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There is a saying that no one will accuse you of things they know you hardly touch as everybody will come out to your defense. The act of some multinational companies in Nigeria has left them with a mark that will be going with them everywhere they go and some of them are not even that interested changing their spots but rather keep walking in shadows to further cast doubt on their integrity.

Just as the current edition of Nigerian Breweries sponsored Maltina Dance All Season 6 is about to start, there has been series of allegations that the organizers of the television game show may have been playing a fast one on the audience and Nigerians as a country through the selection of the participants.

Sources disclosed to Global News that each family that is supposed come with five dancers may actually be doing more than what the rule of the game actually stated, as it was alleged that rather than present five members of dance-loving family, the organisers are actually mixing members of these families with two professional dancers, just to spice up competition and make it more competitive.

It was said that at the inception, the families though danced well, were not doing extra-ordinary things like back-flip, spinning and even acrobatics; a professional dancer even alleged that a member of the family that was in the last edition is a professional dancer they have had a gig or two together somewhere. Edem Vindah, Media & Public Affairs Manager of the company while responding to questions on the allegation, refuted the story, stating clearly that the guideline is there to be followed and that the company will not condone anything of such because it is stated that participating families can only be taught by professional dancers employed by the company in the process of the game and that the story was not true.

Stories of stage-managing events of such have for some time now been trailing the brewery; some months back it was the story of the way the company’s other brand Gulder-sponsored Ultimate Search was being run. The story was that the whole screening of participants at the Ultimate Search was just formalities as the contestants were mostly models. It was also reported that the company-sponsored Star Quest has also for some time now been run the same way the Ultimate Search is being run as the best are usually not the winners in a programme where the winner is going to be based on the vote of the viewers.

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