February 2, 2023

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HITV Boss Toyin Subair Faces Ejection From Ikoyi Residence Over N25m Debt

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This is surely not the best of times for the young, suave man behind Hitv, Toyin Subair, who is battling to save his business from imminent collapse. We gathered that despite all his effort to wriggle himself out of the financial mess that he found himself in, the young businessman is currently facing ejection from his Providence Estate Ikoyi home over unpaid rent running to N25 million. Learnt that for some time now, the agent has been  urging him to pay the rent but Subair would always feed him promises but up till date, he has not been able to pay. Now that the house owners have realised that his finances are in a terrible state, they have no option but to give him quit notice, bluntly telling him to look for another abode elsewhere.

Recalled that his reckless spending has contributed in no small way to the financial crisis that has engulfed the pay television station. He used to travelled within and outsideNigeriain chartered private jet and throw lavish parties spending millions of naira on these frivolous shindig and stays in expensive suite in 5 Star Hotels and also a collectors of fast and expensive automobiles.

7 thoughts on “HITV Boss Toyin Subair Faces Ejection From Ikoyi Residence Over N25m Debt


  2. Small pikin wey no wan crawl before him begin run.I feel no pity for him,he has always being a very spoilt brat,always wanting to present himself far beyond what and who he is.I beg pay ur gbese,e no easy to be big man.ANOFIA

  3. O ma se oooooooooooo. He started as if he would rule the world, but crashed out. A typical Nigerian. He wants to get to the top without climbing the staircase, can he bounce back? If he tries he will fail again, because I doubt if he has learnt any lesson. Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Some Nigerian Business men are just plain stupid! Here was an opportunity for Subair to grow his business to an extent that he will have all that he wants in the long run.

    See wetin poverty dey cause..

  5. Toyin Subair is a humble and very prayerful youngman. He is a victim of neo-colonialism and attack from the apartheid south African giants DSTV not allowing a Nigeria company to play in this highly lucrative market. Please lets forget our personal jealousy, envy and crab mentality, we must support each other or continue to enslave ourselves. Im Disappointed Global news will post this type of uninformed news online. He will surely be ok.

  6. Toyin Subair has never been humble in his life. His wife and her family better bail him out quick or is Babi feeling the pinch too? Its about time he suffers the way he has made other people suffer. Anyway he knows a bit of magic or is that con-artistry, him and Babi will find a way out after all they have friends in high places to help them.

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