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Making sure we present the right governorship candidate to Lagosians for the 2023 election in Lagos, and if opportunity permits, historically go into the election and win for my party, may be my first, and the last mission to achive as the chairman of the Labour Party in Lagos State.


I am not here primarily for all the pecuniary gains of it. If that is the primary aim, I won’t be here around this time, but to now start running the party well; reorganize it; rebuild it; reposition it, build viable structures across the state, and now start winning elections for the party.


I am not here to do it the way things were being done before. I do not have the mentality of doing things anyhow, or the regular way.


Yes! Every human being needs all the money. But all those benefits will come, when my party is in power someday very soon.


My avowed mission, therefore, is for my party to now start running well and winning elections.


The labour party is like a commodity product in the hand of my exco. It is not a new product in the market, but one the Lagos/Nigerian market has not been patronising, for a long time it has been existing in the market.


We have resolved to rebrand and relaunch the product through a ceremonial means, so that we can represent it again for the social visibility appeal and acceptance of Nigerians, and by extension the world.


We have set up a committee to plan and organize an world class occasion, where we are going to be relaunching the Lagos Labour party to the acceptance and patronage of the world.


But, for me, I am going to be rebuilding and running the party to win elections.


If a political party cannot be winning elections, it is a useless political party. And that is why a lot of political parties in the country are no where in the scheme of things in the polity, simply because they are not winning elections.


Winning elections is what has made Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Atiku Abubakar, Bukola Saraki and co. to be the prominent Nigerians and power brokers they are in the country today.


I also want to run my party well to win elections, so that I can be like them.


It is when my party runs well, that it could win elections, it is when it wins elections, it could be in power. It is when it is in power, it could form government to be in control of the resources of the state.


It is when my party is in control of the resources of the state, that it could start existing and enjoying all the benefits of paraphernalia of governments, the way the people in APC and PDP and co. are in charge of it right now.


My Mission is to do things right for the Lagos Labour Party. My vision is to make my party the next ruling party in Lagos State.


I am happy I have beautiful people on our state exco. team, who have resolved to stand with me all the way.


We have been working together like a family and that is the operational spirit of oneness that will take our great party to the promised land.


I am simply here to rebuild the party and start using it as a tool for electoral victories.


I know that Lagos is one of the most challenging state to play opposition politics in the country, but with the grace of God on my side and the annointing of God on my destiny, I and my team members would deliver my party as the next ruling party in Lagos come 2023.


I reiterate, my mission as the chairman of Labour Party in Lagos is to make my party the next ruling party in the state.

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