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Servant of God at INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Ejigbo Lagos State, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele, has prophesied that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) would not be able to unseat President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019 presidential election if certain terms sanctioned by God are not followed by him (Atiku).

The revered seer, speaking at his annual prophesy unveiling programme in his church premises last Saturday, warned that PDP must do the right things if it wishes to win the 2019 general elections.


“I said it the other time and I still maintain it, if PDP had given the ticket to Bukola Saraki, they will win because it’s only Saraki that can unseat Buhari but PDP stakeholders have not done what they are supposed to do. I said it in 2015 that Jonathan maybe the last president from PDP. I’m still standing on it unless they take a quick step and that is for Atiku and Saraki to do the right thing. If only they will do the right thing, that is only when PDP can win. For now, I’m only seeing Atiku and Saraki playing.

“That’s all I’m saying on this matter. PDP will find it difficult to wrestle power from President Buhari come February 2019 election because they refused to do the right thing from the beginning. Unless they put heads together and do the right thing, APC will still come back,” he emphasized.

Ayodele also prophesied about political parties that would claim victory at the gubernatorial elections in some states in the country.

“For Lagos State, it would be business as usual but APC will still win. In Oyo State, it’s going to be tough. The PDP man there has missed it; it’s still going back to APC. Ogun State is a troubled state. The election should’ve favoured APC, but APC may not have it in Ogun State. Don’t underestimate Amosun’s candidate, or the candidate from GNI but PDP will never get the ticket in Ogun.

For Delta State, he said, “PDP will take the state. For Rivers, though it’s a do or die affair; Wike will still come back. Kano and Kaduna is for APC. Then for Imo State, if the PDP man is serious, he can take the state but unfortunately, I don’t see him to be serious and if APC puts their house in order in that state, then they can win that state. APC may win Anambra State for the presidency. Ebonyi and Cross River States may go to APC if PDP is not careful in those states. This is because PDP has not done what they are supposed to do.”

Ayodele, who boasted that 95% percent of his prophecies do come to fulfillment, also foresaw challenges for the Fuji music king, Wasiu Ayinde Marshall (K1 de Ultimate) but saw victory.

“Wasiu Ayinde will face many challenges, especially from younger musicians. But he will triumph,” he said.

The servant of God also warned that there will be more bloodletting and tension in the forthcoming election than was the case in 2015 when Goodluck Jonathan was president.

“I see bloodshed during the next elections. Let me warn that Buhari is not Jonathan who settled for peace instead of war,” he said.



Presented below are 25 of Primate Ayodele’s past prophesies that have come to pass.

1 The crash of Diamond Bank
2 Death of American president, George W.H Bush
3 Assassination of Ex- Chief of Air Staff, Badeh
4 Rancour between the legislatures and executives
5 Bukola Saraki”s victory at the code of conduct tribunal
6 Ekiti Election and Osun State elections respectively won by APC
7 Resignation of Mama Taraba from APC 
8 Gas explosion in Lagos
9 The crisis in Syria
10The death of veteran comedian, Baba Sala
11The Brexit controversial outcome in U.K
12 The protest in France
13The victory of Paul Biya of Cameroon
14 The election of Col. Bio of Sierra Leone
17 The refusal of President Buhari to assent the electoral amendment bill
18 The imprisonment of former Philippian President
19 The ravaging flood in Nigeria and the herdsmen killings
20 Decamping of Sokoto State governor, Tambuwal and Benue State Gov.Ortom
21 The removal of APC chairman, John Oyegun
22The Air force plane crash
23 The emergency landing of Air Peace aircraft
24 The oil price crash
25 Rivers governor, Wike”s disagreement with PDP BOT


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