and manners he goes about with his ministry ranging from organizing fake miracles and receiving stolen money from his members.

Recalled that the South African Government and Christian community said sometime ago that they will not allow anybody to come and rope their economy and social system all in the name of religion.

They narrated a number of incidents that has compelled them to doubt the authenticity of the Christ Embassy.

Gathered that a lady who had been sitting on a wheel chair in the healing line, she had been sitting there for hours while waiting for the man of God to come and minister to her, but unfortunately for Pastor Chris as he is fondly called, called on the lady, and having forgot that she was supposed to act paralyzed lo and behold she stood up and scampered and ran to the toilet. Not knowing what to do she was not allowed to return to the wheel chair because many people had seen her while she was running to the toilet, she received serious tongue lashing from the Healing School pastors for the great embarrassment she caused while her empty wheel chair was wheeled out of the healing arena.

Another source recalled that a similar incident had transpired in theHealingSchoolwhen another supposedly bed-ridden faithful was pushed to the toilet by a church member who had volunteered to help at theHealingSchool. On getting there wit the helper, she stood by herself and went in. The helper screamed, rejoicing that a miracle had already taken place but to her amazement, instead of the pastors to rejoice with her she was reprimanded for standing without aid.

Further learnt that an old woman who ministers next to Pastor Chris, called Deaconess Pat, many refer to her as mummy in South Africa, who lays hands on women on Chris’ behalf was said to have warned some South Africans not to bring their children nor give their money to the money making scheme. Her words were, “this is not a church”. She also made mention of the fact that her own children are in full time church ministry but none are in Christ Embassy. She was quoted as saying that she is only at Christ Embassy because it is a job for her.

There is an interesting sub-unit in theChristEmbassyChurchcalled the ‘Haven’. It largely consists of select members that fund Chris Oyakhilome’s ministry inSouth Africaand beyond.

South Africans that belong to this group have suffered tremendously through the insane donations demanded from them by Christ Embassy. Many have had to take their children out of schools to be able to keep up with the Christ Embassy demands.

While South Africans are committing their hard-earned money to the Christ Embassy projects, their pastors are indulging in an unimaginable life of luxury.

Pastor Ken Oyakhilome drives a Lamborghini Murcielago, Austin Martin DB9, Porsche Cayenne, are amongst his five expensive vehicles. All of this luxury life inHouston,Texasis funded by what is called the “American Initiative”.

Another fake, is one Olatunde Oyediran who claims that he lives for Chris Oyakhilome;s vision and ministry and that is where all his money goes, yet he drives a Toyota RunEx.

Meanwhile, immorality is not a scarce commodity in Christ Embassy,South Africa. Tomisin Fashina, a Senior Pastor in the Sandton church,South Africa, is said to have children from different women in his congregation.

Fashina is said to have taught his congregation that it was more evil to bring a fatherless child to the world than to abort. This has raised the suspicion that he may be impregnating women in his church and asking them to abort.

His wife, Tolu Fashina, on the other hand is alleged to have embezzled theHealingSchoolfunds when she and one Taiwo Adenubi, a senior pastor inPretoria, just outsideJohannesburghad been given a construction contract by Dr. Diolla who is the head of theHealingSchool.

They were exposed by a worker who had taken his share of the loot, when they tried to blame it on him. Apparently, this guy, a Nigerian national confessed his own sins but said that he had learnt from the best, being Tolu and Taiwo.

In 2007, the Christ Embassy Randburg branch got a members called Funi Silinda, a business woman. She donated nothing less than R100,000, a month. On months like the American Initiative, she is recorded to have given approximately R600,000. She bought a lot of first class tickets for most of the Christ Embassy, Randburg leadership to attend international conferences inNigeria. She also paid for many of them to be in good hotels.

For partnership like theHealingSchool, she gave about R30,000 a month. She built a computer center in Randburg, furnished it with state-of-the-art computers and accessories. Funi paid for the Christ Embassy TBN contract. She was led to believe that it cost R100,000 a month. Yet she faithfully paid for a whole year.

It however came as a shock to many when Funi announced that she was leaving Christ Embassy because she had run out of money. She said that all the donation she made in Christ Embassy were financed by business projects she received prior to coming to Christ Embassy while she made nothing since joining the church yet she kept on spending.

It became obvious that Funi was tired of being used which is something she said in the end. The final straw was when she was told that she has been personally invited by Chris Oyakhilome to attend his birthday party on the 7th of December, 2007.

Tunde Oyediran started working on her, telling her of how she would need to compete with others at profligacy when she gets to the party as they habitually auction Pastor Chris’ suites for anything up to R1 million.

That day, she realized that Christ Embassy was nothing but a 419 scam. It was then speculated that she cancelled the flight and went back to her home.

Then another fake, Dolapo Layode, who is often postured by the church as the highest giver and donor in the church, came toSouth Africain 2007 to share a very far-fetched testimony.

Dolapo told the meeting that two Angels came to her room asking to be dispatched. And she had told the angels to get her a license to lift oil inNigeria. In two weeks time, she had not only gotten this license, but also a scholarship toLondonwhere she studies about the business she was about to embark on.

In less than a year, Dolapo was telling people that she has trucks with her names running aroundNigeriatransporting oil. She never mentioned planning to be in the transportation business as well.

That was when some people realized that Dolapo and her kind, in Christ Embassy were a grand part of the whole extortion scam. No one can out-give them and it is meant to be that way. Dolapo shocked people even more when she said that when she prays for money, she finds it everywhere in the house, in her wardrobe and within clothes.

However, it appears this grace or ability to mint money as it has been termed, only works for the Nigerian members of “the Haven” group.

South African’s are loved because they work and earn a lot of money and have easy access to credit according to one Pastor Efeoma, a former “Haven” President.

In all these, many South Africans have had to use desperate measures to finance the deep pockets of Christ Embassy hoping to avoid being shunned.

They use credit cards, overdrafts, personal loans, second bonds, missed car and house payments to meet the church’s demands. As a result many are blacklisted by the credit bureau, their cars are repossessed while they are evicted or watch helplessly as their houses are auctioned.

In the ‘Haven’ group the only people who seem to have testimonies of being millionaires are Nigerians while South Africans face liquidation and other financial crisis.

It is no longer secret that the South African authorities are not leaving any stone unturned in its investigation to get to the root of the many outcries against the activities of Christ Embassy inSouth Africa. This was demonstrated about a month ago when Pastor Chris came for the healing school. He was literally frisked and not a single stroke of nicety was spent on him. It was real business and objectivity. His private jet was thoroughly searched at the airport. He was asked to fill in forms standing on the counter as the airport officials apparently refused to use the VIP lounge to do all that.

Chris was said to have been very angry at Ose, wife of Ken Oyakhilome, who has been running Christ Embassy aground by their immoral and uninspiring conducts. Chris is also said to have threatened to stop coming toSouth Africaas he blamed Ose for poorly managing matters inSouth Africa. Chris who came toSouth AfricafromTexaswas said to have gotten the same treatment there.

South Africans strongly feel that Chris made the worst mistake by coming toSouth Africain the first place. The investigators handling the matter already have the support of many countries, includingNigeria. They have met with some Nigerian officials who are passionate with fighting crime. A meeting of all religious groups inSouth Africawas convened recently in Kwa-Zulu Natal to discuss the notorious activities of Christ Embassy inSouth Africa.

