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Hitherto hidden cracks have begun to emerge in LagosStatein the relationship between Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola and his predecessor in office, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s,Global News can exclusively confirm.

 Before now, there had been a bit of niggle between them but they made up in the run-up to the last gubernatorial election in the state. Then, Fashola was in the mood for anything just to emerge as Action Congress of Nigeria’s flag bearer, and so he met Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s demand to sign Alpha Beta, the latter’s company, to be responsible for collecting taxes in the state. Several billions of naira, which included the company’s 10 percent commission for its services to Lagos State Government that was being held back by Fashola, was let go. The governor also promised to be of ‘good behaviour’ subsequently.

However, if what happened then warmed Tinubu’s heart, it pissed Fashola off, and now he is not playing the good godson. Less than 100 days into his second tenure, Fashola and his godfather are not getting along fine with each other. Their friendly disposition in public in recent times is just to keep up appearances. Beneath the pose is genuine bitterness. That is how bad things have come between them.

 Sources told Global News that since Fashola returned to office, Alpha Beta’s 10 percent commission of the N18billion, which it generates for Lagos State Government through tax revenue every month, is yet to be paid by the state government to Tinubu. An application by the company to the governor for the release of the money, which runs into N3billion, was also sat on.

 Fashola’s refusal to pay Alpha Beta may be in retaliation for Tinubu’s disposition towards authoritarianism. A two-faced democrat, the Asiwaju, who is the leader of the party, imposed his cronies on governors in all states Action Congress of Nigeria controls. This even caused a stir inOyoState, where ACN members took to the streets to protest the party’s leadership lack of internal democracy. InLagosfor instance, nearly all members of Gov. Fashola’s cabinet were foisted on him by Tinubu.   

This retaliatory action by Fashola has depleted Tinubu’s finances considerably. It has also made Tinubu, a big spender, to cut down on his spending to align with his present financial position.

 One of his companies recently bore the brunt of the cuts. Asiwaju, few days back sacked some workers in one of his media companies, National Life, with a hint that about 20 more people would soon follow. He also declared that the paper, which was  a daily paper  has now changed to  twice a week.

Perhaps, something else contributed to the ugly situation in National Life.FormerLagosStateInformation & Strategy commissioner, Dele Alake, who is the intermediary between the investor, Tinubu, and Louis Odion who conceived the paper, took the rogue’s route when he diverted a large chunk of the seed capital. This made the paper to start on a shoestring budget.

 This same Alake almost messed up another of Tinubu’s businesses, Continental Broadcasting Service, the parent company of TV Continental and Radio Continental, when he was the MD|CEO. He was arbitrarily helping himself to the company’s money, expanding in every direction, acquiring properties in Lekki and Ikoyi, and funding his children’s education in American universities at the expense of Continental Broadcasting Service that was struggling to build physical structures for its operations. Salvation later came when he was removed and one Mr. Lemmy took over from him.

Meanwhile the Godfather Bola Tinubu is  alleged to be battling strange ailment and he was said to be flown abroad days back for further treatment.

Some of his aides said that the illness is stress induced while some also alleged that the way his godson treated him may have aggravated his problem.

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