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Steph Briella Neme, a married woman from London, has accused popular artist Burna Boy of soliciting hush money in connection with the shooting incident at the Cubana club in Victoria Island, Lagos, last weekend.

She claimed this after describing how Burna Boy’s assistants shot at her husband and coworkers at the Cubana Club in Victoria Island, Lagos.

‘Burna Boy Begging Us With Shut-up Money Over Club’s Shooting’

“This is my dearest friend and her hubby,” she posted on Instagram. Everyone constantly bringing up the subject of money. MONEY IS NOT A PROBLEM FOR US.

“Why were your guys contacting us to give us hush money if you did nothing wrong @burnaboygram?” “What made your folks pay a visit to our parents the other day?”

The allegations have gone unanswered by Burna Boy and his team.

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