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Engr. Funmi Ayinke Waheed- Adekojo has officially made history as the first woman to run for governor in Ondo State.

Fondly known as Funmi Ayinke, she was cleared by the APC screening committee for the Ondo gubernatorial contest, at the APC Party Secretariat in Abuja, Saturday.

Unsurprisingly, Engr. Adekojo ‘s screening was seamless.

During the screening process, Adekojo emphasized her vision for Ondo state, with emphasis on technological advancement and artificial intelligence.

Expressing confidence in securing the party’s ticket, the philanthropist attributed her widespread support among women in the state to her longstanding commitment to uplifting their welfare. She recounted the overwhelming turnout at her rally in Akure, where women who did not ask her for any form of monetary inducement rallied behind her gubernatorial ambition because they were motivated by her record of empowerment of women, youths, widows and the underprivileged over the years.

As the screening concluded, jubilant cheers resonated from the committee, accompanied by congratulatory messages from party officials and fervent prayers for victory from women within the secretariat premises.

Speaking to newsmen after the process, the young Engineer articulated her reasons for focusing on technology and innovation.

She observed that developed countries embraced technology as a springboard for the leap now being witnessed in their economy.

She said: “When Niel Armstrong stepped on the moon in July 20, 1969, he said: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
That boldness of conquering space, has led to all the technological breakthroughs and tech innovations which have made nations, stupendously rich. Look at it, America, Europe, China, Japan, India and the rest have never been the same since they embraced technology a vehicle for economic advancement.

“Also remember that before man dared space, there was the Industrial revolution where highly efficient machinery replaced slave labour and that was one of the factors that ended the slave trade and opened up the world to what I will call, new wealth and economic dominance.”

Ayinke pointed out that as an Engineer, technology has been her turf and an area where she possesses extensive expertise.

The MD/CEO of the Funmi Ayinke Engineering Company, a multi-national company specializing in engineering and high level construction, highlighted her innovative approach not only in her several projects across the country but in her credential as an innovator with deep knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, Ai. Citing her successful generation of electricity using briquette, the young industrialist and business mogul, stressed the need for Ondo to embrace the current technological evolution to enhance its global competitiveness. Technology is just one word but it spreads through all sectors, including education, agriculture, power, oil and gas industry, manufacturing, etc.”

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