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SportyTV continues its unstoppable growth in Africa, earning high praise from former World Cup champion and ex-Real Madrid player, Christian Karembeu during a live broadcast of Euro 2024
from Germany. Karembeu highlighted SportyTV’s role as an African operator offering premium service in one of the most prestigious competitions in the world.
As the leading free-to-air
premium sports TV channel in Nigeria and Ghana, SportyTV is making waves across the continent by providing unprecedented access to this prestigious football tournament as the official right holder.
The significance of this milestone was highlighted during the group stage match between France and Poland, which ended in a1-1 draw.The match, broadcasted live from SignalIduna Park in Dortmund, featured Karembeu, who spoke to SportyTV reporter, Kweku Afar.
Expressing his gratitude and emphasizng the importance of this coverage for Africa, Karembeu said, “Thank you for being here in Europe, because Africa deserves to be here,” underscoring
the continent’s rightful place on the global sports stage.
Adding to the channel’s growing list of high-profile appearances,  ex-Spanish international and former Bayern Munich player, Jav Martínez was also featured live on SportyTV during another Euro2024 match, further cementing the channel’s reputation for delivering exclusive and engaging content.
“This is only the beginning of what we aim to achieve. Having legends like Christian Karembeu
with us is incredible, and it’s a standard we aspire to maintain regularly very soon,” commented a spokesperson for SportyTV. This statement reflects SportyTV’s determination to consistently
provide world-class sports content and experiences to its viewers.
The two upcoming games to be aired free on SportyTV are the highly anticipated fixtures: Switzerland vs. Italy on June 29 and France vs. Belgium on Juy1. SportyTV extends its model
through sublicenses across English and Portuguese-speaking Africa and via the website, ensuring abroad and diverse audience can access their content.
Launched just two years ago in Nigeria, SportyTV has rapidly established. Itself as a dominant force in sports broadcasting.
With an unrivaled studio setup in Lagos, the channel has expanded its operations to Ghana within a year, continuously enhancing its programming. The
acquisition of broadcasting rights for Euro2024 complements an already impressive portfolio that includes the Premier League, Serie A, Bundeslga, and the upcoming Summer Olympics.
This diverse range of content highlights SportyTV’s commitment to delivering comprehensive sports coverage to its viewers.
The channel’s influence extends beyond just broadcasting matches. SportyTV’s studio in Lagos has become a hub of excitement, gathering various influencers for each match commentary.
Plans are underway for a watch party at the Lagos studio for the Euro2024 final, featuring numerous influencers and live fans, promising to create a historic live viewing event.
Further strengthening its position, SportyTV has inaugurated a state-of-the-art studio in the heart of Madrid, Spain.
This new hub facilitates daily shows dedicated to football, hosted by
Clinton Egbuna, a Nigerian-rooted presenter and ambassador for Sporty Group. Egbuna’s dynamic presence and deep connection to his heritage bring a unique flavour to the programming, resonating with audiences both in Africa and abroad.
SportyTV can be watched free of charge in Nigeria via StarTimes DTT (channel258) DTH (channel 190) and on the OTT platform StarTmesON. In Ghana, viewers can tune in via DTT (channel 36), and via Startimes DTH and OTT as well). Additionally, SportyTV’s partnership with
NTA, the Nigerian Public Broadcaster, reinforces this extensive reach ensuring that millions of fans enjoy top-tier sports content without financial barriers, promoting inclusivity and broadening the audience base.
SportyTV’s digital impact has been equally impressive. Over the past two weeks, the channel has gained 50,000 new YouTube subscribers, nearly reaching the 100,000 mark. Euro 2024-related videos have amassed over 3 million views and more than 200,000 watch hours.
On TikTok, the growth is similarly spectacular, with more than 50,000 new followers in less than 20 days, almost 3.5 million views, and nearly half a million likes on their videos.
Sporty Group continues to set the bar high in the media and sports betting industry. By building a media hub around SportyBet, the world’s most visited betting platform, Sporty Group has
created a synergistic environment that leverages cutting-edge technology and comprehensive sports coverage.
This innovative approach ensures that Sporty Group remains at the forefront of
the industry, always a step ahead in delivering exceptional value and entertainment to its audience.

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