March 31, 2023

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Tinubu, Fashola In Fresh War …As Lagos Gov Cripples Ex-Gov’s Businesses

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Hitherto hidden cracks have begun to emerge in LagosStatein the relationship between Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola and his predecessor in office, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s,Global News can exclusively confirm.

 Before now, there had been a bit of niggle between them but they made up in the run-up to the last gubernatorial election in the state. Then, Fashola was in the mood for anything just to emerge as Action Congress of Nigeria’s flag bearer, and so he met Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s demand to sign Alpha Beta, the latter’s company, to be responsible for collecting taxes in the state. Several billions of naira, which included the company’s 10 percent commission for its services to Lagos State Government that was being held back by Fashola, was let go. The governor also promised to be of ‘good behaviour’ subsequently.

However, if what happened then warmed Tinubu’s heart, it pissed Fashola off, and now he is not playing the good godson. Less than 100 days into his second tenure, Fashola and his godfather are not getting along fine with each other. Their friendly disposition in public in recent times is just to keep up appearances. Beneath the pose is genuine bitterness. That is how bad things have come between them.

 Sources told Global News that since Fashola returned to office, Alpha Beta’s 10 percent commission of the N18billion, which it generates for Lagos State Government through tax revenue every month, is yet to be paid by the state government to Tinubu. An application by the company to the governor for the release of the money, which runs into N3billion, was also sat on.

 Fashola’s refusal to pay Alpha Beta may be in retaliation for Tinubu’s disposition towards authoritarianism. A two-faced democrat, the Asiwaju, who is the leader of the party, imposed his cronies on governors in all states Action Congress of Nigeria controls. This even caused a stir inOyoState, where ACN members took to the streets to protest the party’s leadership lack of internal democracy. InLagosfor instance, nearly all members of Gov. Fashola’s cabinet were foisted on him by Tinubu.   

This retaliatory action by Fashola has depleted Tinubu’s finances considerably. It has also made Tinubu, a big spender, to cut down on his spending to align with his present financial position.

 One of his companies recently bore the brunt of the cuts. Asiwaju, few days back sacked some workers in one of his media companies, National Life, with a hint that about 20 more people would soon follow. He also declared that the paper, which was  a daily paper  has now changed to  twice a week.

Perhaps, something else contributed to the ugly situation in National Life.FormerLagosStateInformation & Strategy commissioner, Dele Alake, who is the intermediary between the investor, Tinubu, and Louis Odion who conceived the paper, took the rogue’s route when he diverted a large chunk of the seed capital. This made the paper to start on a shoestring budget.

 This same Alake almost messed up another of Tinubu’s businesses, Continental Broadcasting Service, the parent company of TV Continental and Radio Continental, when he was the MD|CEO. He was arbitrarily helping himself to the company’s money, expanding in every direction, acquiring properties in Lekki and Ikoyi, and funding his children’s education in American universities at the expense of Continental Broadcasting Service that was struggling to build physical structures for its operations. Salvation later came when he was removed and one Mr. Lemmy took over from him.

Meanwhile the Godfather Bola Tinubu is  alleged to be battling strange ailment and he was said to be flown abroad days back for further treatment.

Some of his aides said that the illness is stress induced while some also alleged that the way his godson treated him may have aggravated his problem.

48 thoughts on “Tinubu, Fashola In Fresh War …As Lagos Gov Cripples Ex-Gov’s Businesses

  1. No wonder, fashola in his second coming is not as active as during his first time. i doubt if he has any tangible report his 100 days in office. bola tinubu assumed the position of a political god who must be obeyed. it shouldn’t be so. the Toronto ex-gov has been severally compensated, what else does he want from the purse of the Lagosians? aah tinubu, be careful; if it is true that you are suffering from an unidentified ailment, you are the cause; Remi’s prayers may not see you through, so go down on your knees and ask God to forgive you so that the heads of Lagosians which you are bashing on the ground will forgive you. You have ears, hear the word of wisdom. wish you good luck

  2. What else does Tinubu want? will he rather die like this or enjoy a peacefull and long life with utmost respect from Lagosians. If that your big eyes want to continue looking into lagos purse, then, your days are numbered. enough is enough.

  3. 10% 0f N18 billion is N1.8 billion, not N3 billion, watch your calculation! Contracts must be respected though if it was agreed that that was the fee. nigerians willy nilly change the terms of an agreement, hence no one wants to do business in that country called nigeria. It does not matter how angry you are, you must abide by a contractual agreement, and Fasola is supposedly a ‘SAN’?

    1. Take a second year course in the Law of Contract and focus on Unfair Contracts, Illegal Contracts, Voidable Contracts and Invalid Contracts, then come back here to this forum to defend criminality. Enough should suffice even a crook like BAT.

      1. Thank you Peter. Illegal contract is only worth the stationery on which it appears. Many Lagosians are sick. That’s the reason why this drug addict can be their Ashiwaju. A one eye rouge is a king in the land of the blind.

