August 9, 2022

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Grandmother’s Dying Wish Honored, Gets GIANT PENIS Erected on Her Grave

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A nan has received the honor of a lifetime after her family banded together and erected a penis on top of her headstone as “her dying desire.”

A 600-pound willy monument appears on top of a grandmother’s gravestone, which her family claims was “her dying request.”

Catarina, a 99-year-old grandmother, had her sculpture unveiled on the gravestone, which tends to symbolize the person buried there.

While traditional crosses or towers were not on the 99-year-mind, old’s a gigantic penis appears to have been, with the monument placed on top of the headstone – making for quite the memorial.

Grandmother Catarina apparently always wanted a penis on top of her tomb, and her family was more than pleased to oblige, commissioning a professional to mold the member and set it on the grave.

The large stone member has been described as a “recognition of her love and excitement for life,” since grandmother Catarina used to refer to the family as “verga,” a Mexican slang term that translates to “c*ck.”

Grandson According to lvaro Mota Limón, his grandmother intended the normally-vile epithet to be a compliment when she used the word.

Limón explained that his 99-year-old grandma symbolized “integrity, courage, passion, and love and joy all at the same time.”
That love and joy is now front and center on the gravestone, protruding from the peak of Catarina’s life shrine.

Despite the odd request, the family complied and placed a penis on top of her funerary monument, much to the pleasure of the townsfolk.

Isidro Lavoignet, the engineer behind the peculiar penile component, says he has received some unusual gravestone requests in the past, with families asking to affix quirky, distinctive parts to the headstone.

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