The Men’s Club are back with a bang

Posted on June 24, 2020 || By: Global News

The Men’s Club are back with a bang and will formally launch on July 22 with much plenty of fun. It sure would be spectacular time for fans.

Whist they may not necessarily be bringing music, they know how to shake things up.

From broken hearts, to shaky friendships, and boys just trying to be boys-  Aminu, Louis, Tayo and Lanre are back for another suspense and drama infused season of The Mens’ Club.

Will Tumini come back in Aminu Garba’s life? Has Louis finally found love that can rid him of his ‘Mummy’s boy title’? Does Lanre understand that these older women are more than just years, you need experience with them- someone better tell him!  And can Tayo just make up his mind and ease us out of his numerous love triangles ?

Discover your favourites in this new season of The Men’s Club, set to drop on REDTV , on 22nd July, 2020.

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