    2. Why would any reasonable governor agree to paying a consultancy firm 10% of the monthly tax revenue if he was not under duress? Fashola is a SAN and he knows that in a court of law such a deal should not stand. This is stealing and of course Tinubu’s apologists will never see it as such cos birds of the same feathers flock together; meaning they are big man thieves too.

  4. Asiwaju is the only saviour,the messiah of the yoruba people.Without his deft maradonic moves P.D.P would have taken the whole chunk of the country’s political. Fashola should honor whatever agreement they have, a deal is a deal,its politics.That’s the way its done worldwide.

    1. I wonder what is wrong with so many pple its as if his jass prepared by his so called mother is working seriously on will I call them novice lagosians or the set of people that does not see beyond their nose.He decieved them with Awolowo’s cap and glasses but never had any of awolowo’s traits.He claims to be a democrat meanwhile the same person impose his candidates on the party.The same man legalized Area Boyism in lagos which is a menace we’re all facing 2day in lagos.In lagos today, lagosians pay x2 or more on transportation because some area fathers are allocated some spot by the same Tinubu to collected fees from transporter in which they give returns to him even till date i.e they rip you off out of the little u earn you pay so much on transportation. I dont know when people like you will wake up from your slumber and know the kind of leader to die for.

      1. The so called area boy are his political mercenaries he uses to achieve his political ambitions. take a look at the bus garages around see the fleet of jeep the park chairmen cruise on.Meanwhile there are so many hardworking lagosians that leaves home 5am and gets home late cannot even afford a tyre of a jeep. So tinubu encourages laziness, tout ism and the likes in lagos.In lagos, the era of mechanic workshops,tailoring shops and the rest with several apprentice is gone due co’s so many of them has diverted to area boy because of the free money it brings. Presently we have tens of thousands of area boys in lagos which is increasing daily. So there is this yoruba saying that says: lehin aponle abuku lokan.. its better Tinubu leave Fashola alone now or else he’ll see what his looking for.

    2. …yes, he’s your saviour even when he steals you blind.
      Robbing the poor to pay for his lavish livestyle. all the taxes coming from petty traders and the likes going to him so that he can live big.

      When is it enough? Ask every local government chairmen in Lagos how much goes to Tinubu every month when they collect their statutory allowance from Abuja.

      Have you ever heard the oath of allegiance being made to him. “On your mandate we stand…..Asiwaju……”

    3. Which Yoruba? you meanhe is the leader of other Yoruba bastards like himself? Nobody cares about him and PDP…they’re all crooks gathering under different umbrellas to loot the country. Tinubu is also worse cause he is a drug addict!!!!! Toronto Governor lasan lasan!!!

  5. Asiwaju(okurin meta) is the only saviour,the messiah of the yoruba people.Without his deft maradonic moves the P.D.P would have taken the whole chunk of the country’s political cake. Fashola should honor whatever agreement they have, a deal is a deal,its politics.That’s the way its done worldwide.

    1. This type of collection is never done in any progressive nation. Some tips are permitted but in a way it should be studied that no man talkless of tax man to discover it. Mr. Tinubu’s action is inhuman and un fatherly. This question of giving or dividing money in Nigeria should stop.
      Can we look at the kind of money we are talking going to Tinubu from every directions. In a year, we are talikng of trillions. Goodluck my people. Amen.

  6. Baba na baba pikin na pikin but make tunubu remember say the money weh em de talk so em fit leave am go.say u help pikin no make am be slave abi who disturb u 4 ur time.baba no vex all join.


  8. Kilode, baba tinumbu. na only u? no man rules for ever, even methusela in the bible died after several yrs. Pls leave Fashola alone. no wonder the state cd not function as he did in the 1st time. ole, onye oshi, barawo, this are the bad eggs that we want to ‘flush’ out of Nigerian polity. enough is enough. Let FASHOLA do his job.qed.

  9. I dey laugh. So because he delivered Lagos and certain parts of the west from PDP thats the reason why he should tax the governments heavily abi?? Listen to what some of you are even saying?? What ever happened to selfless service. He delivered it to ACN so he will rip them off. He has benefitted enough. Media , Hotel and Real Estate chains. Let him rest and free Fashola to do his work. LIRS is good enough to handle the Lagos Tax issue. It is an internal revenue service. The services of a tax consultancy is not required. Alpha Beta or whatever the name isn’t required in Lagos state and whatever contract it entered into with The LASG should be nullified.

  10. Those who voted Fashola for a second time did not get their calculation right. Some of knew with hings sight that Fashola will be helpless during his second term. He is just a caged pet at the mercy of his owner, a wrong move will lead to his been sack from office. The house of Assembly are made up of Tinubus cronnies and the cabinet also. Watch out for more fights, i dont see him cpmpleting his tenure. Fashola deserves no mercy because with open eyes he agreed to Tinubu’s terms even why other party where available for him to run on.

