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Hon. Tope Olatoye a.k.a Sugar, a member of the Federal House of Representatives in Oyo State was murdered during an election violence in the state on Saturday, but only few knew his controversial background and what transpired between him and his killers.
Sugar was allegedly a well known killer in Abeokuta, Ogun State many years ago. He was once accused killing a man at Alogi bus stop, Obantoko in broad daylight.
Apparently because of his connection in high places, Sugar was said to have committed series of crimes and got away with them.
Instead to face the music for his crimes, as a student of Federal College of Education, Osiele, Sugar built a house in Osiele and was even made a Supervisory Councilor at Odeda Local Government.
His house in Osiele was said to be a hot spot, as some of his victims were allegedly buried at the back of his house.
A source who claimed to know Sugar very well alleged that “Whenever he killed, he dismembered the corpse(s) and took them away. Ask anybody in Abeokuta. When the heat was much for him in Abeokuta, he relocated back to his State and became a senior thug (Warlord) to Baba Adedibu in Ibadan! Sadly, he ended up in a House of Assembly and lastly in the House of Reps. He almost became a Senator two weeks ago. I don’t know how much of him you know o, but the Traditional Rulers in Osiele insisted that the police should take him away from Abeokuta. Ironically, some funny characters earlier made him Chief Asalu of Osiele before he began to terrorise them. The Police knew all about his crimes.”
Global News gathered that on Saturday when Hon Sugar met his untimely death, he allegedly first shot at the thugs who eventually retaliated and killed him.

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