And as the South African authorities step up investigations, into the activities of Christ Embassy, the people are aggressively mobilizing to stamp out Christ Embassy from their country for good.

Sometime ago here in Nigeria in March 2007, one Lawrence Agada, an assistant pastor who was a cashier with the Lagos Sheraton Hotels and Towers, donated cash and gifts totaling N39 million believed to be stolen. With the money he bought 250KVA generator valued at N4.4 million and another 27KVA for N1.5 million which he donated to a satellite.

Prior to this, he had given N6 million for the refurbishment of the church as well as N1 million for the purchase of plastic seats for the headquarters and another N1 million contributed to a crusade tagged “Night of Bliss”. While he also gave N400,000 to his parish pastor who had no money for a trip toAustralia.

In appreciation, Oyakhilome wrote Agada, ‘May God, who gives seed to the sower and bread for eating multiply your seeds in Jesus name’. But rather than receive God’s blessing Agada became a guest of the police when his employers discovered that he had stolen from them to give to the church. Agada’s employers also insisted that Oyakhilome should refund the money, but rather than complying, Oyakhilome and his church issued a statement admitting that Agada made donations bus refused to make a refund.

Also before the noise that Agada’s stealing subsided, another members of the church Gbenga Kehinde donated to the church in similar circumstances. Kehinde who was then an assistant manager with the then Eko International Bank stole about N40 million from his employes and donated N10 million to the church.

Due to complaints in some quarters about his miracles, his television programme, atmosphere of miracles which he ran seven days in a week on about 20 TV station was banned from airing by the National Broadcasting Commission based on what it terms unverifiable faith healing.

164 thoughts on “Funky Pastor With Fake Miracles, Chris Oyakhilome Solemnises Mercy Johnson’s Dubious Wedding

  1. Even though i am not a Christ Embassy member, i see this a paid advertisement to tarnish the image of the church and Pastor Chris. Please stop all this nonsense.

    1. mr victor i hope u have not been hypnotize by this fake pastor,its either that or u are just not smart.where in the bible does a man of God conduct a wedding when the man that is married or even divorce. guy what you dont know try to learn and know

        1. what is wrong with judging, we hear these pastor judge others you say they cannot be judged, who came with that moron gist. pastor should model jesus, should model what they preach

      1. if in d name of christianity we ar punish; we need to verify properly n not act foolishly in d name leaving judgement…. well, one thing i see in christ embassy is that: its more like a club house with d odur of immorallity,

      2. Rev Chris did not conduct this wedding, have your fact rights before you open your mouth to speak. If he is fake why is he still standing many fake pastors have come and gone. you believe a doctor who tells you to take panadol for headache why cant you believe God heals the sick through His servant?

        1. Whether he conducted it or sends a pastor is all d same. He is d G.O, why is he always involved in contoversy. Pastors with jerry curls. Which bible are u people even using in dat church. I don’t think its d same as mine. I know memberts of christ embassy, they might have sincerity of purpose, what if the foundation is rotten, what can d righteous do. U should all come out of that place and embrace a bible believing church

        2. Angels, that is crass illogical of you to conclude the way you do. Time is endless, whether pastor Chris falls today or tomorrow is never my concern. But what is certain whoever deceive others can not deceive him or herself.

      3. You are very very stupid for calling Pastor Chris a fake pastor…..sorry for you, bcos u are just bringing an everlasting curse to ur self………If ur wife should live u for another man….will u be waiting for her? without getting married to another woman……If u do not value what u have, someone else that knows
        the value will keep it will for u…….You guys should watch what u say about men of God..

        1. Its wrong callin pastor Chris a fake. Bt d bible is clear …than shall man be join 2gether with is wife d twin shall bcom one till death do us part, as far as d other partner is alive any one dat marrys him or her commits adultery. I dont wat any preacher may say bt datz d bible.

    2. Any person who says they are a pastor what will condone adultery as marriage is a false prophet. If he doesn’t know Gods law, he should not be a Pastor to officiate weddings. There is no excuse for him being a false prophet. By their fruit we know them. If he has been notified that stolen money was brought into the house of God, he should have refunded it plus 20% as the Bible says. Instead, he is a theif. He kept the money. He is the very one that the Real Christ Jesus said is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Why does he wear white all the time?

    3. Did you go to school at all. i doubt it. Mumu you be. Tell the whole world if this story is against any cleric not from christiandom, what would have been your reaction. You are an idiot.

  2. even though the Bible says ‘thou shall not judge’ it is becoming glaring by the day that we are already at the end time. so its not surprising at what we are seeing now. those who have ears let them hear the Word of God and believe in the Bible. as long as some people do not want to hear the truth, they will continue to hear only those things that will lead them to hell fire and the likes of Chris is there to help them good.

  3. Why can’t you investigate the Muslims and got bombed? Why all the time Christian? Lazarus Muoka, Adeboye, TB Joshua, etc. I know you are afraid of them, but try and see your home, children and business will be bombed

    1. that is rather xtreme!!!the reason u dont hear such in islamic settings is because u cant see such millions flying around anyhow,how much do people donate in mosque?secondly,u dont need to impress anybody in mosque by donating millions.thirdly,there’s no such thing as 10% coming in regularly into the account of mosque every month.
      My friend !is never because of any bomb threat.

      1. Is this all about money or the image of a church or the atrosities committed by religious bodies. Between the life of one person and all the money in the world, what is more costly? If a Christian steals money and a Muslem destroys lives, which one should be more critisised and publicly condemned? Talking about stealing, who has stolen more money than muslems in Nigeria? Check the records of past leaders and holders of government positions in Nigeria, majority of them are theives that are moslems. Be wise, Nigerians…..

        1. I waited to hear somebody say he knows the wife of the man Mercy Johnson wedded with and that the two were really married and the husband decided to go against the marriage vows he took with her.

          If they were not really married and the man decided to marry Mercy J., nobody can stop him; though I feel for the woman – it should also be a lesson to women who fly into a man’s house without proper marriage.

          If the two were married in the sense of tradition, they are married and not even pastor has the right to separate them.

          If the two were married and later divorced and the man wants to re-marry, the church should have nothing doing with it because God does not support divorce and re-marry.

          On the whole, let all commentators stick to the issue at stake and not start weeping up religious sentiment.

    2. In islam, all muslims can pray to Allah for what they want or need without the need of a middle man as long as you obey the 5 pillars of Islam. So if any man comes to ask you of money for him to heal of an ailment, he is a liar or a ritualist.

    3. Mulsims and their Imams need not be investigated. Their liefestyles do not give them away as profligate extortionists. Even in christiandom, have you heard anyone speaking ill of His Eminence, Cardinal Okogie, the respected and revered Methodist Primate or any of the Anglican Bishops?

      Pastors flying in private jets, where do they find the money? How many Alfas and Imams ride private jets? What is the fee structures in the schools owned by the churches managed by these jet-set pastors? How many of their members (whose children use the church schools for sunday-school) can afford the fees charged for the education that those children really need on Mondays to Fridays?

      We need to do some real soul-searching and not be intimidated by these “touch not my annointed” stuffs. Gods annointed, just like the Mesiah, Jesus Christ, look out for the good of the people of their lands, sinners and all. They are not supposed to brutally and brazenly expoit their people.

