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bishopDavidOyedepo1He will never stop being in the news, either positively or negatively. But one thing that is sure is that this highly business-oriented man of God, Bishop David Oyedepo means different things to different people. In the past, many reports have been written about him ranging from his many financial deals in the church to the establishment of various business ventures including high-calibre universities, secondary schools etc. Surely, Oyedepo knows his onions when it comes to cajoling the people to ‘give unto God’ according to his regular sayings. But, the question on the lips of many people, most especially his church members, is if the bishop is remitting the hard-earned wealth of his members directly to God.

It could be recalled that Oyedepo founded the Covenant University as far back as 2002 and also added the Landmark University in Omu-Aran, his hometown and presently, reports have it that the one-time Muslim cleric, whose real name is Hassan is planning to erect one of South Africa’s largest universities. This goes a long way to show how astute Oyedepo is in income generation. Current information at our disposal has it that the highly respected bishop received as gift 200 Prado Jeeps from his numerous worshippers following a request in January. Sources claimed that the referential clergy requested his congregants to donate the jeeps for ministerial purpose and 200 donors had fulfilled their pledges. It is gathered that the exact reasons were undisclosed but we reliably gathered it might not be unconnected with the fact that it was for use in some of their branches manned by his ordained pastors scattered across the country.

Recent checks revealed that a brand new Prado Jeep goes for about N10.6 million. Thus, the estimated cost of 200 Prado Jeeps comes to N2.1 billion. Sources revealed to us that it was an individual thing among the wealthy members, who voluntarily donated the jeeps. Therefore, the place of purchase cannot be easily determined nor the identity of the donors revealed. But it is gathered the jeeps are tucked away inside the Cannanland at Ota, Ogun State. Recall that the same church has about four private jets in its fleet, also claimed to be for evangelism purposes.

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