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Since he left office as Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello, has been hiding inside the Governor’s lodge, Kogi Government House, Lokoja, fearing arrest by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.
Bello, who prides himself as the youngest Governor, looted Kogi state. According to the EFCC, the “White Lion” stole over N80billion from state coffers within the period he was governor between 2016-2024.
As soon as Usman Ododo who succeeded was sworn in, Bello started fearing his own shadows. He has lost immunity, he knows he looted. And he knows the EFCC and others would come knocking on his doors.
The crafty, once boastful and arrogant politician took refuge in Kogi Government House, moving around daily with Ododo, another crook bent on protecting Bello.
Bello, during the Sallah break had sneaked into Lagos with Ododo to pay homage to Bola Tinubu who was holidaying. The visit was primarily to secure the assurances of the President that the EFCC would give him some peace and let him be. They laughed and joked with the President in a manner that gave him confidence he would remain untouchable.
As soon as Bello returned to Abuja with his Governor who had become his shield, he felt the Lagos visit has given him enough assurance to walk about free. He checked into his house located at Benghazi Street, Wuse Zone 4, retuning back to normal life.
Unknown to Bello, Tinubu had not reached out to the EFCC on his matter. In fact, the President is not interested in shielding Bello. As far as the Presidency is concerned, Bello, like Ganduje, have no political benefit to a Tinubu’s 2027 permutations.
So, as Bello was waiting for his breakfast this morning, operatives from the EFCC, who had visited his home 48hrs ago to be sure he is back, pounced on his gate, demanding the gate be opened.
Upon seeing the EFCC operatives, Bello reached out to his phone calling Tinubu. He didn’t get an answer. He called Tinubu’s ADC, didn’t get an answer, called several officials in the Presidency, no answer. Before then, he had called Ododo to come to his rescue.
Bello’s fate is now hanging. Those he had hoped to shield him or give him cover, have now dashed his hopes. It is now a hopeless hope for a man who ruined Kogi, pauperized civil servants by owing them years of unpaid salaries, looted the state with impunity and murdered several of his citizens.

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