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Why They Are After T.B Joshua -Top Abuja Prophet, Brother Joshua Iginla

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Iginla< [showads ad=GLO]/strong>So many people believe that you are a product of T. B. Joshua or associated with him, is it true?

The truth is I have never met T. B. Joshua one-on-one. I have never been to Synagogue. I don’t even have any physical connection with him. I’m not a son or a follower of T. B. Joshua. I love what God is using him to do. I have no doubt that he is of God. But the truth is, he is just a friend, a brother in Christ and a colleague in ministry.

A lot of reports linked you to Prophet T. B. Joshua because of the similarity in your ministrations, what’s the link?

A lot of media houses have asked me a similar question. If I claim I don’t know him, it’s a lie. I have never seen him face-to-face or speak to him on phone. It was merely by watching his Emmanuel TV. It will be mad of me to criticize him. I know a lot of pastors sneak to his church but still deny him openly. If I had been a critic then and now that I minister with such grace and my hands are clean, I will not be bold to say this. Personally, I will say this; he is a genuine man of God. I have warned my members never to run down other men of God. [showads ad=GLO]

Most criticisms against him were done in envy, bitterness and politics in ministry. For instance, when my mentor, Bishop Idahosa died, some of his people I wanted to make mentors were demanding for money. [showads ad=GLO]

Sir, since Prophet T. B. Joshua is your friend, what’s your comment on the recent collapse of his church building which claimed several lives?

Some journalists have come to meet me and asked me questions about it or requested for my comment about the collapsed building. Let me open up for the first time. When our brother is under attack, we should not rejoice but join hands together to pray for him. I have not seen him in person. I am just doing what God has called me to do. [showads ad=GLO]

He is my brother in the ministry and I love what God is doing through him. People asked why this storm? The reason is that there is no genuine or mature prophet called of God that God won’t reveal what’s going to happen to him. And you can’t expect such a prophet to come on air and begin to say this is what will happen to my ministry. Rather, he will pray and speak to you in parables. Those lies by people on internet that he doesn’t know are not true. [showads ad=GLO]If you listened to his messages, you would know he was speaking in parables. The best thing we can do is to pray that it won’t happen. If prayer was not done, it is not what we are saying about SCOAN and Prophet T. B. Joshua that we will still be saying. I have heard other pastors clap and celebrate and I call that wickedness in ministry. Nobody prays for temptation.[showads ad=GLO]

Was Job not righteous and did he not have the fear of God? Yet the enemy struck all his property. It is only in Christianity that our brother would be under attack and rather than us to join hands and pray we are backstabbing him. Anybody that rejoices about his brother’s challenge now should remember he is not above temptation. [showads ad=GLO]I am already made as a person and my comment is not because I want popularity. I am famous already. My response is not because I need favour, I am favoured already. It’s not because I need his help because I am blessed already.

My reaction is, enough is enough of people rejoicing over a clergy when he is going through storm. All those saying all manner of wicked things especially among the body of Christ are demonic people.[showads ad=GLO]

Even if you don’t love what I am saying, I still have to say the honest truth from my heart. If I don’t stand up and say this, it means if I have my own challenges tomorrow, they will also criticise me. It’s only in Nigeria that another person would be under attack and they would be rejoicing when we are supposed to rise up, pray and stand by him. One blow for one is blow for all.[showads ad=GLO] I love army generals. They can’t see one of their own in trouble and won’t stand by him. It’s only among Christian generals that we rejoice when another is going through storm. It’s due to envy, jealousy and bitterness and hypocrisy in the ministry.

PDP has declared President Jonathan as their sole candidate in the forthcoming election and you have prophesied that Jonathan would win, what do you think the 2015 elections will give birth to?
[showads ad=GLO]
I took my time to pray and talk to the Lord about 2015 because charity begins at home. If we continue to talk about the other nations, and we do not talk about our own, what is the evidence that God is talking to us? The 2015 elections is not all about winning, it is all about running an inclusive government that has to do with trying to pacify the opposition party because this is like a do-or-die affair, but the truth about the whole matter is that Jonathan is going to win the whole elections and there is no doubt about it. [showads ad=GLO]It is not because Jonathan is the perfect man but I think the unity of Nigeria is most important. I thank God for the opposition party because they are going to do well but they are not the dream party that God will raise to take the ‘baton’ from PDP. Indeed, time will come that PDP would crumble but it has not come to the time. For now, the years ahead would still be held by the same person in power. Another thing God told me is that, no matter how credible 2015 elections is, Jonathan should be ready for accusations and battles. But mark my word, he will emerge winner.[showads ad=GLO]