    4. @SOLA:Why not think straght for once,u must be a COW or a PIG for u to make such an irrational comparison as to why not investigate the muslims for fear of being bombed.We dont donate to impress,our clerics dont feed or establish mosques for their personal agrandisement.You should get this.

    5. why cant you face reality, is the news comin from one source, if its not true why has south african keep expressing thier rave to christ embassey alone?this in nothing but a scam my dear wake up from your slumber and stop takin it personal.

    6. This doesnt happen because Islam is not a money making religion, it is because d moslem prays direcetly to God not relying on any bagger called pastor/G.O. it is also because the religion of islam’s book (quran) is not a revised versions compaired with the adultarated and jewish-disfigured-bible. it is uncountable. abi i lie???????????

    1. The Imams are mostly not greedy like fake pastors and their ignorant followers…. It’s sad These terrible men of darkness are defacing Nigeria more and more! They live like King while their poor follower died of hopelessness! Go to UK, US and many African countries, all they talk about is Nigeria Mega pastors and their wayward lives. But their followers are not complaining cause Fela was right (Suffering and smiling).
      Besides Islam is very clear in her preaching: Either it’s good or bad all comes from Allah. Hence, you cannot see a better Muslims subscribing to same thing most Christians subscribe to.

      1. But Imans approves 3 or more wifes including underage. Do they approve the violence in the country. These people are moslems.

        1. i wonder which one is better a islam preach that u should kill the jews coz they are enemy of islam and marry as many wives as u want even underage girls while the other extort money that was voluntarily donated note: not at gun point

      2. Are you aware that most of Nigerian past leaders are Muslims? And how much did they loot? how many people did they bring out of poverty? IBB, Abacha, Yardua didnt they listen and practice what their iman taught them? If a christian writes this about a Muslim there would have been a war saying we have no right to talk about their leaders like that. You have no right to talk about any pastor this way.

        1. @Angel, are u aware that most of the Rich Christians men today benefitted from this same IBB,Abacha u jst mentioned? The bank CEOs,Policians that donated hugely to the Church are beneficiary of IBB & Abacha loots? Think pls

        2. Just a point of correction, yes IBB, Yar adu, and Abacha were Muslims , but they were not religious leaders and as such can not be equated with any pastor. In any mosque, they would be looked at as ” just another worshiper “.

  4. God Almighty cannot be deceived.
    My prayer: May the Lord God reveal to the whole world before this year (2011) runs out any fake man or woman of God in Nigeria and beyond in Jesus’ name Amen

  5. Even in Jesus’s time many people doubted his miracles so that of pastor chris is no News leave Judgement to God. Murphy

  6. Dear chris, your own hell fire will be the worst as you deceive people more than the 419 people .your 419 is first and you do in the name God.

    1. James. It’s unfortunate you’re using the two sides of your mouth to curse an anointed man of God. This is an height of blasphemy. I urge you to ask for his forgive and Gods forgiveness. Leave vengeance to God. If you dont know what to say read and go on to the next article. It’s obvious, this is a paid editorial. Pastor Chris has not said anything that is not in the Bible, if you are not comfortable with his style, it does not call for all that. when He says or teaches anything the Bible is there for your further study. why most people suffer is because their life is based mainly on what their pastor says in the pulpit but the Bible is our mirror, our study guide. please take note

  7. this is quite interesting…. There must be something about this man of God if not why all the opposition…..I need to check this one out myself.

  8. Beware Lest Anyone deceive you for many shall come in my name and shall deceive many insomuch that even the very elect shall be deceived.

    GOD Knoweth them that are HIS and let all that nameth the name of the LORD Depart from Evil.

    We are all on A Journey from Earth To Somewhere but How Far have you personally Gone on that Journey Go Here to read more for Yourself

  9. Of all these allegations, wat hs pst. Chris to say abt dem? 4 dis ‘ll make a balanced journalism. Reporter take note!

  10. Of all these allegations, wat hs pst. Chris to say abt dem? 4 dis ‘ll make a balanced journalism. Reporter take note!

  11. wat do u pple mean by’ ur comment is awaiting moderation?’ I hope u pple don’t hv any skeleton in ur cupboard!

  12. “Judge not so that u may not be judge” my belive is that who eva uses Gods name 2 deceive n extort money from pple will one day face the anger of God. Rememba wat the scripture says “judgement will start from d church”

  13. Its only natural 2 talk abt men of God, the issue in d bible when a man got married 2 ano wife. U cant xcept chris 2 plz u all,if u feel its fake what can u do abt it? Hes gud in what he kns hw 2 do best u what r u gud @?its beta u believe in what u knw is gud u cant fool……..

  14. Pls leave the Pastor alone hence the earth will open and swallow u up. God is not happy when his children are berated. God alone has d right to judge mankind…..and he is always just in his judgement.

  15. truth must be said, there nothing like a man of god, in the mosque or church cos money rules. do not be fooled everyone is looking for ego, kudi, owo. ………politicians, terrorists, pastor & imam, fela sang it b4. so, shine yr eye well well, there is no longer any man of god, but man of money. Its everywhere……..

  16. Pls gentlemen, let all of us leave judgement for God. Meanwhile let’s not loose sight of the fact that many would be deceived in the last days.

  17. ” A dog that is destined to lost, when his master blows his whistle he will never go back home” Nigerians, its end time. This man called CHRIS has questionable charaters, be warned!

  18. I wish to state my utmost displeasure with the news i have just read on Pastor Chris.I don’t intend to judge you but let him that thinketh he stands take heed less he fall.
    My dear Nigerians,my piece of advice to all is to be very careful with every word of doctrine you hear from any pastor or minister, thus, the days are evil.Try every spirit before you take anything hookline and sinker .
    The judgement day is at hand,Ignorance will not be entertained..

  19. I am surprised that some persons are claiming they do not know that Oyakhilome is fake. Do we need another Jim Jones(Guyana Tragedy) to know? People really really amaze me.

  20. Inasmuch as I’d not want God’s name ridiculed, we ought to be careful on how we speak on people who are called or call themselves men of God. When Joseph wanted to put Mary away privily, the law courts and the world at large would have supported him. If not for God, Joseph with the support of the world would have sinned. Lesson – Christianity is personal. We all don’t know what is God’s stand on Mercy’s wedding. If it is true that the first wife deserted him 4 som1 years back what does the law says. She be stoned 2 death 4 her unfaithfulness being the guilty divorcee and the clause “till death do apart” favoured him but thank God 4 His grace on sinners. Do we all know what effort the man made in bringing her back to no avail? Dear reporter, spiritual things are spiritually discerned and not best handled on the pages of a paper. I’d advise the press to take it cool with our spiritual leaders. Even Christ advised we allow the tares and wheat grow together until the harvest. Matt. 13:24 – 30

    1. U are just one of the few intelligence one out of those that comment. My advice to the press is to Be very careful abt what u say abt ppl expecially Men of God. Who u to judge. If it is true u av sinned concerning them already, but if it is a lie wow, this is greater so beware

  21. The suffering of PAUL as Minister of God.

    2 Cor. 11: 23-27.
    Are they ministers of Christ? (I speak as a fool) I am more; in labours more abundant, in stripes above measure, in prisons more frequent, in deaths oft.
    Of the Jews five times received I forty stripes save one.
    Thrice was I beaten with rods, once was I stoned, thrice I suffered shipwreck, a night and a day I have been in the deep;
    In journeyings often, in perils of waters, in perils of robbers, in perils by mine own countrymen, in perils by the heathen, in perils in the city, in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren;
    In weariness and painfulness, in watchings often, in hunger and thirst, in fastings often, in cold and nakedness.

