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It is totally evil for a political party which has brought untold sufferings to Nigerians to continue to spite the people by throwing mud in their faces.

15 million Nigerians have now realised their tomfoolery in ushering in the Pandora’s Box called APC. Alas the Pandora Box has opened and all sorts of monsters have crawled out to torment and unleash untold sufferings on Nigerians.

Indeed, since the APC took over the reins of power in 2015, Nigerians have come to know the real meaning of tyranny, depravation and excruciating poverty.

The journey to the guillotine began when a gang of deceitful, unpatriotic men banded sometime in 2013 to birth the most vile contraption ever witnessed by mankind, the All People’s Congress (APC), a party which took over power through a barrage of lies and has now become a curse to the people of Nigeria.

Prior to the unfortunate convergence of these foul characters , Nigeria was the third fastest growing economy in the world and the first fastest growing economy in Africa. A thriving nation, with a president who worked tirelessly in the best interest of country cum citizens and a leader who adhered strictly to democratic principles and the rule of law.

Unfortunately, however, a misfortune of gigantic proportions visited the people of Nigeria when these morally leprous characters with the help of traitors within and a massive propaganda machinery, instituted a dictator who had been generally rejected as many times as he had contested for office. The Wolf was given a bath and clothed in wool to bleat like a sheep . Thus emerged the most revolting government to have ruled Nigeria.
While former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan had effectively checked terrorism by massively bombarding the Boko Haram and restricting them to a tiny enclave which could have been easily run over if he had the grace of another tenure, the APC came in and brazenly enabled the terrorists to the bewilderment of Nigerians.
Under President Muhammadu Buhari, a man who was neither prepared for power nor with the requisite qualifications for such an esteemed office, Nigeria has slid into a state of near anarchy. Insecurity is at its worst peak as the soil has turned bloodied from the innocent killings of Nigerians, on a daily basis. No one is spared, not Muslim or Christian, not even babies or pregnant women.
Rather than abate, the forces and ranks of the terrorists swell under Buhari as the teeming number of unemployed and uneducated youths of the north and even children are being enticed with money and drugs or forcefully conscripted into terrorism forces to continue the orgy of violence.
The once powerful Nigerian Armed forces which was the hope of a peaceful West Africa, has been rendered comatose by a president who feigns helplessness at every point. Such is the contempt the world now has for our president that CNN’s Christiana Amapoour openly and publicly accused the president of Nigeria and Commander – in – Chief of the country’s armed forces of complicity in the continuous acts of terrorism going on in the country. How shameful!

While Boko Haram and ISWAP have hoisted flags and appointed their own Emirs in some parts of North East Nigeria, the president continues to mouth the same monologue in his usual empty promises to crush a Boko Haram that has demystified his now beaten reputation as a no-nonsense General. He is left looking like a weakling, a weather beaten fowl.
As though the endless and tormentous darkness unleashed by the terrorists who President Buhari once referred to as ‘his brothers’ wasn’t enough, there breezed in another monstrous head, criminal Fulani Herdsmen, now romanticized by government as Business men and given the title, ‘Bandits’. It is on record that Buhari’s minister of Information, Lai Mohammed while branding the IPOB, terrorists, refused to ascribe same to the hardened criminals who have taken more lives than a civil war and rather referenced them as Businessmen.
Such is the lack of empathy Buhari and the APC have for tormented Nigerian souls.

A tally by a Nigerian Newspaper has put the number of innocent persons killed by the rampaging bandits in Northern alone at no fewer than 3,125 within 11months. The research shows that 2,703 people were abducted within the period.
Souls are burnt alive in thier thousands in their own homes while their tormentors watch with glee and send out the horrifying videos to the internet for the world to see. How much more gore can Nigeria take under the APC?

Education has gone comatose with abductions and deaths of students. As I write this, students and teachers are still under the vicious and violent captivity of their abductors, terrorists, Buhari’s government call Bandits.
Bandits have taken over our highways such that wayfarers now travel with great trepidation.
With the abduction and murder of even top military officers, the brazen invasion of Nigeria’s premier military Academy, NDA and abduction of officers from the premises, it would seem no where is safe nor impenetrable by the so called bandits.
Quality of life in Nigeria is no longer better than that of an animal in the jungle. It has become a survivalist society. Everyone for himself. It is so alarming that a respected preacher, Pastor Adefarasin advised Nigerians to have a plan B. If you can now, run…he seemed to say.

Nigeria is such a sad report that in six short years, people have gone from living to simply existing. The Naira has taken a thorough beaten and is at its weakest with an exchange rate of N570 to a dollar. Prices have skyrocketed, quality of life is at an all time low. Nigerians can only murmur and grumble because to protest either gets you a bullet, some time in the gulag or you just go missing.
Can we ever forget the cold night of October 10, 2020? The cold dreary night of horror where Buhari’s soldiers opened fire on innocent youths singing the national anthem and carrying the Nigerian flag? Indeed the blood of the innocent can still be heard crying, for one day, when the APC is dislodged, they will get justice and that day is near. Very near.

If we were to compile a book on the atrocities of the APC and the gang of worthless fellows who constitute it, the hideous minds who have seized the reins of power to torment the people and destroy a country built on the sweat and blood of our founding fathers, we would have not one book but several volumes of a horrifying tales. A nightmare Nigerians plunging the people into a dark abyss.
When will it end? Rather than proffer solutions to these heartbreaking befuddlement, a man who should be hiding his head in shame and going about in sack cloth for his role in the present endless dark hole the country is plunged, Bisi Akande, a regretful son of Oodua, is opening old sores, pouring salt and and acid on them with a book full of lies and deep animosity.
Rather than apologise, Akande is poking his hands into the eyes of the people, daring them to do their worst.
It is very unfortunate and may we not continue to tolerate bastard elders within our midst.
Many have written about his open lies. From his repulsive glorification of General Buhari who is a failure of five star proportions to his misrepresentation of facts and outright lies about his so called participation in the country’s political journey. Other participants have come out to burst his book of falsehood. My conclusion would be that Akande is a true representation of the APC. A party known for churning one falsehood after another. A party where elders congregate to spew lies and are not ashamed nor remorseful when caught in the art of lying.
Akande does not surprise me. His praise of Buhari and Buhari’s praise of him are like the activities of two Yahoo Boys, who are trying to outdo each other in their trade.
Succinctly put, two liers lying about each other in a terrain they both understand best.

The book ‘My Participation’ as has been exposed in many quarters is actually a book of grand delusion and day dreams of a con star and a washed out politrickcian.

The APC knows that it’s time is short. The combustion within their ranks has begun and the party is on its way to self implosion.

Nigerians now know that evil lurks around the APC. Those who connived to snuggle in General Buhari as a reformed democrat are now waiting to collect the baton to run. We must not enable evil or validate it. With all our might, we must reject the APC and it’s circle of doom.

Dare Adeleke is Chairman Oyo Pacesetters Transport Company and a PDP Chieftain.
He writes from Oyo.

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