We have it on tape that during the vigil of December 31, 2013, you prophesied that in 2014, there would be an outbreak of a disease like Ebola virus. Here we are, it has come to pass. What is God saying about it and what is the way out? [showads ad=GLO]

I remember when I said that, people went on Facebook to criticize me saying what am I trying to say about a disease more dangerous than HIV? The prophetic words said, “Some people will have HIV and won’t be happy they have HIV and it is going to start from 2014 to 2020. It is going to claim millions of lives. “We have not actually seen the worst of Ebola virus. I see sometimes but I am afraid to say it so that people don’t think one is too negative but God revealed to us what is about to happen, so that we can warn His people so that they can get prepared for the danger that is ahead. This is not psychology. Nobody talked about Ebola virus many years ago and nobody was afraid of it. [showads ad=GLO]Why did it happen when God spoke about it? That is when you begin to understand there is nothing else but God. There is a link between the witchcraft coven and the marine world that lures people into hell and this is what we are seeing. I am not mincing words, but a lot of souls are going to die except we begin to understand that we need to turn to God. Prophetically, God showed me and I was afraid and I am sorry to say that, even men of God are going to be victims of this. He began to tell me that, “People who truly worship me will be revealed and those who do not truly worship me will be revealed” also. He told me that there would be something like a vaccine or hope that would come and it would be discovered by a group of scientists led by a white scientist with a bald head and this research would bring about 10 per cent hope not 100 per cent hope. At first, a noise would be heard saying, “There is hope” but the hope that they think is a cure is just a vaccine.[showads ad=GLO]

As a voice of God, for those who are scared about this, what is the way out?

The way out is to turn to God. There is something spiritual about the Ebola virus and the name Ebola is gotten from a river. Just as a group of scientists are putting their heads together, a group of men of God should assemble to pray for the world but I know it will be conquered.[showads ad=GLO] It will still become an issue, it will not be a stigma the way HIV is now. It will get to a time that people will live normal life out of it.

Two major national prophecies you gave and they have become quite sensational; former Governor Nyako and the crashed Air Force helicopter in Bama, Borno State. What do you think happened that despite your warning it came to pass?

Most times when people hear the prophets of God speaking to the world, they feel they are charlatans. Some people have a way of looking down on the prophetic word of God and I could remember before the helicopter crash and if you look at the fulfilled prophecy, it was more than three to four times that the prophetic words were echoed and warnings were given about how it could be averted. On our own side, we prayed about it and we also tried to pass messages to the relevant authorities and I felt a little bit unhappy because some of these prophecies that are negative can be averted if people can at least heed the voice of God. Some of the prophetic words in terms of the helicopter crash, I re-echoed and we prayed but the people concerned turned deaf ears to it. How would it not come to pass? It is part of the prayers I made that made that crash have survivors.

We discovered that, as early as 4 am, worshippers troop into this ministry and even to overflow. What is the secret of this massive explosion?

Nothing else than God and sometimes it is so funny when you look at where people park their cars and trek down to be part of the service. They line up at 4.30 to follow all the rigorous procedures. I will always say that where the carcasses are, there the eagles gather because God is actually doing wonders and we should give God praise for it. Some pastors are looking for members while others are even tired of the ones they have.

We learnt that due to this expansion in May, you decided to get another site that will accommodate this explosion and by November, the church anniversary will be done and most of your pastors are scared of the possibility because it is so capital-intensive?

I remember God made me to declare the prophetic word last November that we will have our eighth anniversary on our permanent land and when it got to April, we had not gotten a land and many people began to call but God did His wonders and a land came and what we are about to build is something out of this world, something that has not been seen in Nigeria. The church will have an escalator; it is going to be a masterpiece. Some people are already thinking whether it is a federal government project because of the proposed plan to build a 5-star hotel there, a wonderful restaurant and other establishments, schools, university and more.[showads ad=GLO]

How long will it take you to complete the permanent site and how will the funds come?

We are not under pressure to complete the new site. What we are praying for is time, not money. In fact, we have bought a generator to make sure that work goes on day and night just to meet up with the target. [showads ad=GLO]

52 thoughts on “Why They Are After T.B Joshua -Top Abuja Prophet, Brother Joshua Iginla

    1. Thank you man of God. You have said it all, any man of God who talk bad against other man of God is not a real man of God. Now I believe that you are a true man of God. God richly bless you and your family.

