June 5, 2023

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Stanbic IBTC Bank Arm twisted Emperor Amosun Over N300m Debt – Also Aliko Dangote

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The Ogun State Governor Ibikunle Amosun, now known as Emperor Amosun, has named his commissioners that comprises mainly his business associates and three politicians in persons of Muyiwa Oladapo,Olu Odeyemi and Daniel Adejobi.

What many people didn’t know, however, is that Stanbic IBTC Bank railroaded him to give the institution juicy appointments to safeguard its investment in the governor. Gathered that before the last election, Amosun had approached the bank through one of his friends, Segun Adeoluwa who is now the Secretary to the State Government for N300m loan to help him prosecute the campaign.

It was alleged that after serious negotiation, the sum of N290m was given to the senator while some officials of the bank pocketed N10m, with the condition that if he eventually won the bank would produce the commissioner for finance and be in charge of budget, which used to be under the ministry of finance. This unholy agreement was why the new Emperor of Oke-Mosan created a Ministry of Budget, manned by the two staffers of the bank –– Kemi Adeosun, who is in charge of Finance and Oluwande Muoyo, who is in charge of Budget.

This arrogance and misuse of executive power didn’t go without causing rancour within the fold of the ruling Action Congress of Nigeria in the state who feel slighted over the way the governor is handling the affairs of the state without consulting the party hierarchy.

Further learnt that Amosun was confronted with this misdemeanour by the party leader in Ogun Central Constituency, Chief Segun Taiwo, who told him about what they were hearing about the list of commissioners. Amosun played a fast one him by showing to him a list that comprises those the party preferred.

However, when the governor sent the list to the House of Assembly for confirmation, it was not the same as the one showed to the party leader. This, we learnt, prompted Chief Taiwo to go back to Amosun but instead for him to offer an explanation, he simply told the man to go to hell and that he should be allowed to run his government the way he wanted. He allegedly stormed out of the venue of the meeting and reported back to Osoba.

The House of Assembly members also queried the list and asked the nominees to produce their party membership cards before the House could go ahead with their screening but they were unable to do so. The duo of Hon. Adijat Adeleye representing Ifo 2 Constituency and Hon.Allen representing Abeokuta South Constituency 2 made so much noise about the anomalies before other members of the House prevailed on them to allow the screening after serious negotiations.

The negotiation made the governor appoint some opposition party members in the newly constituted local government caretaker committee recently inaugurated by the governor.

Global News further learnt that it is not only Stanbic IBTC that has its nominees in theOgunStatecabinet; billionaire businessman Aliko Dangote gave Amosun huge amount of money during his campaign and produced some of the commissioners. One of them is Barrister Segun Odubela, the former head of Rickey Tarfa Chamber who is now the Commissioner for Education in the state.

Right now, the centre can no longer hold within Action Congress in the state because the party is now polarised between two factions right from ward level: namely Osoba and Amosun groups. It is said that if anybody wants to do anything within the party, the question he would first have to answer is which group he belongs to. And if he/she doesn’t belong to the Amosun group he is doomed.

10 thoughts on “Stanbic IBTC Bank Arm twisted Emperor Amosun Over N300m Debt – Also Aliko Dangote

  1. If the sum of 300million is mentioned as a loan from the said bank, how much did Aliko Dangote invested and was his a donation or a loan

  2. this site is full of shit telling us news of things happening in the inmate are they witches na them go know say tinubu they collect allowance .making up news to sell

  3. Why am i not surprised at Emperor Amosun’s alleged debt to the bank or anybody for that matter? His behaviour since he became the governor has been very suspiscious. Otherwise, how can someone bite the fingers that brought him into power? The guy will surely fail because the grassroot politicians and the leaders in ogun state tirelessly/vigourously campaigned for him during the last elections and some even lost their lives to make him governor. But when he got there, he cast aside all the people who risked their lives for him to realise his ambition. Now we know why – because he owes a lot of debt to so many people and banks and he has to pay them back. Amosun is a traitor and God will surely judge him.

  4. @omo iya charley that is why you should not TRUST nigeria politicians because non of them really have the love of the country in their mind.they are all hypocrites.even if you remove amosun and put another person there,the fellow may even be the worst.those who claimed to bring him to power did not do that for free rather they expect him to pay them back in cash or kind despite the fact that amosun has given them what they demanded before surporting him.so what are those politicians claiming they helped him to power looking for again afterall amosun have settled all of them with the some of the money in question.i am foreseen those politicians may part with amosun the way baba obj and daniel parted.they are all hungry crooks looking for what to eat.amosun has made their children and loayalists his commissioners despite that they were imposed on them so those policians should boldly come out and tell why are not happy with him.amosun took loan that he spent for them so how do they want him to pay back the loan.it means they are all corrupt decievers who are eager to come to power by decieving nigerians.in any case if this story is true, amosun should be impeached and tried for corrupt practices and if guilty should be sent to jail.

  5. Egba people has always been a betrayal in all their dealings , U can never trust an Egba Man , look at how Obj pally with D North to betry Awolowo, it is in the blood of Egba people to Betray their fellow, so I am not sueprise at Amosun, the Empror

    1. Akintola betrayed Awolowo,Awolowo in turn betrayed Ojukwu…get your fact before you start saying rubish things….

      1. Point of correction – Awo did not betray Ojukwu. Before you betray somebody you must have agreed something with him, and then later go back on your word. That was never the case.

  6. Amosun is d most worthless Governor i ever seen on earth, he have no credibility for sit, is mode of reacting to issues is nothing to ride home about….so painful dat d man we labor for in abk is nw puttin us ashamed! Tym wil tel

  7. its so absurd that such amount of money would be lavish just for campaign ,plus aliko dangotes,.the state will not see no light cos the governor has sold it earlier b4 the -selection,his action against his party is the worsten that can happen to him , what a nation we live

  8. Rumpus in the house, there is going to be roforofo fight in Ogun ACN. Guess who will be laughing by now.
    My dear Ogun state, may God Almighty deliver you from these political gladiators who will do anything possible to milk you dry.

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