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ajimobiDespite a hasty apology – and robust showing at the weekend wedding ceremony his deputy, Moses Adeleke Adeyemo staged for his son – insiders disclosed the re-election attempt and political fortunes of Governor Abiola Ajimobi has suffered a huge blow over an explosive fight he had with his number two man at his office Tuesday preceeding the nupital.

Sources claimed stakeholders against his attempt at re-election are intensely using the development that reportedly saw the deputy refer to the governor as ‘stupid’ to cement ties with Adeyemo’s backers and loyalists.

The cause of the rift is being seized and brandished over town as a campaign point on yet another vital reason Governor Ajimobi’s attempt at second term should be passionately opposed.

Information revealed the Oyo State chief executive officer is accused of undermining the person and office of the deputy governor with a married female civil servant he allegedly enjoys more than a passing interest in.

Part of the allegation is that the person of interest identified as Mrs Hannah Olawunmi Ogunesan rose from the position of a junior civil servant to the rank of a shot-caller in the ministry based on alleged patronage from the state’s number one citizen. And as a result of this backing, she was transformed into the official political influence ‘wielder’ in the deputy governor’s base.

Several humiliating episodes the deputy governor suffered in the hand of Ogunesan reportedly culminated in an explosive fit of rage in governor’s office, and resignation move by the deputy governor that was reversed after the governor apologised.

Mr Ajimobi followed up his peace gestures with a robust showing at the wedding ceremony of Adeyemo’s son. He made a great show of dancing for prolonged spells with his deputy to play down talks of quarrel between them.

Insiders, however, revealed all the showings at the wedding are simply what it is – show.

Informants claim the attendant issues associated with the explosive office fight are too deeply rooted to be pushed away with ‘dancing and support at a wedding’.

Findings revealed the open quarrel has further pushed Adeyemo’s backers, supporters and sympathisers into the arms of anti-Ajimobi second term campaigners, with the deputy governor advised to play along and remain in office in the context of the philosophy of ‘keeping your enemy close’.

We learnt this automatically deals a major blow to Ajimobi’s political fortunes as it gives his political opponents in and out of his political party, All Progressives Congress, a major swell, particularly within his party because he is said not to enjoy the confidence of political king makers in his state and a chunk of the national leaders in the southwest- including decision swinger, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Ajimobi had attempted to wrestle himself from the political grasp of his party and secure his fortune, doling out patronage to powerful individuals in his state with the moves.

The attempt resulted in a quiet but intense game of political intrigues and survival, until the recent fight with his deputy threw it all back in the open. And new alliances and ties formed to cement interest, with many looking forward to how events further unfold.

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