  22. Instead of you to concentrate on making your magazine popular like others by saying things that will help people u are talking trash and looking for cheap popularity. Shame on u.

    1. even philosophers believe that ‘he who is not open to criticism can’t be wise’. So, my dear don’t allow the criticisms get to you, don’t speak on behalf of others what you don’t know. If they can’t defend themselves, then they should be…………. Don’t call names but be told today that, ‘CHARACTER IS NOT CHRISTIANITY BUT CHRISTIANITY IS CHARACTER’.

  23. You only succeeded in showing the whole world how biased you are about Pastor Chris. Does it ever occur to you this man of God has millions of followers all over the? Do you suppose you’re wiser than all his followers? You doubt his miracles, don’t worry when you need one you’ll seek for him. You can’t curse one whom God has blessed so stop wasting your effort. If all you’ve said about Chris is true why not go to court?

  24. Nigerian churches are doing evil and killings of all kinds in the name of God and all What you people say is end time . you all should wake up from your stupidity & go back to white garment .

  25. Everyone of you defending Pastor Chris in this column,please read your bible and use it to pray to God to give you discerning spirit so you can konw the truth,some will come that day and say I do miracle by your name but will be answered get lost from me ye workers of iniquities I know you not.Chris is a senior 419

    1. honestly speaking chris has showed no part buh d one of crime coz ders no oda name we can call dis buh SCAM i mean highest in d house of God,this is sad.

  26. There has never been a man since creation who spoke and preached about God, godliness, things that pertain to kingdom life, that was not mocked, castigated, spat on and lied about. If these thing dont happen,then he is not truly a man of God, so I do understand why Pastor Chris is going through all these,but I also know he will come out of it all as the winner for the word sake.

  27. when they say men would be lovers of money they didnt exclude pastors, in nigeria today pastors are reaping the poor for their luxury. meanwhile bill gates is using is money for health reasearch which everybody are benefiting from, nigerias they like short cut to wealth thats y a pastor can bambuzule them to bring money as seed and see it grow.
    if u pay ur tithe and talk to God surely HE would open the windows of heaven on u.

  28. As a Christian, I must confess that I am confused and disturbed by all these startling but unproven revelations! All the same, let God be the judge and fight His own battle. God cannot allow anybody to commercialise or abuse His name for personal gains or selfish interests. God can and will defend His word and name.

  29. If really the man is married not divorced, then the nation’s bigamy laws apply. I refuse to believe that a man will marry a popular lady like Mercy Johnson at the risk of facing bigamy proceedings. Something is fishy here, Pastor Oyakhilome is no fool.

    1. Bigamy laws, in Nigeria that a lot people marry more than one wife regardless of their religion or ethnicity. Please, give me a brake !!!

  30. Many shall come in my name and deceive many…many signs and lying wonders shall be done by them…if it ere possible the very elect will be deceived …WHAT I SAY UNTO YOU I SAY UNTO ALL ..WATCH!

  31. with naive people like victor chinwokwu, fake pastors will never run out of MUGU. victor chinwokwu, please go and pay the next bill because your guy-man (Chris) don nack you bill.

  32. How do you mean God alone can judge, how then we judge other criminals in the court?
    How do you know a man to be a man of God and leave his judgement to God? is it because he works in the church and other other one works in the bank and of course when the banker steals money you take him to court and the when so called man of God which is not verified steals and you leave to God??
    sorry dear, any thief should be judge, or leave everyone’s mistakes or sin to God and let all the courts and lawyers change their jobs

  33. I don’t attend the church either but I do know that the man does not cunduct weddings personally. I doubt if he even knows the mercy girl sef.

    1. Firstly, he doesn’t have to conduct the wedding himself in so far it was done in his church, and secondly you will be surprised at the people he knows personally !!!

  34. These papers that are only good at saying evil about the men of God. Be very careful! You are not doing the nation, the people or yourself any good. The only thing you can do for yourself is get born-again and be prepared for eternity.

    1. So it is now an offence to be a journalist and write stories based on research ? There are ways to seek redress in matters of defamation and members of the church will have seen and read the article. This means that the administrators of the church will be aware of the things that have been written and by whom, and they would have dealt with it accordingly..

  35. If what they said is true then it is a big shame. I do not buy all that do not judge stuff. It is all very clear and glaring so why should we wait for God to tell us that people are faking miracles if the evidence is staring us in the face. Call a spade a spade unless it is not.

  36. Interesting news…but pastor Chris never conducted d wedding! He wasn’t even in attendance so try to get your facts straight before you feed the public your stories. I am not a member of his church but his teaching inspires me n a lot of people out there and that to me is okay. Whether he does fake miracles or not is between himself n his Creator.

    1. I agree that Pastor Chris did not conduct the weeding but the officiating pastor would not have done it without Pastor Chris approval.

  37. king saul sinned against God! David didnt have a right to judge him!! cos he was Gods anointed! it is ana abomination in the sight of God to judge a man of God. yes he may be wrong in ur judgement, he may have gone contrary to d scriptures, but foir Gods sake it is not given to u to judge hm lik this. especially coming to the internet to write an article well big enough to make a text book all full of criticism and back biting for a ministry.we r in d end time, i knw! dats why every one shuld read the scripture and follow the scripture and not any man of God. But pls , whoever wrote this article, leave pastor cris alone and let him be judged by God wen the time comes. am not a christ embassy member but if i see the truth, i will talk. a word is enough for the wise!!!!!!!

    1. Who the h*** is he, who anointed him a man of God ? Get real and pick up your bible and seek for understanding of his word by yourself….

  38. Poverty is the cause of all these … poverty in knowledge & resource. Where there is so much lack, hope dwindles, reasoning capability diminishes – and in the confused and demolarised state, people seek solace in “religion” & “man”.

  39. Notwithstanding what he is or not I have immense admiration for Pst Chris if for nothing but the fact that he had been able to put Nigeria’s name in the Committee of Nation’s with leading pastors of renown. There is nothing he is currently doing that is not being done even by those who are being held up as standard bearers in the realm of church business.
    In any case, even if the embattled funky pastor is the greatest son of Lucifer yet known, it is not the business of his ‘kinsmen’ to smear tar on his fine linen. In this period of re-branding, I think the best we can do is to help highlight and magnify the positives in us while playing the negatives.
    I advise you to back off and not be a willing tool in the hands of the notable church mafia, who believe if you don’t belong to their clique, you don’t have the right to breathe not to mention being seen.
    He that has ears, let him hear.

  40. All these we read on news today have been in existence before we came to this world.But the Church will keep moving forward untill the Master returns. But shame on junk journalism and those involve should just be careful because they could just end up in shame

  41. What amuses me in all this is the naming of this fraud as ‘healing & miracle school’. For God’s sake, this is unfair. I don’t know anywhere in the Bible where Christ asked followers to assemble in a village square for His miracles. I pity South Africans. This is what poverty (of the mind) does to individuals. It pushes one to this get rich quick mentality. Just a quick fix. Nigerians have been invaded with this fraud because of the way our rulers have impoverished us and the only way out is to go ‘spiritual’.

