2023 Presidency: My Husband Wants To Reap The Fruit Of His Labour – Oluremi Tinubu



Wife of presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, (APC), Senator Oluremi Tinubu, has said her husband is not driven by overambition to contest for the 2023 presidency.

According to her, for the past 20 years, Tinunu has not contested any election since 2003, and as such he did not just wake up and say “it is my turn”.

Speaking at the pre-election strategic meeting of APC zonal, state and local government women leaders in Abuja on Friday, Senator Remi said Tinubu was only trying to reap what he had sown over the years.

She said her husband is eminently qualified to administer the country effectively insisting that he remains the most acceptable candidate for the position.

She stated: “My husband, (Tinubu), had not contested election since 2003. This year, it will be 20 years; so he did not just wake up and say it is my turn. You can serve other people for 20 years and make sure they excel.

“When you build, you should inhabit, when you sow, you should reap, and be the first partner. It depends on how long you have invested.

“They told us, we are buying people to come to rallies. God now said, what I am going to do, I can shut the heavens, so there is no money and you will see my glory. Are we not seeing God’s glory. Be patient; go and vote. When you vote, shine your eyes until they count your vote.

“This is our time. There is a popular saying that, what a man can do, a woman too can do better. This is the decade for women. This is the time for women to take control again. Take control of our homes so that we can build our homes and nation”.

Also speaking, the APC national woman leader, Dr Betta Edu, assured that Tinubu would leave no stone unturned in implementing the 35 percent Beijing affirmative action if voted into power

She charged women coordinators to go and mobilise the 44.4 million women voters to cast their votes for Tinubu and all APC candidates contesting for various positions.


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