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He is one of the most respected and wealthiest politicians of our time, one of the most talked about in the history of Nigeria. Before he emerged governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha had been regarded as one of the controversial ones. The man who had at a time contested for the office of the president but lost the bid to former President Olusegun Obasanjo. We gathered that this dark-complexioned influential Igbo man who speaks Hausa and his native language fluently.

His philanthropic gesture had at different occasion won him the heart of the people, he has awarded scholarships and other social and basic amenities to the people of his state. In recent times, it was recorded that other northern part where we learnt he grew up has also benefitted from his largesse but that is not a story for today.

A bird squealed that this governor’s first lady which had been hardly visible since his emergence, which placed the decision of the first lady on the laps of his mother; sources revealed that the wife who is permanently abroad choose to make such arrangement because she suffers strange ailments whenever she is on the shores of Nigeria, the sickness which sees to it that the woman loses her consciousness. An insider reveals that on several occasions that she had been in the country, she acted in that strange manner  and only regains composure immediately she returns to her abode in the foreign land. Some of the governor’s critics alleged that might actually be the source of the governor’s wealth and that most of the things he is doing as a philanthropist is an act of giving back to the needy as a sacrifice but sources revealed the governor worked hard for everything he ever owns and that his charity disposition was because of his backgrounds. Information at our disposal reveals the last time she was in the country, she acted in the same manner and all the effort made towards making sure she gets normal was futile, but the moment she returned to her foreign abode she regain her consciousness.

The ailment of the wife has been on for a while and it often creates heartache to family and friends but there is little and or nothing that could be done about it.

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