    1. @Netanyahu
      Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools speak because they have to say something.
      Did you say get rich quick? Are you aware that THE HEALING SCHOOL IS FREE? And infact some people who came to healing school having spent so much on medical bills and financially aided so they can start again…
      Why not devote your energy to something that concerns you and leave men of God alone

  42. People should verify all spirit and ensure that the name of the Lord is not brought to disrespect.
    God is not a man that he should lie.

  43. Dear Publisher,
    I am a member of Christ Embassy Durumi Abuja FCT. I began to read Pastor Chris’s Teachings before I became a member of Christ Embassy. I have been to several Churches before coming to Christ Embassy. I am a member of the group called MEDICAL OUTREACH. As medical professionals we verify people queeing up for testimonies during meetings like Night of Bliss etc before they are allowed to testify.
    We believe in voluntary giving and tithing as the Holy Bible instructed. I don’t know what you believe in but it does not matter. Pastor Chris’s teachings has changed my life forever. His teaching made me know what Christianity should be.
    Because you have been used by the devil like he used Judas Iscariot, because you did not obey the word of God that says touch not my annointed and do my prophet no harm. I hereby curse you and your family forever. You and your family shall never see any good thing in life. Because Pastor Chris has healed so many people around the world from incurable diseases without collecting a dime, terminal diseases will continually dwell in your family. You shall labour in vain. This magazine will never see the light of the day in Jesus Christ holy name I pray . Amen.
    This will be an example for you and your types.
    The spirit spirit that was in Apostle Peter when he declared to Ananaias and Saphira lives in me. Christians reading this page, let not thy faith faint.
    The only way to escape from this curse because it is at work in you right now is to go to every news media both in abroad and at home to confess what you did. Then you will visit Christ Embassy on a communion service to confess your sins.

    1. It is only by publishing your curse that you can be free from it. If you fail to publish, it will be worse for you. You must publish it first before seeking ways of setting yourself free.

      1. Hello mr foolish man ur family will not make it until your generation pass away in life you are a fool that you are, if u call urself a man of God and u talk to people this way it shows what ur chuch is made of and I’m not surprise at ur comments cos u have been blindfolded in ur stupidty…… O ni jere gbogbo unkan to ba fi owo se and God will punish and cage u until you come back to ur normal sences.

      2. I think is time we go to churchs and open pples eyes to see that they don’t need any form of meracule frm any pastor just hope u will come out of ur stupidty some day, u can not come out and prove to pple that u are a child of God with all u hav writting here and I’m vry sure u are 1 of the bench wormer when ever the pastor is on the ulterand very sure u will ned to see a doctor to check ur brain if is workin perfectly….. I’m am a member of christ embassy in the uk and we don’t talk the way u are talkin good day useless man of gods.

    2. Mr. ‘touch not my anointed’, you have no right to curse anybody. Resorting to such barbaric technique smacks of fanaticism, intolerance and out right man warship. It is enough you are one of Pst Chris parishioners, deifying him does not do you nor the church any good. Bless you.

  44. stop juging pastor chris or mercy.Why did ex-girlfriend left the gentleman and went for another man without thinking that another fresh girl will come and take for better for worst.

    1. so wrong begets wrong? If the man’s ex goes for another , (not that it has be a proven case), does that warrant him to be lured away by mercy even unto marriage. those saying thou shall not judge I completely agree with them for no one know the calling of these preachers, that said does it then mean when an abnormality if seen in the house of Gog, we shut our eyes and keep mum about it? God gave us common sense and eyes to see that even he would be angry at us if we make no useful impact with them just as the bible story of the master giving talents to some that went on to hide theirs, reaping no rewards for it. Christianity has been subject of different interpretation but what we all lack in understanding is God isn’t interested in our dogmas, sect, doctrines or that sorts….LOVE is the greatest weapon and key to Gods own heart. Many of us (pastors included)go to church without love in our hearts and even a muslim brother tend to demonstrate love to themselves and faith than we christians….praying at a particular time even under the sun. This is what Jesus came to die for but we all have perverted his teaching only to suit our greedy desires and are all guilty of it(Pastors and those married ones(mercy)) God please forgive me if I said anything against thee. Amen!

  45. Touch not my anointed or what do you call urself.its a shame that u cant even use ur name.people like u are not suppose to be called a christian,well it doesnt come as surprise to many people like us becos we know ur masters.i wondered what u would have done if ur are not a christian as u claimed.all the curses u rail on the magazine will definitely come back to u and ur families even ur unborn generations.u always claimed judged not as a christian,even if the magazine judged u have done a worst thing too..repent and follow Jesus before it is too late for u and people like you that are following all these known fraudsters who reaping people off of their hard earned money.A jerry curl pastor that knows nothing about Bible than to speak big grammars to entice the gullible people like you will not do you anything good but lead you to hell fire

  46. Who said Imams don’t embezzle funds! They do even funds met for Haj by members of their group but you will never see it as news because they don’t exhibit their ill gotten wealth like their Xtian counterpart.
    They main thing is that you should test all spirit and hold that which is right.
    If it is true that Christ Embassy wedded a married man to another woman, then it is against the word of God and the law of the land and should be condemned totally and no curse will harm the writer!
    However, if it is not true, the the curses released by tonotmyanoited will certainly work.

  47. Thank you for opening our eyes and making us to know what in the name of CHRIST some pastors are doing. God is on the throne and what a Man sow he shall reap. God bless Nigeria.

  48. you can rotten in hell all these useless an good for nothing muslim.
    you are nothing but a bunch of distressed minds. these so called fake pastors should be left to God to judge rather than bringing in your God condemned mouths and minds to comment on this issue.
    Most of you guys are murderers, your religion does not see anything bad in killing people. listen, anything that disturbs another persons PEACE is evil. ISLAM is EVIL. chikena

  49. make una leave pastors alone, they carry the grace of GOD a type uncommon even they go wrong GOD has a way of correcting them so dnt judge them

  50. touch not my annoited ,do my prophet no harm……its a matter of time this magazine will go under….who can speak against the lords annoited or castigate his works and goes scot free.Hmmm time will tell who is telling the truth

    1. Not surprising that such publishers like the writer of this character assassination exist. The era of Anti-Christ is at hand and here comes one like it. Agents of satanic influence must look for a way to discredit the work of God. l don,t know Pastor Chris but as an intelligence officer, the whole trash is conflicting so better down ur pen and go for realities.

  51. The person posting this shit…just get ready for the curse of God upon your life….for posting this nonsense about pastor Christ…… And what do you really know about Mercy Johnson’s Wedding??????

  52. Global News » Funky Pastor With Fake Miracles, Chris Oyakhilome Solemnises Mercy Johnson’s Dubious Wedding is a sensible subject, trate with more attention.

  53. pastor or no pastor every man/woman will stand before God to give an account of how/he/she spent his/her life. Leave Pastor Chis alone and remove the beam that is in your own eyes.

