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With the rate at which things are getting grounded in the social scene, it will not be long before Lagos surpasses Hollywood in high-profile scandals. Following our epic story on multi-billionaire construction magnate, Princess Fifi Ejindu and her war with certain powerful society ladies the response has been tremendous… Phone calls, text messages… Just name it. Lots of Fifi’s friends are very furious that even though we came close to the truth we did not openly indict the main culprit; they are threatening fire for fire, scandal for scandal and toxic gossip for toxic gossip. Considering the fact that these women are filthily rich, super connected and established pillars of the social establishment, like the Americans would say ‘it’s gonna pop off,’ these women are warning that any shot whatsoever at Fifi Ejindu by Nkiru and company will see Nkiru’s entire majaiye gbo runs splashed across all tabloids and online because, as they maintain, Mrs. Anumudu has never been close to being a plebeian saint. Who else to help wash this dirty linen in public than a fearless publication? Let’s officially welcome the social establishment on board this historic flight Global News, it is important to note that even though we are not a style magazine we enjoy the exclusive services of fashion connoisseurs whose knowledge of the luxury goods industry is indisputable. Secondly we know much more than we are putting out, but for decorum sake and in keeping with our tradition of initially publishing just the surface story pending when or if the boxing gloves come on, we shall apply restraints. Even at that, the slightest provocation shall see us going public and online with everything we have on this story and surely the gladiators herein will be covered in eternal shame. For long, super-duper stylish society lady Offiong Ekanem Ejindu, a. k. a. Fifi Ejindu, has been castigating some set of celebrity women without actually mentioning their names publicly, but it was her recent multimillion dollar  birthday bash in the only 7-star hotel in the world that took this fight to another level. So many powerful female icons who had attended her legendary fairy-tale wedding in Mayfair London in 2001 were ceremoniously blacklisted from her Dubai party such as Senator Florence Ita-Giwa, ex-beauty queen Adenike Osinowo… the list is too long to mention but Fifi didn’t stop there, she went further to pour out vituperations on these women in her first ever interview with Ovation magazine. We can tell you for free that the leader of the gang that went after Fifi Ejindu in a manner that almost saw her losing it all is no other than her one-time best friend, iconic socialite, queen of the tabloids and wife of Globe Motors boss Nkiru Anumudu. The big question is what went wrong between Fifi and her erstwhile best friend Nkiru? For Nkiru was Fifi’s maid of honour at the historical London Dorchester wedding in 2001 and was singing Fifi’s praise to all who cared to listen; back  then there had been allegations and counter-allegations but the main gist is that Nkiru Anumudu not only betrayed Fifi big-time but is alleged to have also almost broken up the Ejindus’ marriage through the various toxic rumours she and her close acquaintances dished out about Fifi: that Fifi’s lifestyle was fake, that she was broke, hence her Bvlgari lifestyle was gone and she is now hiding;that she made her billions sleeping with powerful men; that she could never enter America due to her criminal record even with all her globetrotting; that she had been fooling her husband Mr. Ejindu. The rumours were endless. The cause of this scandalous fight, according to Fifi’s friends, is nothing but jealousy, envy and gossip gone toxic. As if to confirm Fifi’s saying that it is better to have two or three good friends than to have a 100 evil friends, at the recent anniversary celebration by insurance mogul O’tega Emehor of his wife Rita after 25 years of marriage, we landed a scoop that is still unmatchable in tabloid reporting. Even though Global News not officially invited, we not only beat security but we took a vantage seat at a popular table that had one of the most powerful couples and two famous society matriarchs. As Nkiru sashayed her way into the lavishly decorated venue full of super A-listers, adorning  her pink hat and pink lipstick to match, her hubby Willy Anumudu in tow, our table was a compulsory stop for these big socialites as the other super A-listers were all close confidantes of the Anumudus, but what happened next we never saw it coming. Nkiru and her husband had hardly taken four steps from this prestigious table when the wife of the billionaire went dirty on them and was joined in ranting by her hugely successful husband and the other powerful society ladies on that table: that Nkiru was the sole reason why Fifi Ejindu gives Lagos social scene a wide berth, that Nkiru was responsible for all the gravity defying rumours about Fifi’s past, Fifi’s modus operandi, her source of wealth and the rest. They went further to posit that those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones because were Fifi to be a malicious street fighter she would have told the world about the Anumudus’ known open marriage. For the benefit of those who don’t know, open marriage by English definition implies that even though a couple is legally married, they have some sort of consensus agreement within themselves to play away matches, if you know what that means. In fact, so scandalous did the bombshell get that they began to name lovers of both couple thereby implying that her husband is gay (yes GAY). They stressed with more damaging details his affair with controversial ex-governor