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Life is a song for one of the loyal boys of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Bayo Oshiniowo who is doing his fourth term in the Lagos State House Assembly.

While he is leaving large at his 64b, Bayo Oshinowo Street, Ogudu Ojota Lagos, many residents of the area are daily living in poverty with little or no help from the honourable who rode on the annulment of June 12 to become a force to reckon with in the state’s politics.

The most pathetic of his wickedness and I-don’t-care attitude to the residents is the pitiable condition of the secondary school that is opposite his house. Learnt that most of the classrooms lack good furniture as the pupils have no option than to sit on the floor while some of them lack good school uniforms and these are the children of the people who voted him into office.

And despite the fact that he knows about the sorry state of the school, he is more or less not bothered about doing anything to uplift the standard of the school whereas he is collecting constituency allowances on behalf of the people of Kosofe Constituency 1 that he represents in the state assembly.

While he is enjoying himself at the detriment of the people he represents, he recently threw a lavish party for his daughter Sekinat where he spared nothing to make the day a memorable one and those who attended attested that it was surely a classy ceremony that befitted the status of the lawmaker.

To show his act of callousness to the people and to celebrate his inauguration for the fourth time, he bought more than five cows and other assorted drinks worth several thousands of naira just to show his people that he is truly back in the house in the election that generated a lot of controversies.

Those who know him claim that one of his pastimes is to spend money for musicians and his toast is one popular musician.

Though he is said to be one of the strong members in the assembly, at the same time he is said to be one of the bench warmers who hardly contributes to the debate in the house but when it is time to share money he is always in the forefront.

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