    2. What is it about the holy Prophet TB Joshua that has brought so much condemnation and renunciation from his fellow pastors? Are these pastors demon possessed ?

      Search the internet and you see envy and jealousy from Pentecostal church leaders and Matthew Ashimolowo, Ayo, Abraham and Paul Adefarasin. They say they cannot accept the holy Prophet TB Joshua as one of them.
      They cry out ! ” Tb Joshua has no testimony of where he was born again. He said he was born like that, we pastors cannot believe that. Ashimolowo says that his own father was a soldier, but that does not make him a soldier.”

      Pentecostal pastor Ayo expels any of their members if they try to get healing from the holy Scoan Church Nigeria. Ayo also fumes against the holy Prophet TB Joshua from his own church pulpit and many newspaper. Is he Demon possessed ?

  1. Thank you. It take a true man of God to Identify another true man of God. Things of the spirit can be identify by a true man of God.

  2. I LIVE IN SPAIN AND I am planning to visit Champion Ministry. Please could you inform me better how to get there and what is required of people like me who are coming from far? Thanks

  3. i pray that God will continue to uplift you more,strongly and mightily you are true man of God


  5. my prophet please I have never know you or watch your Chanel but your comments show that the light of holyghost is in power you.
    you make it to be clear about our prophet j b Joshua’s life.
    may God Almighty used you mentor to rescue the God’s one. Amen.
    Njoku Ezechinyere Philippe

  6. Dear man of God,
    I have not watched you on telecast or listened to you on radio set but I have read just one of your prophetic publications and I saw a hand of God working in and through you. Please pray for my spiritual breakthrough.

    Thank you,

    Isaiah Tumelo

  7. Man of God thank you and may God keep on fueling you with the heavenly anointing as you speak to many lives across the globe. am following you.
    Moses Musukubili M
    Namibia, Zambezi region

  8. I am a nigerian based in Angola.feom what I have been seen and your comments here, you are a true prophet of God.keep it up.

  9. I am a nigerian based in Angola.from what I have been seeing and your comments here, you are a true prophet of God.keep it up.

  10. U are indeed a true man of God. God Bless U Sir. May d Almighty God Protect U, Ur Family and Ministry from d evil one’s in Jesus name (Amen)


    My name is Cynthia Nicky from Canada, the greatest testimony i have ever seen in my life i want to use this great opportunity to thank prophet Tb Joshua the man of God.i was having a breast cancer over 5months, everyone around me run away from me even my husband who i think he loves me so much told me is over i cried and cried no body could help me out i went to the best hospital in Canada no solution, all hope was lost, on one faithful day as i was going online i saw a testimony of this great man of God Tb Joshua (prof.tbjoshuamailbox3@gmail.com) that people sharing about him how he has been helping people i never believed that this will work out but not withstanding there is nothing God can not do, so i decided to contact his Email: prof.tbjoshuamailbox3@gmail.com i explain all my problems to him he told me not to worry about if really i believe in God the most high i shall be healed. he told me what to do i quickly follow up with his instruction i never let money be my problem. within the next 2day my illness and pains were healed, my brothers and sisters there is nothing God can not do if you have not given your life to Christ please try and do so once again his email: prof.tbjoshuamailbox3@gmail.com if you have any problem similar to this you can contact him and your problem shall be solve, i will not stop sharing his name as a testimony because he brings me joy and happiness now i am happy my husband is back. any problem regarding as follow you can contact him God almighty is great
    (1) If you want your ex back.
    (2) if you always have bad dreams.
    (3) You want to be promoted in your office.
    (4) You want women/men to run after you.
    (5) If you want a child.
    (6) You want to tie your husband/wife to be yours forever.
    (7) If you have any spiritual challenges
    Awesome God

    1. Warning ! This is a fake story. You will loose all your money.
      Only use Scoans official email address.

      Never reply to any Gmail or Yahoo email address.

  12. sir i respect you , you are a genuine man of God, since i new you i believed you, you speak the truth and love God. Your mission will be fulfilled. I thank God we have a man like you in this generation. May God keep you and use you the more.

  13. May God richly bless you. You are a true Man of God. Others who call themselves men of God criticise the Prophet due to the collapse of the building. Thank God for men like you who are not dividing the church of God under the leadership of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  14. Y we dnt have champions royal assembly in d Eastern part of Nigeria. To less too much expences coming 2 abuja pls put it in consideratn or host program in d east. I only watch him on champion television.many desire ur touch papa. I love u nd pry dt God wil keep u.

