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Oil magnate and head honcho of Heyden Oil and Gas, Dapo Abiodun, has declared his ambition to join the Ogun State governorship race. He made the declaration recently in his Iperu-Remo residence.

This is not the first time the failed politician is contesting in the state. He is not new to contesting for election in Ogun State and failed, he was in the race for the number one seat of the gateway state in 2003 which Otunba Gbenga Daniel eventually won.  In 2015, he contested the Senatorial seat of the Ogun East District, but lost woefully. Sources in the state emphasized that Abiodun is not popular in the state, and the people only see him as someone wasting his time and money on politics.

Abiodun said he would be contesting on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, noting that despite the successes recorded by the current administration in the state, it could be better. He claimed that his declaration had a divine backing and added that given the proximity of Ogun to Lagos, it should begin to rival Lagos in terms of the Internally Generated Revenue and other developmental strides.

He said, “If elected in 2019, I will run masses-oriented programmes, and will de-emphasise projects which will only give me visibility but would not add any value to the lives of the masses in the state. I will open up the roads in the rural communities, in order to improve the fortunes of the people in the rural communities. They need to bring their farm products to the market. If there are good rural roads, the farmers will get their farm products to the market in good time and they will make money.  I will link the towns and the rural communities.”

However, his claims have been countered by the people who spoke to our correspondent in Ogun State. They alleged that Dapo Abiodun, who was some years, rumoured to be having a secret love affair with former Petroleum Minister, Dieziani Madueke, is once again coming back to spend his loot from the

“You see, he is one of those who have milked this country dry, and we will always be ready to collect his money, but I can bet with my life that he won’t get our votes. We know people of his stuff,” Tobi Osinowo, an indigene of Ogun State told this magazine.

Diezani and Dapo allegedly dated for some years, and while it lasted, both were said to have enjoyed the relationship to the fullest both in Nigeria and abroad. Dapo was said to be the apple of Alison’s eyes during the late president Umar Musa Yar’Adua’s tenure when she was the Minister of Transportation and later Solid Mineral Resources.

When Dieziani eventually became the Minister of Petroleum under the then President Goodluck Jonathan, Abiodun was one of the oil magnates the minister allegedly used to siphon the country’s treasury.

Another sore point in his life is his family life, one wonder how a  man who doesn’t not care for his family aside from providing  them money. A closed family source squealed that he’s but a absentee father who did know how his children are doing on a daily basis, he went further that he doesn’t know how someone who is not doing well at home will govern a state well.

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