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imageRecently respected Catholic reverend father and founder of adoration camp Ejike Mbaka is presently in the bad books of many Nigerians who believed that he’s one of those fake prophet who just opened their mouth and prophecy that told them that something will happen and later recanted or say contrary things against their prophecy.

Few days ago, Father Mbaka came out to say that the regime of Buhari has added pains and suffering to the lives of the people who voted for him massively in 2015 presidential election to defeat the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan.

In the message which we produced in part ‘ Mbaka noted that there was too much suffering in the country, and faulted the President for not appointing the right people.
He also accused the President of listening to the wrong advice.
The message partly read, “The issue is that Mbaka is speaking as the Spirit leads him – there is hunger everywhere. My job is to tell leaders the truth, the landlords are crying, the tenants are lamenting, sellers are crying, buyers are lamenting – there is hunger on the streets.
“I can’t keep quiet when things are going wrong.
“I am telling the President to look around him and know those who are advising him rightly and those who are telling him that there is no trouble.
“The President should know that there is trouble – if things continue like this, in the next election, nobody will vote for him.
“Whether they like it or not, I am speaking the raw truth.
“If the President should have somebody like me and he cannot be talking with me, then there is a problem.
“There is a problem somewhere; somebody who can advise you without asking for anything and he is representing the poor masses in the country, and he won’t tell you lies.
“He will praise you when you are doing well and when you are not doing well, he will look at you in the face and tell you.”

However, Nigerians are quick to remind him of his prediction he said ‘ President Jonathan has failed to stem the tide of insecurity and corruption in the country. In the year 2014, we had a lot of bloodshed in this country. People were dying like rats without anybody asking about them. This country suffered a lot of bloodletting experiences. Many of us witnessed that people were in tears. Just like the ancient world, the year 2014, the 4 in it had the queen in it, which had to do with death. Our leader’s failed us with reckless abandon and nobody asked them question.
“We need change. Whatever it will be, let it be. This is my golden message to my beloved country.

“Ogini n’eme? (What actually is happening?). The multitude of our youths, the quality young men, quality young women, brilliants youths but nobody has plans for any of you. Our so-called leaders should come and apologize. In 2015, it shall not continue like that (everybody shouted AMEN).
“By the grace of God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we are announcing, spiritually, Change! 2015 should not be a year of any hooligan maneuvering to hijack power. This is our New Year message. Listen, when you go home, tell anybody you see that from the oracle of the Holy Spirit, we are announcing change (AMEN). Can somebody help me to shout Change (shouts of Change by the congregation rented the air) in Jesus holy name… I seal this year with the blood of Jesus.”
After this message, a lot of Nigerians reacted because the Priest has earlier prayed for Jonathan’s wife.
At the end of it all, that Change has come. But will it deliver for Nigerians? Our hopes are high!.

Majority of Nigerians who this magazine claimed that Reverend Mbaka is nothing but a fake prophet that he should have seen it at the same time that President Buhari who he predicted he’s the change that has come is not going to help Nigerians but to add to the problems on ground that people like Mbaka sees vision when it’s convenient but now Mbaka is singing new tunes because Buhari refused to answer him again.

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