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The attention of the leadership of the party has been drawn to a news conference by our National Treasurer, Ms Oluchi Opara where she raised a number of allegations against the National Chairman, Barrister Julius Abure bothering more on corruption and abuse of office.

We want to say that the National Treasurer who is certainly under some external influences merely read out a concocted statement drafted by our detractors to further tar the image of the party.

With the exception of the National Treasurer whose tenure is about to end in few weeks time, no other member of the national working committee has raised any issue of embezzlement.

Let it be said that the Labour Party has not earned N3.5 billion as claimed and that the National Chairman has not embezzled any money that belongs to the party as alleged.

Abure does not own several houses and property as spuriously alleged by our estranged National Treasurer, even though no law prohibits him from owning properties.

The constitution of the Labour Party in Article 14:1b provides that the National Chairman shall be the Accounting Officer of the party while 14:1d “Shall approve all expenditures and shall be a signatory to the Party’s Bank account(s)”

Accordingly, Article 14: 6 states that the National Treasurer “Shall receive and promptly pay into the Party’s account(s), all monies received for and on behalf of the Party.

“Shall ensure the preparation of Annual Statement of Account/Reports on finances of the Party including compilation of the Party’s Assets and liabilities and make same available to the National Executive Council from time to time. Shall be a co-signatory to the Party Account(s).”

These sections are clear as to the duty of the national chairman apart from providing leadership. The duty of the National Treasurer is also clearly spelt out.

In the past, the party didn’t have accounting method as it was ran by the then chairman and the Treasurer. They were only accountable to themselves but with the emergence of the Abure led executive, and the growth of the party, it became imperative for the party to structure its accounting method. This of course didn’t go down well with the National Treasurer whose financial source was shut down.

The party can understanding her vituperations but we can’t help her situation moreso when her time in the NWC is running out. Her wish to cash out was not granted and her subtile effort to push the leadership to ‘settle’ her was rejected hence her resolve to fight dirty.

It will be recalled that she is alone on this battle. Several stakeholders have had course to prevail on her to bridle her inordinate ambition but all to no avail. We are surprised that despite all effort to assure her of a future, she still went ahead to align with our detractors and sworn enemies of the party.

Her penchant to cut deals for herself knows no bounds. Just a few weeks ago, she tried to breach the party guidelines by unilaterally selling delegate forms in the Edo governorship election against the party guidelines that permits only the State Executive of the party to do so. Of course, the party punctured it and all these further infuriated her, hence her resolve to drag the party to the mud.

The party will definitely take her case to the disciplinary committee where appropriate measure will be taken.

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