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People that are very close to him are already in the know. He has vowed to get to the seat by any means necessary and as you read this the nation’s number one political “enfant terrible” has not only mapped out strategies that will land him at the nation’s number one seat but has already started underground moves that clear the way for his ultimate political ambition.

Global News sources say Senate President Bukola Saraki is at the moment making frantic efforts to become Nigeria’s President comes 2019 and he is not hiding this fact from his close friends and political associates as many political heavyweights are making consultations across the country as year 2019 general elections’ maneuverings continue to gather momentum.

A very close source to the country’s number three person has confided in your ever-reliable tabloid that Senate President Bukola Saraki who comes from the number one aristocratic family in the north central region of Nigeria is more than ready to test his popularity at the polls against other political Titans across the country during the next general elections even if heaven is going to fall.

According to our sources,Saraki who is now one of the most powerful and influential politicians in the country is hellbent on becoming the next Chief Executive of the Africa’s largest economy and he’s working tirelessly to land the plum job in order to consolidate his ever-growing socio-political status and stupendous wealth. We gathered the Senate President has just appointed a new campaign manager to manage his political office and network and has also promised same to go ahead and do the needful without minding the cost of actualizing the dream.

We hear Saraki who was a two-time governor in his native Kwara State before becoming a senator has already picked his running mate whom we gathered is a thoroughbred corporate high-flyer from the South-East but he is keeping the name close to his chest. It is only people in his inner circle that is in the know and all of them are keeping mum about it.

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