March 31, 2023

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Tunde Fowler In Trouble With Fashola Over His Extravagant Lifestyle

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The fairytale wedding between Funke Fowler and Abiodun Kuku, children of Lagos State Inland Revenue (LIRS) boss, Tunde Fowler and Ogbeni Oja of Ijebuland, Chief Bayo Kuku,; has come and gone, but the ripples caused by the event, described as the most flamboyant wedding in recent times, are taking a toll on the relationship between the bride’s father and Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State.

The wedding ceremony of the young couple was in two parts; and held in two continents. The first part was the traditional wedding held on October 22, 2011. The venue was the Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS), Lagos. The ceremony witnessed a sheer display of affluence as the crème de la crème of the society struggled to get seats at the event.

The Forbes richest man in Africa, Alhaji Aliko Dangote; National leader of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu; Federal lawmakers, Governors, Captains of Industry and who is who in the country were present at the ceremony which was conservatively reckoned to have gulped over N100 million.

Part two of the ceremony was held in the United Arab Emirates on Saturday, November 19, 2011.

We gathered that Dubai, the capital city of the UAE, was bombarded by the Nigerian nouveaux riche who had gone to witness the wedding. Moneybags in Nigeria took chartered flights to Dubai, while sources claimed Fowler flew all his guests to the Arabian city first class. Indeed, the Fowler and Kuku wedding attracted so much hype, owing to what many described as wasteful spending.

Expectedly, the Lagos Inland Revenue Service boss, Babatunde Fowler has received several knocks from many quarters. Critics have questioned
how he got so much money as a civil servant to blow on his daughter’s wedding.

This brazen show of affluence, we learnt, so much infuriated the Lagos State Governor , Raji Fashola, who could not disguise his displeasure
with Fowler over the negative reactions the wedding attracted to his government.

According to a source, “Governor Fashola has been receiving many comments which suggest that Fowler used tax payers’ money to stage the
wedding for his daughter. Their argument is that people who worked hard for their money would not spend the way Fowler did. Neither Mike Adenuga norDangote would spend like that.”

We further learnt that in a meeting recently, Fashola lambasted Tunde Fowler over the ostentatious wedding.

“Fashola told Fowler in the presence of the people at the meeting that he (Fowler) is too flamboyant and extravagant. And if he could have his way, the LIRS boss would be removed from office immediately,” our source added.

We learnt that since the one-in-town wedding, relations between the Governor and Fowler have been frosty.

8 thoughts on “Tunde Fowler In Trouble With Fashola Over His Extravagant Lifestyle

  1. A way of telling Nigerians how much i have stolen from them and how i will continue to loot the public treasury because the suppose owners of these public wealths are fools. Curruption is far beyonds Politicians, in fact Politicians cannot loot without the help of the civil servants.I rest my case.


  3. The result of hardwork is not ostentatious living and a flagrant display of wealth but soberiety.Fashola’s indecision on this matter is a reflection of the level of corruption and godfatherism that has permeated the polity.

  4. If Fashola will not be seen to be part of the extravagancy,what is he waiting for in removing and Jailing the theif Fowler?The Tax payers are wallowing in abject poverty here.God will judge all of u

  5. what i strongly believe in things like this is that you will one day receive your reward because it is what you sow you will reap, not only the person involve his/her generation will suffer.

  6. Where were the EFCC conductors called officers are, when the likes of Tunde Fowlers were striping Nigeria naked and licking us dry. Why blame Fowler when his godfather, coach and teacher Tunubu his still walking free in the street of Lagos. NIGERIA wake up from your sleep and see the former governor of illinois in USA getting sixteen years in jail for fraud. Fashola you are good but your administration still stink. It is polluted by your godfather Tunubu

  7. It is funny to see the wasteful kind of person fowler is. A man that was sacked as DGM at chartered bank even if is the MD of bank will the depositor fund not stolen. EFCC please take action.

  8. It seems we’re people of short memory. Isn’t he the same guy that we’re told buys Toyota Yaris, apartment and pay school fees in hard currencies for several ladies that he had dated. He also claim to be a Pastor and settles Asiwaju per se per se and will continue to steal as long as tinubu is still alive and free. No wonder he makes more money than Fashola. This is a guy dt sends his N58000/month degree holder staff after taxpayer come rain, come sun but nothing to show for their hardwork. i’m sure his daughter has never done half of the work this staff has done yet they can’t even afford a basic life. This world is really cruel.

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