  15. Brother Joshua Iginla, I love you, I watch you and have been to your church early this year. God is using you mightily. I do pray that your spirit and Ministry would continue to flourish. May God continue to use you mightily to depopulate hell and populate heaven. You and Prophet T. B. Joshua together with other few we watch them on television, are indeed God’s General.
    Keep pressing brother, no matter what.

  16. But Jonathan did not win the election.Your prophecy failed!!!….perhaps u didn’t hear God clearly.con man,liar….no wonder he adores TB joshua of donald dump prophecy fame.Birds of the same feathers flock together.And non of those that have commented before me point this out.Hypocrites and sheeps!!!!!!.

  17. Bro joshua iginla ,this title encourages me to be humble.you are a great major prophet of our generation.thank u dad for the words u spoke in answering snr prophet tb joshuas questions.iam pastor ben mwansa,chililabombwe,zambia.pray for our ministry,beautifull gate temple,i also your connection,dad.God bless the work you are doing.

  18. I Know that all the miracle healing in the holy Scoan Church is real. Only an Atheist/ Satanist will lie about this because they have a plan to destroy all religions.

    The failed Atheist prophet Richard Dawkins encourage his followers to go online and insult the Christians and destroy their bible.

  19. It is common knowledge that Jesus Christ detected Satanism/Atheism among the Jewish clergy/priests, so Jesus told them that their God is Satan. Jesus said to them that no man has ever done the miracles He has done before their very eyes, yet they wont believe that it is the work of the true God.

    This is the same problem the holy prophet TB Joshua is facing from Atheists/Satanists and even so-called Christians.

    History repeats itself. Will these people face the same fate like the Jews ?

  20. When jeremiah was prophecying the isralites condemned him until when the prophecy came to pass it was too late for them to realise. Prophet isaiah was sawed in half because of his prophecies but they all perished for they thought he was of satan. Be careful people even if one prophey has not come to pass suppose God has changed his mind? When king hezekiah was about to die prophet isaiah told him to put his house in order for he wont be cured of his disease but when he prayed the prophecy changed and the same isaiah went back to tel him that 15 years was added to his life. Lets be very careful with these men of God they are dangerous ……

    1. Sir l love your comments on TB Joshua, I love your faith, you are so awesome and this shows that you are a hundred percent truly man of God, the almighty God will continue to bless you for generations upon generations amen.

  21. The Pharisees, the chief priests and the scribes were all demon possessed, so they hated Jesus for casting out demons, today’s churches and their entire members are all demons possessed so they will never love t.b Joshua and the men of God that casts demons,no wonder,no surprise,no honour for a prophet in his own country indeed.

    1. The Jewish Leadership has recently said that they have been studying the SCOAN church on Emmanuel TV for the past three years. They have now asked the holy Prophet TB Joshua to lead a Jewish revival in Israel.

      All the Jewish leaders have met with Prophet TB Joshua and asked him to relocate the SCOAN church to Israel.


  22. We really bless God for your life man of God..
    more of God anointing upon ur life in Jesus name….Amen

    Based on criticizing the prophets;
    wot of dem don’t understand is dat d fact u can’t do something doesn’t mean anyone else can do it… if all dis miracles and deliverance were not made manifest, where is now d fulfilment of JOHN 14:12
    Africans lets leave hatred and embrace and appreciate dis man of God sent by God for dis generation……. SHALOM

  23. What bro Joshua iginla said is the truth. TB Joshua is a true man of God.Those pastors talking evil of one another is not a good motion. Let us support each other and build up the a strong Godly love.
    May God bless us and unify all of us doing his job.a calling is very important in this ministry of the kingdom of God.Amen

  24. all those pastor’s who are criticising T.B Joshua, of a Truth, they are not BORN-AGAIN pastors. They are merely motivational speakers. That is why they don’t have the HOLY spirit to know that T.B Joshua is a BORN-AGAIN. Just go close to those pastors who criticize T.B.J, “you will See Hell of rubbish and High worldliness in their churches. I pray that they repent one day.

  25. thank you My father Br Joshua Iginla for standing for the truth. prophet TB JOSHUA is been persicuted because he is genue and of God. all biblical heroes were persecuted reason because they stood in righteousness.


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