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As the the 2023 general election continues to gather momentum, veteran entertainer, Gbenga Adeyinka, has declared his intention to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari as the number one citizen of Nigeria.

Adeyinka, who is yet to disclose the political party whose platform he would be contesting from, has joined dozens of other Nigerians jostling for the presidential seat.

In his declaration speech on Thursday, 12 May, 2022, Adeyinka said: “Fellow Nigerians, It gladdens my heart to step forward this day and speak to you about my ambition.

“I have served my fatherland for over three decades as the Grand Comedian of Nigeria, designing and delivering joy and joie de vivre to the deserted Southwestern states of this honourable nation in particular, and Nigeria, as a whole. 

“Moving from state to state and ensuring that we left nothing but a soothing experience of undiluted and unrestrained entertainment and laughter behind.

“I have been to the ancient city of Ibadan, where the brown roofs tell the story of her yearnings for the excitement that comes with a well-packaged entertainment event. 

“I have similarly visited Osogbo, the land with unimaginable potential for exponential entertainment growth, where we left them asking for more.

“Not to mention how I left the city of Akure in wonder with the people urging me to do more because, in their own words, “We’ve never experienced such wholesome entertainment, ever.”

“How can I forget to mention my exploits in my native Abeokuta; Ijebu Ode, and the city of Ilorin where I literally made the people understand why they say their land is the closest to heaven and far away from hell with the level of satisfaction they got from my visit? 

“However, mine is not just a southwest agenda. Indeed, it has been a worthy and worthwhile nationalistic professional odyssey.

“I have worked in, and traversed the 36 states of the federation and no one, and I repeat, no one knows and feels the yearnings of everyday Nigerians like I do. 

“Nigeria is at a crossroads. Nigerians are traumatised from banditry, insecurity, corruption, kidnapping, rising costs of living, fuel scarcity, ritual killings, and internecine conflicts, and so many other travails that threaten to tear us asunder.

“Fellow Nigerians, Nigeria is in need of a purposeful and proactive, and direct and decisive leadership.

“Nigeria needs a president that is devoid of a party mindset, whose leadership is cast on the global vision of building a nation that is bigger than him and his party. 

“A president that will not read his intentions from the stale and stereotypical narratives of paid scriptwriters, but whose actions will draw from the bounties of floating ideas enriched by the creative engagement of his mind and powered by the dynamics of his visions. His ethnic origin will not guide his conduct or choice of appointments.

“His identity is not frosty or fraught with inconsistencies. His visions must transform from the intangible, spiritual form to concrete objects of practical feelings. He will build roads; provide electricity, homes and food for the people, but only as a normal, natural responsibility of state. He would go beyond this to set standards of integrity, strong ethical values, and would live by practical examples. I am that man…”

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