August 9, 2022

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Lagos 2023: Funke Akindele Promises Women, Youths Better Deal

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lagos governorship election

Funke Akindele, an ace Nigerian film producer and deputy governorship candidate on the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) platform in Lagos State, has pledged to bring beneficial improvements to the state’s women, youths, and children.

This was revealed by the 44-year-old filmmaker turned politician during her unveiling by the party’s Ikorodu Chapter on Tuesday.

During the ceremony, Funke Akindele stated that her political decision is a sacrifice that they would both make to address the state’s infrastructure concerns.

According to her, “Jandor has sacrificed a lot talking about young people passionately for over seven years to plan this project, abandoning his business to make a change in the state. So, I am going to put aside my career now, I am coming out for the women, the youth, we have talents in Nigeria, we need to explore what we have.

“We have both made sacrifices to join politics to bring positive changes to the people of Ikorodu and the state. We should build a state where our children can live rather than run and stay abroad. I am joining Jandor to bring a breath of fresh air to Ikorodu and Lagos.”

“I answered the call. We are the owners of Lagos, we will vote, win and rule the state. For the women, I am going there for you. For the youth and the children, I am there for you. We can do a lot for this state and country and make things work. We are youths, we can run, and we have the energy to fix Lagos State. For my Ikorodu people, I thank you, I will not put you to shame. PDP is taking over.”

“When the time of a thing has come, no one can cover it. By the power of God, we have come to light up Ikorodu and all parts of Lagos State. By the Grace of God, victory is ours and it is certain in 2023,” he said.

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