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Rising from its meeting over the weekend in Abuja, an interest group (Dekina/Bassa for Consolidation -DBC) comprising of professionals and elites of Dekina-Bassa extraction has thrown its weight behind the Kogi-East APC Senatorial candidate to contest the Governorship of Kogi State in 2019.

The group argues that if Dekina/Bassa is not given the opportunity to complete its term after Wada’s dismal failure at the 2015 polls, justice, equity and fairness wouldn’t have been said to be served.

The Group however agrees to also support the Senatorial bid of Jibrin Isah hoping that success at the polls will put him in pole position to clinch the number one seat in the State. In their calculation, a bye-election can now be conducted and an Idah axis candidate supported to fill the Kogi East Senatorial vacancy that may be created.

The endorsement has sent shivers down the spines of a number of those already posturing to contest the Gubernatorial election after the relief they got from Alhaji Jibrin Isah opting for the Senate against the anticipated Governorship seat.

Jibrin Isah, aka, Echocho has severally in close quarters voiced his dissatisfaction with the way the government in Kogi State is run like a “boys scout” but that he is helpless for now.

The main task before the Group now is to work hard to secure the Senatorial victory for Jibrin Isah.

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