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Still remaining unruffled about the outcome of last Saturday’s governorship election in Zamfara State, the presumed loser at the poll and PDP’’s governorship candidate, Dr. Bello Mohammed Matawalle, has thumbed up that he will still reclaim his mandate that he believes was fraudulently tilted in favour of the APC candidate, Hon Muktar Idris, Speaking over the weekend on the massive atrocities and malpractices that hugely characterized the election in all the local 14 government areas of the state, Bello Mohammed Matawalle, who has since headed to the election petition tribunal to state his case, says he was confident that given all the incontrovertible facts and figures at his and his party’s disposal, he was sure of a reversal of the results of the poll in his favour. He particularly hinged his defense on the declaration of the APC Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, that his party had no candidate for the gubernatorial election in the state, and couldn’t have fielded any candidate in such circumstance, going by INEC’s stern directive on the nagging matter prior to the election date. In the same vein of the reclamation of the Matawalle stolen mandate, a terse statement came out in defense of the agitation for Matawalle governorship of Zamfara state. Aptly titled: Belmat Mandate, Still to come, it reads unedited: ‘’A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. We think our democracy has taken a long time to mature for more than two decades. But it appears that today, those who used to claim decency and honesty have taken a step further to uproot our democracy. They call him a honest man, especially his dogmatic followers. What portrays today under his leadership is political corruption, masterminded by his close associate, called CABALS. The whole world knows the shoddy condition of our state, Zamfara, with regard to security traits. He pays no attention to the massive killings in our state, with no remorse and sympathy to the escalating massacre. The problems of bad leadership with terrible corruption and extravagance, yet supported by the sitting governor of our state, have gone on unabated. The governor spent billions of Naira for his personal political agenda. He pays no attention to our internally displaced people, IDP’s and nothing was done. The whole world knows that APC did not conduct primary election but he formulated an illegal primary election and supported by a kangaroo court judgment. Despite INEC indictment that primary election did not hold in the state and Zamfara APC will not take part in the 2019 General election, the governor threatened not to allow election to hold in the state if APC is not included in the election. The federal government supported the governor through the Minister of Justice and initiated an appeal judgment that put aside the federal high court judgment to favour the Zamfara high court judgment. Two days before election, INEC announced that, based on a court order, the Zamfara APC will participate in the election. Our president made mention at the GUSAU APC rally that, he swore with the Quran that he will maintain justice to all Nigerians. But it appeared that he has little or no concern with lives of all Zamfara populace. Is that justice? To our surprise, two days before election, bandits stopped their attacks and some electoral officers that were posted to no go areas were not harmed but election materials were seized by the bandits. Just two days after presidential and national election the bandits returned to their normal business. It was estimated that within two weeks after election more than two hundred people are killed or kidnapped. The governorship and state assembly elections were preoccupied by rigging and intimidations. Where are we today? President Buhari should bear in mind that Zamfara people will never forgive him and even generations to come, if he interferes with the judicial process to reclaim our mandate from the corrupted leaders of our state. In the same vein, another stern message to the people of Zamfara from a group known as SEN. MARAFAN GUSAU AMBASSADORS has vehemently stated its aversion to the situation of things in the state long before the election. According to a terse statement by the group a day to the election ‘’we will not be responsible to make you see the truth or force you to accept the truth, but the truth is one, and the otherwise is delusion and falsehood. Tomorrow 13/03/2019 is the day that truth and lies will clash, we shall see the strength and value of truth or lies. Tomorrow is the day the freedom of Zamfara people will be determine either to be free or remain in the darkness of slavery leadership. Tomorrow is the day we will determine whether there will be an end to banditry within Zamfara environ, is a day we shall see whether the peace might reign in Zamfara state. Tomorrow is a day whether the son of a common man can have access to quality education, is a day whether the son of a common man can attend higher education. Tomorrow is the day whether youths of Zamfara state might gain freedom from Zamfara state govt and build their lives towards sustainable development. Tomorrow is a day whether the son of nobody will be somebody and rule without the influence of anybody, shunning away political godfatherism. If you are not informed, you will be deformed, the collective interest of the good people of Zamfara state is above anyone, let us pray for Zamfara state; let us pray for the good governance. Four years of governance is not easy to sacrifice to anyone’s interest, they might give you money now, but they will never give you quality education, they will never give you sustainable development, they will never give you reliable security of life and property. Be wise, support the good cause, support good governance, this is the 21st century, make your choice wise and be bold, pray for the success of G8, don’t wish the downfall of your entire Zamfara state. Nothing is left in Zamfara state now, before our name circulates the whole world in the name of Shari’ah, but we were now stained and have lost such reputation, we were known to have the best market atmosphere between Katsina and Sokoto states, we are now facing a serious economic setback, we have zero progress in every sector. Prayer is power, pray for the success of G8 tomorrow.’’ These are very good grounds for Bello Matawalle to intensely harness when the trial begins as he is sure to reclaim his mandate if freedom and fairness come to play

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