  54. Fistly my pst won’t reply u his calling is greater than your trash if his calling is not of God he would have packed up longago your types have tried but God is greater. Pst is not Nigeria problem tackle the real issue .His ministry is growing and a billion of you can’t stop it.No true christ embbasy member would cause you,rather we would say your bless God would use you and your paper for a better dimension to change the lifes of men. As pst chris is doing

    1. The day is coming when Almighty God will perfect His own business as of old. This is a sign that the day is here! When Eli and his sons stole from God’s sacrifice, God dealt with them. When the sons of Samuel deceived the people, they rejected Samuel and asked for a king. When will Nigerians begin to think properly? That is why in the face of abject poverty Nigerians were voted as the happiest people on earth. Suffering and smiling! Fools! let God judge who? Is it because we don’t wear cap when we enter into our churches? I mean we take off our thinking cap and let anyone think for us! We cry to God to stop accidents on Lagos – Ibadan Express way, where several churches are building empires, yet we don’t know that all we need to do is hold our leaders accountable – fix the road and accidents will be reduced! Now some people are saying Oyakilome is a servant of who, and as such should be left alone. The South Africans know a thief when they see one and they are asking him out! Nigerians cannot think and as such, need God to do the thinking for them after He has given them brain! 50 years after independence we still find it hard to start. Our churches are building universities that the members, whose money went into it, cannot send their children! And all we do is say “God dey”. If that is what they keep saying in Libya, Egypt and now Syria, their needed change will not come. When will this country people put on their thinking cap? When David Cameron, the British PM came some months back, what did he tell us? Hold your leaders accountable! We are Idiots ruled by a Fool (OBJ) and a greater Fool (IBB) and all we do is clap our hands when the two big fools joke. LET US WAKE UP FROM OUR SLUMBER!!!

  55. The kingdom of God is principled on being consistent in GODLINESS, UPRIGHTNESS, HOLINESS ,AND RIGHTEOUSNESS.We must be praying for the church that gate of hell prevaileth not .Pray for all christian leaders that they live an exemplary life that is worthy of bringing glory to God ‘s name

  56. Even though i am a Catholic , i still have respect for any man or woman that is of GOD. Be him a penticostal Pastor, a Reverend Father, an Imam or Alfa. I’m not saying the write up is false but what i’m trying to emphasis is “WHO AM I TO JUDGE MEN” For crying out loud, we have all sinned and come short of the glory of GOD and that’s what i’m fighting for now. Yes! My own numerious sins. I would like us to understand that His Reverence Pastor Chris and a host of other pastors are human beings like u and i, they can never be perfect. So dear brothers and sisters, let us stop discreminating and focus on how to inherit the kingdom of GOD. Even though these men of God have their loop holes, let us not forget that they have also won uncountable souls and led many to Heaven. They have made impacts in the lives of billions including me. Is it possible for GOD to condemn Pastor Chris bcos of Mercy Johnson’s wedding, etc? Don’t u think GOD of mercy will remember how he won souls for him? Let us leave the South Africans and appreciate what we have. Men of GOD are blessings to us all, they are gifts from GOD. What they are doing isn’t an easy task, i personally can’t do it. Who dash me? Meanwhile, let us all stick to this,”Christians and Muslims, love one another”. What are we fighting for? End time is here.

  57. Hi Touchnotmyannointed, i thought i heard you right when you said pastor Chris change your life and made u understand what Christianity is all about. How come you are placing a curse on a fellow human being who reseves his right to his speech. Even the man of GOD in question would rather pray for him. Anyway, i don’t know the publisher but i cover him and his family with the blood of THE LAMB, THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. May GOD forgive you and also give you the wisdom to understand more about the word of GOD. I would advice that you stop taking things personal so u won’t make silly mistakes and in the end miss HEAVEN.

  58. first and foremost, it really saddens me that the kind of people we have these days as reporters, are shalow minded and unschooled in the things that pertains to life. secondly, man is a spirit, soul and body. which means that every man is more or less a god. every man has deep within himself what it takes to be a person that performs miracles whether christian or muslim. but, the question is, how many have taken the time to seek the virtues that can make him miraclulous? how many can spend the number of hours the likes of pastor chris, etc spend in prayers seeking the face of God. how many of you can put aside over 6 hours of your time in prayers and in the study of your holy books? remember it is said that a man becomes what he thinks about. when yiou think about God you will be like God, no doudt. so brethrens, do not spend your time rambling away and and chasing the wind. it will do you no good.. as a partin note: the likes of pastor chris shall continually flow with virtue bcos they are in tune with it (God). please go back to thy closets ans seek, for you will all find, for it is free.

  59. Dear Columnist…
    I am not in a position to judge you. I took time to read your message and wonder if you investigated all these information before reporting.
    I am a member of Christ Embassy in England (Grays, Essex Branch, and also a member of the Haven) I am always happy to give and I tell you I have seen tremendous growth in my Life and Finances. The church has never asked me to do this, and either as Pastor Chris (I have not even met him in person) but think of this, If I don’t who will. Who will pay for the broadcasts, who will pay for the books, Daily Devotional Rhapsody of Realities?
    People are happy to buy Rihanna’s cd, jayz and name it, and they use these to promote the negatives of this world, but a man of God who only wants the word of God to reach the end of the world is criticized.
    People like you struggle in life and wonder why…It’s because you are interfering with God’s work.
    But guess what, Christ Embassy is bigger than you or your magazine.

  60. The truth about this whole thing is that worldliness and love of money has been the driving force of some of this gatherings. please don’t call them church.

  61. I actually had a good laugh after reading your article. Obviously, your action revealed your problem, and you need help. And I want to assure you that neither Rev. Chris nor any of us who have benefited from his coaching, is angry at you. Rather, as the trained superman that I am, I still consider what you’ve done as an act of ignorance. Surely, if you knew this Man of God that you have chosen to castigate, you would love him. I could feel the hatred in your words. Why would you so much hate a man whom, deep down, you know is a rare anointed man? Isn’t it the same path the pharisees towed against Jesus? Well, the Man of God is used to such ‘begging-for-relevance’ stories as you have carried, and has refused to be distracted. I laughed some more when you talked about the ‘Haven’. I am a member of The Haven in my local chapter, and it’s been awesome. Wow, I wish you could come up to the level where these champions are; then you will understand. As I said before, you’ve got a problem. Solution: You must be born again, and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Then you can begin to see clearly. I pray you will be able to forgive yourself when you eventually come into the family of God, where Rev. Chris himself is highly esteemed. You are welcome, I love you.

  62. i think this newspaper need a traffic to boost their income. that is the reason why they brought out some stupid childish story like this……….u have to listen to the man of god to know if the man is real or not. we Nigeria have to check ourselves very well. we need god intervention in our life.

  63. You talk of pastor chris,what of that thief dolapo loyode.that woman is so wicked and heartless.she has a furnishings company.all her staff has run away from the company,even her own church membe that works with wil work for her at the end of the month she would not pay you.she called herself pastor,but the kind of words that comes out of her mouth,she insult her employers,called them names.that woman was not called by God.if u see her in church,she is a angle,but after sunday you will regreat knowing her.she collect pension from her employers salary and no account of it.she collect tax from them,and she don’t pay tax.and they call her the highest giver.her husband is her boy.she use to lock him inside the toilet and take the key to work.she controls her husband.and she is a pastor in christ embassy!

  64. Let everybody who has axe to grind with Pastor Oyakhilome the before Mercy Johnson’swedding shealth their swords for a while. They should not use this marriage to tear the world known fine pastor down. Christiandom are going gaga as of now, we need to be very careful about our utterances to our good fellow human beign.Because what you call yourself today is what they are going to use as an insullt against you tomorrow. Those who has good listening ear should use them.