of one of the south east states; to put it mildly the illicit details are not only sordid but nerve-wracking. So carried away did they all get that even when we switched our audiovisual spy facility on, these filthy rich socialites never noticed. Yes, we have it all on footage and would not hesitate to YouTube it for the world to see the level of hypocrisy and betrayal inherent within the Lagos social establishment should any of the gladiators doubt our source. The list of lovers that was accredited to the party-loving Anumudus would make even scandalous international bestselling author Jackie Collins relocate to Nigeria; the topic of discussion only change when ex-governor of Ekiti state Niyi Adebayo and his wife Angela stopped at the said table to greet the occupiers of this prestigious table. The consortium of conspiracy against Fifi was not too surprising to most well-informed onlookers as she arrived the social scene on radar that was totally incomprehensible. During the tenure of the Reagans in Washington DC a super stylish woman by name Betsy Bloomingdale appeared on the social scene and sent the entire New York and Hollywood grande dames packing. She was the super stylish wife of noveau-riche Alfred Bloomingdale who was the closest friend to President Reagan and his super flamboyant wife Nancy Reagan. Mikimoto pearls after Armani prive, Tiffany after Buccellati diamonds, De Beers diamonds after Oscar De La Renta, Harry Winston after Allison Kaufman, Betsy shot up the best dressed list and remained bullet proof. In fact she left then style writers speechless; such was the coming of Fifi Ejindu who had seriously relegated those hitherto seen as pillars of the social scene to the background. Fifi and Nkiru share a lot  in common; they are both light-skinned gorgeous ladies with an unmatched passion for good living or better put, enslaving the luxuries of life. They court international designers faster than trouble shooting super model Naomi Campbell courts conflict diamonds, but their contradictions outweigh the later. While Fifi Ejindu is without doubt an authority in the acquisition of high end luxury goods, avante garde, haute couture and the most flawless of diamonds, she is never known to have a fashion mishit, as she turns out for each function looking extremely well put together. Whether in Sergio Cerruti , Jimmy Choo or Bottega Veneta, Azzedine Alia or Brian Atwood shoes, Mrs. Ejindu is a  master coordinator of these insanely high end brands. Fifi knows when to do a huge loop embellished diamond earrings with a massive cocktail ring and not get it wrong, even when not following the less is more fashion theory made popular by Hollywood style icons, she still effortlessly pulls it off. With her 2001 wedding in Mayfair London, she brought couture to the consciousness of the average Nigerian woman. A style arbiter of international repute by crafting on VVS1 and VVS2 diamonds on her legendary birthday dress she’s surpassed the style tentacles ever spread by any style icon from this side of the world. In contrast, Nkiru Anumudu buys high-end brands like the market woman gulps pure water. A tour of her closet would give you the most exalted names in fashion on a shocking scale: Salvatore Ferragamo, YSL, Stella McCartney, Manolo Blanik, Lanvin, Celine, Zagliani, Maison Martin Margiela… We can go on. Nkiru is known to have a one-on-one relationship with the leading French and Italian designers in the world, in the late ’90s and early 2000s she became the unofficial face of Italian luxury fashion brand Fendi. She was known to attend Fendi’s private viewings in luxury yachts on the plush Italian coast line. Who would forget the Coco Chanel suit she wore to the last Thisday Awards teamed up with those Christian Dior wedge soles that looked like she was standing on a confederation of Egyptian goddesses. Indeed those were one of her very few style hits as eight out of ten, Nkiru has so much highlights in her entirety that she ends up looking like a Christmas tree. From time immemorial her fashion faux pas has been legendary. If not too racked up obscenely in outrageously expensive designers for a casual function, she wears clownish hats that not only surpass the comic creation Princess Beatrice wore to the English royal wedding last year but also make her look like a Scottish clown. With Nkiru Anumudus style, most fashionistas keep buttressing the fact that you do not need all the super luxurious French and Italian accessories to get it right. For with all her 5-star shopping spree across the globe Mrs Anumudu would never make it to the best-dressed list were she to be living in countries like the UK and the US where the style editors are known to be ferociously ruthless. In fact the 19 editors-in-chief of the Vogue magazine brand always argue: ‘It’s not who you wear but how you wear it’. When in comparison to other big girls who wear trendy high street labels like Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridges and Topshop, Mrs Anumudu pales into the masquerade category.  