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Nigeria’s communication sector, once a sluggish behemoth plagued by inefficiency and disarray, has witnessed a remarkable metamorphosis in recent years. This revitalization, a symphony of bold reforms and strategic vision, owes much to the leadership of the astute Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Dr Aminu Maida.

One of the notable reforms spearheaded by the current EVC and the Ministry of Communication is the focus on digital transformation and expanding connectivity across the nation. The deployment of advanced technologies, such as 5G networks, has the potential to revolutionize various industries, enhance communication capabilities, and bridge the digital divide. These initiatives are known to be crucial in fostering economic growth, empowering individuals, and positioning Nigeria as a leader in the global digital economy.

Prior to Maida’s tenure, broadband penetration in Nigeria hovered around a dismal 22%, throttling progress across sectors. Recognizing this as a crucial bottleneck, Maida spearheaded the ambitious National Broadband Plan (NBP) 2020-2025. This plan, a masterclass in inclusivity, aims to cover 90% of the population with affordable broadband by 2025. The results are astounding: broadband penetration shot up to 45% in just two years, a testament to the plan’s efficacy. Villages and towns, are now connected to the world, empowering education, healthcare, and entrepreneurship.

The current leadership understand that to ensure a dynamic and competitive communication sector, regulatory frameworks must evolve alongside technological advancements. In view of this, they demonstrated a commitment to this by reviewing and updating existing policies to align with global standards. By providing a supportive regulatory environment, entrepreneurs and innovators are encouraged to invest in the sector, driving innovation, job creation, and economic growth.

Spectrum, the invisible yet vital resource for all wireless communication, was once shrouded in opacity and controversy. Enter Maida, who ushered in a new era of transparent and efficient spectrum auctions. The 5G spectrum auction of 2021, meticulously conducted under his watch, generated a staggering $2.7 billion, a record-breaking feat that drew global acclaim. This windfall is being wisely channeled into infrastructure development and digital literacy programs, further propelling the sector forward.

Without neglecting the sensitivity of Cyber security and Data Privacy in an increasingly digital world, where the need for robust cybersecurity measures and data privacy regulations cannot be overstated, the current leadership in the Ministry of Communication has prioritized these areas, recognizing and proffering solutions to the potential risks associated with technological advancements. This was achieved by implementing stringent cybersecurity protocols and advocating for data protection. The EVC and the Ministry of Communication are ensuring that Nigeria’s communication infrastructure remains secure and that individuals’ privacy rights are safeguarded.

Further recognizing the importance of local content and innovation, the EVC and the Ministry of Communication have placed a strong emphasis on empowering Nigerian businesses and individuals. Initiatives such as the establishment of innovation hubs, incubation programs, and support for local startups have provided a platform for creativity and entrepreneurship to thrive. This focus on local talent not only drives economic growth but also ensures that Nigerians actively participate in shaping the future of the communication sector.

Maida doesn’t just clear hurdles; he builds springboards. Recognizing the power of local innovation, he established the N-VEST Fund, a N20 billion pot of gold specifically dedicated to nurturing Nigerian tech startups. This bold initiative fosters homegrown solutions to local problems, empowering a new generation of digital entrepreneurs. Additionally, under his leadership, the NCC created regulatory frameworks that incentivize investment in research and development, ensuring Nigeria doesn’t just consume technology, but actively contributes to its evolution.

In a sector notorious for exploitative practices, Maida stands as a staunch advocate for consumer rights. The Mobile Number Portability (MNP) initiative, championed by him, empowers users to switch networks seamlessly, fostering price competition and improved service quality. Furthermore, the establishment of the Consumer Affairs Bureau within the NCC provides a dedicated platform for resolving consumer complaints, ensuring justice and fair treatment for all Nigerians.

As it’s known that the success of any sector relies on collaboration and partnerships, both locally and internationally, the current leadership has actively engaged with stakeholders, including industry players, international organizations, and foreign governments, to foster meaningful collaborations. These partnerships enable knowledge sharing, technology transfer, and capacity building, ultimately benefiting the Nigerian communication sector and positioning it for greater success on the global stage.

Like any journey, the road to a fully digitized Nigeria is fraught with challenges. Issues of infrastructure deployment in rural areas, bridging the digital divide, and ensuring data privacy and cybersecurity remain formidable hurdles. However, Maida’s unwavering vision and commitment to inclusive development offer a powerful counterpoint. His collaborative approach, fostering partnerships with government agencies, private sector players, and civil society, ensures that all stakeholders have a seat at the table, crafting solutions that are sustainable and truly serve the needs of all Nigerians.

The recent developments In Nigeria’s communication sector under the leadership of the current EVC and the Ministry of Communication have been transformative. From infrastructure development to digital inclusion, regulatory reforms to cybersecurity, and e-government initiatives to collaboration and partnerships, the sector has witnessed remarkable progress. These reforms have not only improved connectivity and access to digital services but have also contributed to Nigeria’s socio-economic growth, job creation, and overall development.

Beyond statistics and policies, Maida’s leadership has instilled a newfound spirit of optimism within the sector. From rural farmers accessing vital market information to young tech minds brimming with innovative ideas, the potential for growth and transformation is palpable. Dr Aminu Maida is not just steering the ship; he is building a lighthouse, guiding Nigeria towards a future where communication empowers, connects, and propels every citizen towards a brighter tomorrow. This This true story that’s not just of reform, but of revolution, an X-ray that reveals the vibrant bones of a sector reborn, ready to lead Nigeria into the digital age.

As we celebrate these achievements, it is crucial to sustain the momentum, great innovators like Maida, and continue investing in the communication sector, so as to unlock its full potential for the benefit of all Nigerians.

Adadu writes from 3rd Eye Dimension, United Kingdom.
















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