  65. i bear witness that there is no other gods except Allah,and Muhammad is his messenger.i do not really have mush to say because mosh as been said but i will like to talk from the holly book……………….have they not travelled in the land,and see what was the end of those before them,though they were superior to them in power?Allah is not such that anything in the heaven or in the earth escape him.verily,he is all knowing,all omnipotent.

  66. I think it time high time we stopped disturbing ourselfs in africa.I have been in uk for nearly 8 years now and i knw wht is going on in the churches and a lot of pple who parading themselve as men of God.My fellow nigerian,i want you to believe that there are a no of fake pastors who are claiming innocense.They will ask u to pay this,pay that and see them using porsce cars and living a luxury life.There you will find a number of ppe in the church who are paying the tithes and offering for the selfish interest of some of thses fake pastors.Pls we need to wise up and decided on wht we are doing-are we wossiping God or pastor.Pls think!!!

  67. It is a sad development in this our country Nig.that at this 21st century we allow ourself to be 419 by very few of us whom have sold their soul to the devil. our God is truly a patient God. Try Shango!
    How can this man of god justify collecting stolen money from these members and refuse to refund same back to the rightful owners. what a shame!

  68. I think we should all remove the beam in our eyes and leave this issue of Pastor Chris for God to judge. We are not God, so we can’t judge. All i know is that we are in the endtime. He that endure to the end shall be saved. Our religious organisations should always give in their best to please God.

  69. Thankyou for sharing Global News » Funky Pastor With Fake Miracles, Chris Oyakhilome Solemnises Mercy Johnson’s Dubious Wedding with us keep update bro love your article about Global News » Funky Pastor With Fake Miracles, Chris Oyakhilome Solemnises Mercy Johnson’s Dubious Wedding .

  70. I thot this was supposed to be some juicy gist about Mercy Johnson and her acquired hubby. It seems to have been converted into a Pastor Chris bashing session and a religious debate where religious bigotry is being vented.
    Make una coolu temper and wake up! Corruption in 9ja is not rooted in religion or tribe. Take a close look, they culprits are people from different tribes and religions with one common bond, thievery and power.
    Whatever religion you belong to, go pray to your god to save 9ja from those ravaging it.


  72. I share all your views in this topic. But i will adopt one person’s comment as a true and example to be used; ‘koko’ i like ur comment, Where in this Nigeria have you heard of such money scandal in Roman catholic, Anglican and methodist churches? Cardinal okogie,Primate Akinola, Primate oko, archbishop Ademowo, methodist prelate of Nigeria Ola makinde should be good examples of true men of God and of goodwill. Well i can see that their charms have confused most of the readers here. Catholic and protestant churches should be the example we need to emulate, all this fake, evil and criminal pastors(i never mentiond any name yet) is not worth living bcos all they do is to grab money and thats all. Even in the PFN there exist discriminations b/w themselves.. Hahahahaha open your eyes NIGERIANS.

  73. people shld not say wat they dont ,chris is an anointed man of god, dont criticize him. even dough his miracle is fake people are geting miracles everyday by day. and he is not using his power for evil but of good so let him be.

  74. in Islam, our Imams are just like reminders,bcos before a muslim reach adulthood he would have been taught all he need to knw. Which are all gotten frm the Qur’an an teachings of the Prophet(pbuh), from d islamic perspective of the way u wake frm sleep to hw u goto bed, Islam have left no issue in the dark,be it anytn you may think of….ask any average muslim and he/she will tell you.

  75. All i av to say is that i don’t go searching for miracle here and there,i am a Roman Catholic,i will remain there and die there.Most of these churches all they do preach is miracle,they dont preach of repentance and forsaking that which is wrong,if they dont tell u ur mother is a witch,they will tell u ur grand mum is a witch,or ur father wizard.That is why i attend deeper life programs sumtimes,u will see there women dressing moderate,men smart in appearance,always preaching repent,repent all u die eternally,people dont want to hear that but shout recieve recieve tgen they will rush there,i was invited by a guy for his thanks giving @ his church(wont mention name)i was baffled by wat i saw,d girl beside me was completely naked,chewing gum like say na meat,a woman came out to give testimony come see eye painted wit about 3 different colours,finger nail as jezebel own very and extremly long,u look outside bobos chasing babes na for church oooo,i ran wen a girl and a guy came on the altar to dance STORM IS OVER holding them self,the guy touching the untouchable and audience applauding them with whistle,all of them get whistle for there,to tell u d truth small tin i for toast that naked girl there sake of say i dey see evrytin u can see i dont know weda i went to church or day clubbing that day,so they are confusin them 247..I’m ok wit my church,muslims will be comment like say there hafas are best,there own is even worst..NO BE A LADY CONIVED WIT ONE HAFA TO DUPE HER HUSBAND ABOUT NGN30.000000 HERE IN LAGOS?sake of say d man is so endorwed wit wealth cause d man has stayed almost15years in france. Tune wazobiafm Lagos dis sat19th nov to hear am say muslims leaders no show there own like xtians leaders.

  76. I Pity you, i really advice that you always base your reports on facts rather than trailing desperate tracks for reasons best known to you.

  77. Richard, Osa, and others who opened their mouths to say blasphemous words against pastor Chris, you are indeed fools. And its biblical for me to call you a fool, just check it for yourself. Its only the lost, the blind, the condemned, that would write and believe this rubbish written by this newspaper, a gossip magazine. I have been healed of10 years of Asthma by Pastor Chris. I used to sell cheap Sandwitches to pupils of pry schools, but the word from pastor chris that I believd began to catapult me to big companies, even without writing an application. I am a huge testimony of the anointing at work in Pastor Chris, my pastor and coach.

  78. I feel everyone here is just being sentimental and therefore not saying d truth.Even d bible says anything that is good or of good report,we should do or support it.So,if pastor chris is doing the wrong thing,even if through him you got your breakthrough or so called miracle,we shouldn’t support him but rather call him to order.The bible says in this last day,we should go into the world and preach the gospel of the kingdom unto all nations and not talking about miracles,miracles,miracles,it’s now becoming a cliche.

  79. Dear fellow Christians and those seeking Grace

    As Christians we should not fight it does not shine the light to the world. We have to be in agreement in spirit soul and body as well as amongst one another.

    Cant you see this is how satan tries to pull us away from God and put us back into slavery.

    To those of you in Christ Embassy I want to say please at all times place your trust solely in GOD (the alpha and the omega). I note a very distressing hero worshipping in your church. body guards. People putting pastors up financially for every of their wimms.

    I see slight doctrine and teachings not biblicaly sound: Authority theory, prosperity theory, healing theory, sheparding and new age theories (like the term the Inner god)

    God is called the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. and we are saved by Grace.

    i see too much money talk. talk of pastor annointing. pastor healing.

    Money belongs to God, All healing is from God- man is merely a vessel.
    Hero worshipping is wrong. God is No 1. what scares me for many of the members of Christ Embassy is that I dont hear or read about God and even Jesus but I hear man of God .

    Please lets pray that Pastor Chris and all his pastors shine the light, stay pure at heart, stay on the straight and narrow road. Follow the word of God too the T and preach it pure and simple. The message Grace!

    Please stop fighting . Our fight is against principalities and not flesh and blood.]]

    How do we do that? Put the full armour of God on and start praying bind what is wrong and loose the power God gives. Push back against darkness.

