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There has been no other time as the present when man as a being has to stop and reflect what legacies he would bequeath the world.
With the world in deep economical and health crises, conscious men are beginning to take stock of their existence and forging tributaries to leave lasting signs of goodwill to mankind.
While I do not wish anyone an untimely death, as a matter of fact, I wish he lives a very long life, however unfruitful, so he can reap the sour fruits of his ungainly life, I want to ask today, “What will Ayo Fayose be remembered for?”
The South West just lost a political Colossus, a legend and an unrepentant Democrat, a progressive and a great achiever who left his enviable footprints in the sands of time. I am not in any way comparing Ayo Fayose, a gauche and violent character with the great Lateef Jakande, that would be a crime for Fayose is less than a Liliputian to Jakande’s Gulliver but I am left wondering that whereas Jakande in just four years and so little funds achieved so much and forged a legacy of fruitfulness, what will Fayose who was governor for eight years and left nothing but a whirlwind of violence, be remembered for in his miserable lifetime of perfidy and treachery?
For now, I can tell you a few of Fayose’s unpalatable legacies. They include entrenching
thuggery as a process of electioneering and electoral victory in Ekiti State. It includes fraud and theft, abuse of power, vulgarity, lies and violence among many other disgraceful acts which make up the character, Fayose.
The most indelible of his infamous and washed out political career is his penchant for treachery and betrayal. A consistent trait of which he has no shame whatsoever.
In the near distant past, Fayose has betrayed about every single person who propelled his to power. Which is why the power was ingloriously stripped from him. However, this odious character cannot change. Ayo Fayose thinks that to regain his dysfunctional political career, he has to once again betray a benefactor but unfortunately for him, he has picked one whose goodwill and character is too large for him to match. Seyi Makinde is not Fayose’s mate in both personal and political achievements and societal standing.
To be a two term governor is not a yardstick for measuring success. As they say, it is not how far but how well. Makinde has achieved in less than two years, what Fayose could not in his strife filled eight years as governor or Ekiti State. Today, the serial ingrate and traitor boasts that he is ahead of Makinde sighting his incompetent leadership of his state for eight years, eight wasted years when he spread terror and unleashed his killer squad on his state, eight years of waste and gross underdevelopment of the state, eight years when all he did was fight and betray his people, eight years when he ran all over the country begging for help to retain his tattered government, years when self made men like Governor Makinde took pity on him as he came crawling like a rain beaten chicken begging them for money and he collected with his arms stretched out like a beggar on the streets.
Today, he is still a beggar, running to men in the opposition camp to save him from the EFCC fraud case hanging on his neck like an albatross. A so called ‘strong man’ who fears to go to jail after stealing his people blind…a character without an iota of integrity.
Let it be known today by all men and women of Yoruba Land that Ayo Fayose cannot erase the role Seyi Makinde played to secure his second term as Governor of Ekiti State…a momentum he could not sustain when Kayode Fayemi thrashed his sorry ass in the election and he was left pathetically crying on the floor as the power he craved so much slipped from his filthy hands. Fayose desperately wanted to be crowned kingmaker but how can a man given to violence, ingratitude and betrayal of benefactors ever hope to be king? It would have amounted to crowning a slave king. Thank God for the good people of Ekiti State and their forthright foresight in disgracing the undeserving character.
In his latest shameful vituperations against Seyi Makinde, the same man who saved his hide a few years ago, the dishonourable Fayose again showed what an uncouth and unrefined being he is. Cutting the picture of a comic picture in one of those Nollywood movies about evil men and their penchant for violence, Fayose again showed what a pathetic, mentally unstable fellow he has become. Deliriously brandishing all sorts of fallacies and actually believing that his band of opportunistic gang actually believed his gobbled up balderdash, shows the desperation of a deluded mind who once considered himself great.
Fayose has never been on a high pedestal. He has only fallen from grass to murk where he now bathes with pigs like him.
That Seyi Makinde takes it all in his stride shows that he is more focussed on delivering the dividends of democracy to the good people of Oyo State than stooping to the level of such an unworthy character.
I repeat, nemesis will surely catch up with Ayo Fayose. That power which he seeks will continue to elude him.
In his infamous comic video, Fayose claims Governor Makinde is disrespectful but has he forgotten the curse upon himself, when he attacked Baba Obasanjo, Chief Bode George, to mention a few yoruba elders he has disrespected? He has not gone near any Lion’s Den which he boasts he entered and came out successful, is it his failed prodigious mutiny against Obasanjo who whopped his sorry ass he calls a Lion’s Den or his shameful outing where he cried on the floor with mucus running down his nose, like a baby after Fayemi lashed him during the elections that is a Lion’s Den? How laughable.
The real Lion’s Den awaits Ayo Fayose. The Bante that he claimed he has worn with Makinde, the Starboy of Nigeria, must be in his dreams, he is only clout chasing because Makinde out classes him on all fronts. He can as well go to the market place and dance naked like a mad man. Fayose doesn’t have what it takes to wear the same war clothes with an Ibadan warrior. I hereby send a strong warning to Ayo Fayose, to stop his threat! The Gentility of a tiger is not a symbol of timidity.
In the interim, he can continue to kneel before Tinubu for crumbs to betray his party. He will be discarded like a piece of rag after being used and dumped when they realise he cannot deliver what he does not have.
Jail beckons, Ayo Fayose. That may really be what you will be remembered for…a two term incompetent governor who stole his state blind and ended up in jail.



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