    1. My brother I agree with you, Fashola should be very careful and stop all these moves against Tinubu or else he might be impeached.

      Fashola is not clean too.

  11. I am not defending Tinubu,but there is agreement between Lagos State Government and AlphaBeta to collect tax for them and 10% is their own and if I am not mistaken out of this is running cost,it is not only Tinubu company that is doing something like this and there is one proverb in Yoruba,ibi ti aba tise latije therefore BRF please pay Alphabeta money,if the state believe that the contract should be review I am not against it,even if they want to terminate the contract no problem but for them to work and not pay,ma fi oju olore gun igi. A word is enough for the wise because in less than 4years time you will be in the same shoe

  12. there are many things that contribute to tinubu’s ailment.
    4.hypertension(as a result of how his boys are treating him) afterall he stole the money so why is he disturbed.
    but i pray he will not die so that he can learn his lesson.

  13. everything the so call tinubu has been doing is tragedy and some peole did not take note of it….i am not from any party but all these people are only fighting for themselves……even the one fashola has done in the past is just because fashola is a GOD fearing man….let wait and see where tinubu and his suppoters will end this games…cos all of you have been full for a very long of time and he is not doing anything rather than fashola….tinube has so many company that was not disclosed to any one but fashola himself know everything but the time for him to talk is yet to come……you are a formal senator…formal govern,your wife is a present senator are you the only one…….with all the money tinubu has embessled……tinubu amungbo….

    Bola Tinubu is an evil genius whose antecedents are devilish.I wonder why some misguided youths will till date be adamant on Tinubu’s control of Yoruba land.Come to think of it,he collected over N1.8billion for four years,another N500Million from the proceeds of JIGI BOLA,to mention but a few.Even in Osun state where he comes from,one still begins to imagine if he would allow Aregbesola to actually diviler the dividends of democracy.For goodness sake,He has over 10 foreign accounts,and has huge share in most of Nigeria’s banks.PLEASE,KINDLY ASK TINUBU TO STAY OFF LAGOS.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  15. BRF Vs BAT. This is danger signal for the nation! Everything is politicized to benefit one God father. BAT can never be satisfied.

  16. This dog from hell has not yet learnt his lesson yet.we real lagosians will punish u,for stealing our state blind and we will be the ones to write ur history in red biro,I have spoilt a good Lagos name by using it to get to power,any real lagosian that supports him,we will have to go and check ur claim to the state,anyway jailtime yekini amoda ogunlere(his real name)when this man dies how do u write his biography when all he claims is a lie, his mother’his schools from primary to uni,his name,his age,drug addict,cert forger and so on,a fraud of a life.from our beginnings with Herbert macaulay to a rogue of local and international acclaim.from now on we shall screen any body like hell to make sure he is omoluabi omoeko no one will slip under the radar ole have spoilt the chance of other non lagosians bcuz we will no more be accomodating.we can see wat it has cost that ailment he has are a result of his sins,funsho Williams ,saka saula, nuru olowopopo and dipo dina u will pay and any real lagosian that is loyal to u will also pay e.g ikuforiji ole ajibole and that ur wife that u forced on lagosians we will recall the impostor soon ,she cannot represent Lagos.I rest my case for now

  17. Mr. Ashiwaju, wetin happn,
    u na wan carry all this ur money n company go hell fire?
    d one wey u chop durin ur time in office neva do?
    Na barawo u b….
    me go com dash u BANSA……………OLEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  18. Our leaders shud hv dis at d bak of dia mind dat, no matter d years we spent on earth, we are stil goin to spend trilions of it in heaven. I wil neva side any one of dem ,bcos, dia is no man of god in politics, dey al are thiefs. My prayer is dat no matter how much of money stolen by al nigeria politician, wil not b used for gud tins but to solve dia personal problems and ailment. Amen

  19. What can we point to that others in the ruling party has done with their looted money? The so called acheivements of governor Fashola is built on Asiwaju laid foundation. Let us not call a dog a bad name in other to hang it. How much was Lagos state IGR before siwaju took over the admn of lags state?

  20. BOJU BOJU,all na lie them be brothers in crime.Fashola will always remain a very loyal boy boy,u know why? because him own yansh sef dirty well well.BEBE DEY GO

  21. Whatever TINUBU, has done am nt gonna talk abt it. But abt the contract, FASHOLA should honour that. That’s is breach of contract, both of them agreed on the contract under seal. He shouldnt have agreed when he knows he’s not gonna do his own part of the contract. Now TINUBU’s company has done their own part of the contract and he refusing to pay. Moreover, is the contract not under seal, Tinubu should challenge his action in court..

    Fashola is a SAN, he should knw abt Law of contract.

  22. if truly BRF is holding back the company’s 10%, then the reason(s) is beyond the ordinary. Agreement should be honour.

  23. A m not surprise of the actions of tinubu the day his big eye his condemin adedibu i knew he too have devilish manner tinubu can never be yoruba leader obj is stil the anyman can beat

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