March 21, 2023

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Worshipers Desert Pastor Ayorinde’s World Evangelical Church Over Fake Miracles

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It is written in the Bible that by their fruits you shall know them. This is exactly what some people are currently saying about the drought of worshippers that is currently facing the fold of Pastor Samson Ayorinde, the presiding pastor and founder of World Evangelical Bible International Church (WEBIC), located in the Ogudu area of Lagos. At a time, he was rated as one of the most influential and popular televangelists of his time as there has been news of miracles happening to even those who watch his programmes in the confines of their homes and this informed the way miracle seekers trooped to his church every time there was service or any other church programmes.

He is said to have a special anointing to solve the problem of bareness and it is based on these that the WEBIC founder is referred to as “barrenness bulldozer.” Ayorinde has attracted wide membership within a short period of his ministry and this could be as a result of testimonies that people share on his television programme which is backed by the confirmation of those who call onto his Samson Ayorinde LiveTV programme, with some claiming they receive miracles from the ministering of Prophet Ayorinde just by placing a glass of water in front of the TV set as instructed.

He was in high demand and his programme moved from one television station to another with all programmes having heavy calling audience and it was as a result of this that he started vigils at different locations where hordes of women in search of the fruits of the womb, the unemployed, students and a host of miracle seekers wanted to have a feel of miracle coming from the stable of the pastor who is never in want of assistance as his wife, Pastor Mrs. Mercy Ayorinde was also handling one programme or the other on-air or at various locations across the country.

Just as his ministry is growing so also are many allegations, some having to do with his temperament. He was said to have beaten a church member to stupor at one time. He was also at different times accused by former members of his church of delving into things that were not godly.

Information reaching us now is that the pastor’s church has been facing a decline in membership as new ones are not coming while old ones are leaving in droves because of what they alleged is his fake miracles. Some claimed some of the so-called miracle babies are paid for; they even claimed the claims of miracles on television are paid for by the pastor. Another source accused the man of belonging to occult which they claimed is the reason he sacrificed a pastor of his church Emmanuel Olayinka who drowned on August 9, 2008 when he was performing water baptism for one of the church female converts, Miss Anita Osakwe in company of one Pastor Abraham of the same church.

Though the death of Olayinka generated a lot of heat during that time, it did not stop people from still trooping to the church in search of miracles, but the current turn of events is when some ex-members of the church who left in the heat of one of the many crisis facing the pastor started claiming that the power the pastor is using has lost its potency and that he has on different occasions prayed for people and nothing happened.

Issues compounded a couple of months back when the pastor was allegedly swindled by conmen. It was gathered that the man of God had a business proposal that had to do with bringing in security gadgets such as cctv, bomb detectors and other things for the church; he was said to have coughed out $28,000 dollars as initial payment after which the guys in question failed to show up with the supply. A source claimed this made some other members who still believed in the pastor to doubt his spirituality as he totally failed to detect the guys in question were fraudsters and that ignited the exodus.

3 thoughts on “Worshipers Desert Pastor Ayorinde’s World Evangelical Church Over Fake Miracles

  1. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I kindly wish to share with you this brief, important Scriptural message that I am sharing with people in general. Kindly read it at a slow pace. Meditate carefully on it. Thank you.

    Does the Bible really teach that we can live on the earth forever? Was it God’s purpose for the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, to live forever on earth? After placing them in the garden of Eden, God told them that they could eat fruit from every tree except the tree of knowledge of good and evil. If they ate from the forbidden tree, they would die. Therefore, if they did not eat from the forbidden tree, they would have lived FOREVER in a beautiful paradise on earth. READ Genesis 2:16, 17. God says that whatever his purpose is, whatever comes out of his mouth, would succeed. READ Isaiah 55:11. God’s purpose is for the earth to be inhabited, yes, for people to live on it. READ Isaiah 45:18. So the earth will ALWAYS be populated; earth is going to last FOREVER. READ Ecclesiastes 1:4. How reasonable that is, since there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the earth that God created. It is wicked people that causes problems on the earth, not the earth. The time is coming when God will destroy all wicked people. READ Psalms 37:9, 10; Proverbs 2:22. God will let ONLY RIGHTEOUS people live on the earth in a paradise FOREVER. READ Psalms 37:11, 29; Proverbs 2:21; Matthew 5:5. Yes, we can live FOREVER in a paradise on earth. (Illustration: A landlord rents his house to a family. The family continues to destroy the house despite warnings from the landlord. What will a reasonable landlord do? Destroy the house completely, or evict the family? No doubt the landlord will evict the problem-making family, and let the house remain since the house is not the problem. He may then rent the house to another family with a good reputation. Similarly, our reasonable God will not destroy the earth. After giving sufficient warning,(2 Peter 3:9) God will evict the unchanging, unrepentant wicked ones from the earth and give the earth to the righteous ones.)
    Note: Yes, there are some of God’s people who go to heaven to be with Christ as indicated at John 14:2, 3. READ. These ones become part of God’s Kingdom which is in heaven. READ Luke 22:29; Matthew 4:17; 2 Timothy 4:18. According to Isaiah 9:6, 7, (READ) God’s Kingdom is a GOVERNMENT of which Jesus Christ is the main ruler. At Luke 12:32, we are told that only a “little flock” out of God’s large flock of true Christians will inherit the heavenly Kingdom/government; so not all true Christians go to heaven according to the Scriptures. Those who go to heaven will reign/rule with Jesus Christ for 1000 years. They do not go to heaven to drink milk and honey or walk on golden streets as some people think. Nowhere do the Scriptures teach that. Romans 8:16, 17 tell us that God’s spirit indicates to those of the heavenly group that they are chosen to go to heaven to be joint heirs with Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul and Timothy are part of that heavenly group that rule with Christ. READ 2 Timothy 2:12; Revelation 20:4, 6. The heavenly kings, along with Christ, will rule over the remaining ones of God’s flock, the larger group, who will be living on the earth in paradise. Yes, just as in our country, a minority in the Government rules over the majority, the population, so too, a minority in God’s Kingdom/ Government will rule over the majority of people living on a paradise earth.
    Please examine the above information very seriously and see for yourselves if it is in harmony with what the Bible really teaches. Also, you are kindly urged to check the website: for more information. A valuable book entitled: WHAT DOES THE BIBLE REALLY TEACH?, is also available at the website for download. Check under the heading, “Publications.” Thank you.
    Best regards,

    1. Hello Ma, everything you have just said is against the bible, go and read the book of Rev chapter 1 to the last chapter and see the destruction that will happen to the earth after the rapture of the saints. If you want to understand more, you can attend
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      1. How is everything she said against the Bible. You didn’t read the Bible quotations she mentioned. Is Psalms 37:29 not in your Bible or Ecclesiastes 1 vs 4? Revelation was written visions and signs and simbolic words were used a lot in revelation

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