    Stay in Agreement . Eyes focussed on the cross. JESUS IS KING

    1. we thank Our Father in heaven For Jesus Christ who died for our sins and rose up for our justification that we receive eternal life when you write your staff whose side are you on Jesus Christ or the devil for these are the the only sides there are if of Jesus God Bless you if of the devil God have mercy on you sir brother Jesus Christ is alive why not ask HIM if brother Chris is HIS or not lest you fall same condemnation with the devil so please write 1st hand information Jesus is Alive then write what you write on solid truth not asumption

  80. Can good things come from Satan than of God? Why do y’all think chris is coming from Satan. God can use people to make his miracles. Jugde no bady so you are not judged, if he is using the bible to preach then believe what he teaches not who is teaching it. Receive your miracle in Jesus name not in the name of Christ embassy. Even if he is not of God, he can preach to people and have them give their life’s to Christ so give your life to Christ and receive salvation. Salvation is personal.
    Let me give you an assignment, check out critics on google about the church or priest or pastor you believe in. You will be shock. People must talk so it doesn’t matter where you worship or who you believe, believe christ jesus and read your bible. You will not be punished because you received a miracle from a fake man of God.

    About mercy Johnson and husband,
    The only reason for which a man should devoice his wife is infidelity. Find out about the formal wife.

  81. The World Political field has went to hell over the past couple years due to extreme polarization. We need to rise up for our rights and take back our nation from Big Pharma, Big Tobbacco, Big Insurance and really just big corporations. It is time for our elections to cease being bought out.

  82. Above all, jesus said that every tree that is not planted by the father shall be uprooted says:

    Let God be the george in this issue because every tree that the heavenly father has not planted shall be uprooted

  83. Its a surprise that a lot of people are still scammed by nigerians. Nigerians have been chased from cyberscams, now they are using miracle and prophetic scams to scam some idiots. Do u need to be told that that these socalled pastors are spiritual scammers. This is no longer news.

  84. Just want to remind you all about what the scripture says about 1. Judge not 2. Touch not MY Anointed n do my Prophets no harm Please its better to bcom a better person than to focus on others JESUS said remove d spec in your eye then you’ll see clearly

  85. To my dear brothers and sisters who in their own way had contributed on this all important matter .
    ignorance i believe would not be accepatble on the day of judgement.
    rather than spending quality time on criticism on who is right,fake or real, let us rather look beyond the walls of religion concentrate our minds on ways to please our maker where every man and woman will give account to every idle words spoken,the scripture says,’oh man who made thee a judge’.
    islam and christianity the two most acceptable form of worship world-wide encourages members to love one one another,’ref Holy Bible;’1jn4:11-12,1jn3<10-12,1jn3<16,18“.
    love therefore is the base for these religions,love covers a multitude of sin,it would never slander anyone,instead it would appreciate the other person just the way he/she is,it will pray for them,encourage them where need be.
    but please let this our big fathened mouth not bring down curse on us,let us show love so we can live in peace with one another bringing to mind that it is one God who created the moslem and the christian man,moreso we are living in His world and make our prayers to Him .
    please let's withhold our tongues from evil purposes and words that not edify.God bless you all in JESUS NAME amen.

  86. No mater what you guys are talking about the men of GOD, I strongly believe that pastor chris is a real man of GOD, cus the bible say that the spirit of GOD bears witness with our spirit. And JOHN 16=13 says howbeit when he, the spirit of truth, is come, he shall not speak of himself; but whasoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to com. So this scripturs, I know what am saying cus am burn of GOD. And I know who am I don’t let your word,s lead you to troble in life . So pastor chris is a real man sent from GOD

  87. its quite unfortunate dat u cal urselves christain yet u going against the bibie… Wat am saying is this, weather fake or real, u guys should leave him and his denomination alone for God 2 judge. Judgement is only made 4 God….

  88. its funny people get offended easily and forget that pstr chris is merely human, he makes mistakes also (even peter the main apostle got rebuked by paul for being wrong). CE supporters elevate him to a god status where he simply can do no wrong – brethren, thats how deception works, it looks like a real thing when in fact its false. My personal experience is when my dad had a heart problem and went there, personally got prayed for by chris and was told its over, he died the following week because he didnt take his medication believing he got healed. Also i took another relative there, she could walk but had issues with a diabetic related problem, they told her to sit in a wheel chair the whole time she was there, i wondered why because she could walk already, when they prayed for her and she stood up, with all the hype and emotions going on they thought she couldnt walk, and thats what you get to see on tv adverts/testimonies etc. They asked her to walk from here to there and people started shouting etc, yet people failed to realise the deception that was happening, she could walk already, but people thought she didnt as she was asked to sit in a wheelchair the whole time, everytime i went to collect her i would find her sitted ina wheel chair with one of the CE personnel. The point here is that we should first compare everything with scripture before we defend pastors etc, it is happening for those who want to research. Lastly some pointers to show a true or false prophet etc is 1) – he doesnt stay with his wife under the pretext of conducting church business (scriptures doesnt support this because it says the 2 shall become 1, where he is should be where she is), 2) most of his pastors dont stay with their spouses (same thing), 3) dictated church pledges – people should be cheerful givers, not told to donate a certain amount etc, man i could go on.

  89. its funny people get offended easily and forget that pstr chris is merely human, he makes mistakes also (even peter the main apostle got rebuked by paul for being wrong). CE supporters elevate him to a god status where he simply can do no wrong – brethren, thats how deception works, it looks like a real thing when in fact its false. My personal experience is when my dad had a heart problem and went there, personally got prayed for by chris and was told its over, he died the following week because he didnt take his medication believing he got healed. Also i took another relative there, she could walk but had issues with a diabetic related problem, they told her to sit in a wheel chair the whole time she was there, i wondered why because she could walk already, when they prayed for her and she stood up, with all the hype and emotions going on they thought she couldnt walk, and thats what you get to see on tv adverts/testimonies etc. They asked her to walk from here to there and people started shouting etc, yet people failed to realise the deception that was happening, she could walk already, but people thought she didnt as she was asked to sit in a wheelchair the whole time, everytime i went to collect her i would find her sitted in a wheel chair with one of the CE personnel. The point here is that we should first compare everything with scripture before we defend pastors etc, it is happening for those who want to research. Lastly some pointers to show a true or false prophet etc is 1) – he doesnt stay with his wife under the pretext of conducting church business (scriptures doesnt support this because it says the 2 shall become 1, where he is should be where she is), 2) most of his pastors dont stay with their spouses (same thing), 3) dictated church pledges – people should be cheerful givers, not told to donate a certain amount etc, man i could go on.

  90. Whosoever wrote this post should be careful what he writes against men of God. God didn’t give you a job of supervising men of God- whether they are right or wrong. If you see a man of God doing some you THINK is wrong, all God ask of you is to pray for him and not criticize. Only God alone has the exclusive right to judge or discipline his servant. He who has an ear, let him hear.

  91. You can say all you know. But mind out as i remind you that the Bible say we should not judge any man. Am not a menber of christembercy church, let us leave God to judge the both parties or do u want to teach God what to do? Be careful of what u say about men of God. Study your Bible and know the truth and the truth shall set you free…… Be warn!

  92. You can say all you know. But mind you as i remind you what the Bible say we should not judge any man. Am not a menber of christembercy church, let us leave God to judge the both parties or do u want to teach God what to do? Be careful of what u say about men of God. Study your Bible and know the truth and the truth shall set you free…… Be warn!

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