September 21, 2023

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Reckless Lifestyle Of Controversial Mercy Johnson

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When news that this beautiful actress had finally decided to settle down and marry, many of the wives of men  who had something to do with the actress heaved a sigh of relief. And they had a good reason to. Mercy Johnson Ozioma is one Nigerian actress who has courted scandal as a way of life. The Kogi State-born actress virtually has scandal as her middle name as she enjoys being in the news for the wrong reasons at all times.

The dark-skinned Mercy has indeed been merciless to many ladies and wives, and it would not be surprising if they ask for a special thanksgiving service in their respective churches if she eventually ties the nuptial knot in August, as widely circulated, as she has been mentioned in lurid stories of being hot pants, employing charms and habitual quarrelling she involves in.

Mercy Johnson who is blessed with nice shape confessed at a time that it was because of her boobs and hips that it was prophesied that she was going to become a good actress by a friend who walked up to her some years back. According to her, after watching actresses like Genevieve and others she “later approached a friend for assistance to feature in a movie. He stared at my boobs and hips and told me that I would make a good actress.” Little wonder she’s been accused of using the very parts in the prophetic assessment to climb the ladder in the make-believe industry.

It would be recalled that a few years back, she was alleged to have aborted a pregnancy for a man called Obi by those who are in the know. Not done with her wild lifestyle, she was at another time in a sizzling romance with Ibrahim Dumuje, another man who people accused of having skeletons in his cupboard. Mercy at that time told whoever cared to listen that she had met her Mr. Right in Ibrahim before that relationship crumbled simply because she was accused at that time of stealing some money that belonged to her then fiancé, which led to fierce quarrel… and the rest is history.

Another scene of her life involved a Spain-based married lover who deceived her about his marital status and enjoyed copiously from her honey pot before the secret was revealed to her and she had to scamper out of the relationship.

In her desperation to get married at all cost, after she was accused of destroying the marriage of a marketer named Victus, who abandoned his home for his friend’s place just to give Mercy unhindered access to his heart. This dirty act was put to a stop when the marketer’s wife traced her husband to his shop at Alaba International Market in Lagos , where she met Mercy in a compromising manner with her husband. It was gathered that the woman got so mad on sighting Mercy and before one could say Victus, the legal wife pounced on her and beat her mercilessly, disgracing her in front of all othe traders in the market.

Not done yet, while she was staying in Tricia Esiegbe’s house, she was alleged to have collected certain amount of money from one Tunde Akinyera, who is said to be a Personal Assistant to the Chairman of Globalcom, Dr. Mike Adenuga, and at the same time was having an affair with another guy who resides in Park View Estate, Ikoyi. This wayward lifestyle infuriated Tricia, who advised her to change but rather than listening to more experienced Tricia, she hurled insults at her and Uche Jombo who was also present at the scene.

Aside from her reckless lifestyle, Mercy is also alleged to be in the habit of causing ripples and disaffection among her associates and friends. She was said to have destroyed the relationship between Ini Edo and Uche. The secret however however leaked when the two friends who had become sworn enemies courtesy of Mercy’s cantankerous lifestyle met at a function where they had the opportunity to discuss. It then became glaring to them that Mercy was the brain behind their quarrel by feeding them with lies and wicked tales about each other.

This Amebo attitude also destroyed her relationship with Stella Damasus, who accused her of peddling bad tales and rumours about her to many of her their friends. The famous Patience Ozokwor was not spared Mercy’s aggression. She was said to have shouted on the elderly woman who could easily be her mother, accusing her of not interpreting her role very well when they were acting together on a flick. This infuriated Patience who would not take nonsense from anybody, especially when it was coming from a disrespectful junior colleague. Patience tongue-lashed her and placed Mercy where she actually belongs, though Patience did not go without tasting from her sharp tongue.

Also said to be arrogant and proud, Mercy had at one time accused her colleagues like Ini-Edo, Oge Okoye, Dakore Egbuson, Genevieve Nnaji and her former landlady, Tricia Esiegbe, of being jealous of her rapid progress and success in the make-believe industry, claiming it as the reason for why they were always at loggerheads with her.

Mercy Johnson happens to be one actress whose marriage to her Delta-born prince, Odianosen Okojie, who some alleged she tamed with juju, is hoped will help her change her from her weird, reckless lifestyle, lies, using charms, causing disharmony in the movie industry, picking quarrels at will with people both within and outside the industry, and using what she has to get what she needs.

The question however is: can the leopard change its spots? Only time will tell while. But we are eagerly waiting for her to walk down the aisle and are holding our breath in anticipation.

12 thoughts on “Reckless Lifestyle Of Controversial Mercy Johnson

  1. Mercy Johnson, like halima abubakar are two of the worst actresses who unfortunately come from the same place. They are ready to take on the most controversial roles in films even it means going nude. Each time I watch them in movies, I feel sorry for their families and wonder if they are really proud of the constant exhibitions of their bodies. Mercy has just being wedded but trust me, it would pack up sooner than later except the guy is a lost soul. Imagine mercy being anyone’s daughter or sister in law? I think both are best at porn films where they can really be their best.

  2. Though not in any position to verify the stories, but I saw a slip in the story that told me not to swallow all that is written.
    Mercy’s husband is from Edo state and not Delta as stated in the story.
    Question; hw am I sure of other info given?

  3. why is this magazine always taking on Mercy? Is this magazine sponsored to destroy her or what? This magazine is doing the same thing of what they claimed her of doing if not worst than her.Please u should give her a break because you are doing your self no good for destroying somebody, you are only discrediting your paper and you should also leave Pastor Christ alone. Go and find your information or news on the happenings somewhere i think is better.

  4. Why too much hate, why Mercy all the time let her be. She can be all you have said but one thing is sure you can never be her God. Please judge not and see the positive sides of people and not only the negative.

  5. There’s no true pure believer in Jehovah Almighty God among Nigerians featuring their dirty-assasinative,destructive and damaging indirect-attacks-opinions in this forum.
    A purify human being shall not character-assasinate or destroy image/names of a fellow human being like Mercy Johnson.Whatever Mercy does with herself /life/image should be left to her as others criticising her did worse behind the scene.She’s got her own life to live.Those condemning Mercy Johnson must mind their own rotten odourful lives.Nigerians are mostly fake mere non-believers in the tenet of God but mere churches/mosques-attendants to show-off.Everyone shall answer and pay for the misdeeds and good deeds at the end time.We are all here on Earth on a journey,shall all go back one time or the other. Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan,Canada.

  6. Please, please and please leave my MJ alone ok, no one is perfect. Babe MJ love u, thou in every rumour there must be an atom of truth just make amend and at the same time nothing do you.

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