Event after event she would have been arrested by the ever enthusiastic fashion police. But if her fashion sense is questionable, then her makeup is said to be a point of reference for all the wrong reasons. The unusual finishing of her rainbow coloured up and her various hair colour up reminds us of those drag queens in Soho New York. More than obvious, both ladies fly on different radar style-wise. But the area of intellectualism even emphasizes the gap the more. Nkiru is a director at her husband’s Globe Motors Holding Ltd. and that is where it ends. Put a mediocre with a modicum of brain on board any family business as ED, he or she will perform. While Fifi’s profile is seriously intimidating, for lack of space we have to cut it short. There are so many firsts in her life. She was schooled in the best institutions in America. As the first African woman to graduate from the high profile Pratt Institute of Architecture, she graduated with a first class in architecture and furthered with distinction in the prestigious Boston’s School where she came out a building engineer. Her building credentials are equally mind blowing; while Fifi speaks English language with an impeccable flawless diction with a streak of western accent giving credence to her platinum spoon upbringing, Nkiru’s spoken English is heavily Ibo-accented. Just one sentence and you can tell she is of Igbo stock. Fifi’s friends are saying that even though Fifi foolishly thought they were true friends, Nkiru never forgave Fifi for not only coming to encroach on her social territory but also displacing her in the scheme of things. With all she knew about her best friend, it was well spiced up and to quote Fifi herself, ‘grossly exaggerated’, as she and her team set to work. Temporarily it did work as Fifi and Ameachi Ejindu broke up to eventually reconcile. The heat on Fifi was so hot that she ran away to Abuja. It was the spiritual war that Fifi was faced with back then that prompted the powerful Senator Sade Bent to mandate her to go on fasting and prayers before her 50th birthday party and to defeat the enemies. Mrs. Ejindu was said to have relied on strong biblical verses like Job 5v12 and Lamentations 3v37. Today while Nkiru and her contemporaries call the shots in the dangerous lane of the Lagos social establishment where backstabbing is the order of the day, Fifi  has astronomically shot up the ladder of prosperity by dining and wining with the kings and rulers of the oil rich United Arab Emirate. Money-wise, Fifi is a region that is unprecedented as her investments in Dubai are located side by side with that of US and global superstars, her contact base is said to be very inclusive of world financial power brokers. The room for jealousy was thus set because as Williams Shakespeare popularly said hell hath no fury like the scorn of a woman. You cannot ceremoniously dethrone anybody and not expect a reprisal of some sort. But according to Fifi’s friends it was never intentional as that is vintage Fifi for you: always leaving indelible prints wherever she goes. But Mrs. Ejindu has since regained all she ever lost and has gone miles ahead of her detractors. Nkiru Anumudu’s albatross seems to be the social scene where she bestrides like a colossus for most of her friends are just like her: double speaking. Tabloid fixture and most scandalous beauty queen Nike Osinowo once gave an interview to a lifestyle magazine where she stated that she doesn’t care what anyone of her friends said behind her, so long as they were nice to her face. Ludicrous it sounds, as friendship should be on trust and unalloyed loyalty, let’s give you two perfect examples. Years back, Hajia Bisi Kuye was thick on the social scene and no party was complete without her. Her best friend then was top society lady Cordelia Agboti, wife of Senator Azu Agboti, French lace after coral beads, topaz after sapphire, diamonds after troy ounces of gold; they not only shot up the best list but became the envy of other society ladies. Well, a lot of prominent women felt threatened and quickly called Mrs. Agboti to order, they advised her that since she was the wife of a reputable politician she needed not be openly associated with Hajia Bisi Kuye on such a scale because of hajia’s alleged source of wealth! Unknown to Bisi Kuye, that was why her erstwhile best friend took a back seat and tactfully avoided entering public functions with her. We can tell you that the main society lady who ensured that this wicked plot was executed is the powerful politician whose penchant for collecting diamonds is now alarming. This senator recently lost her constituency to another country, need we say more? We can call it a wicked act because some of those pointing fingers at this now born-again hajia actually slept their way to the top in the most bizarre manner; or do we talk of the so-called married woman with kids whose husband packages her to sleep with powerful men in return for huge financial favours and contracts? Abomination, but it is true and we are well informed on this. Another classic case occurred months ago when top society woman Maiden Ibru hosted the crème de la crème to her daughter’s wedding at the Federal Palace Hotel, as Bola Shagaya sashayed her way into the super A-list infested venue, she arrived on our table where other rich Yoruba matriarchs were seated. After exchanging tete-a-tete, Bola left to greet former Zenith Bank MD, Jim Ovia  and Aliko Dangote. Bola had hardly taken five steps when her friends took a very damaging swipe at her and said so many damaging things that if allowed to grace the front page news will send Mrs. Shagaya’s reputation on an all-time low. The main culprit in question is Bola’s erstwhile close friend and rich wife of a late billionaire politician who died trying to reclaim his mandate! Need we say more? On a final note it will be important to inform the various gladiators herein mentioned that we not only know a lot more than can be ever imagined but have no apologies whatsoever for the dissemination of information which is our stock in trade. Since we are not in the era of King Louis X1V of France who stupidly pronounced l’ etat c’ est moi, it will be our utmost pleasure to rock the entire boat of the social establishment which is built on lies, betrayal and hypocrisy and like in a chess game, for Nkiru Anumudu it’s ‘check point’.

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