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Albeit, the whereabouts of Austin Okai and those responsible for his “abduction” and disappearance are uncertain, it is incontestable that he is out of circulation against his wish.

If it were someone else, Austin Okai would have been all over the place writing and talking to secure justice. But, it’s Okai himself now needing the support of the society and a people he literarily put everything on the line for, and all he has got so far is absolutely nothing.

Austin Okai must either be released from illegal detention or be charged to court without further delay.

As for the rest of us, if we can’t fight for him we must not disparage him for a pot of porridge. We can at least set ourselves up for future Defence by just keeping quiet, if that’s the best we can offer.

It’s Austin today and if we watch uninterested and unconcerned, it would be us or someone close next time. Only then, there would be no one, also, to speak or fight for us.

What goes around, comes around and perhaps, dwells with us.


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