February 2, 2023

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Why Richard Aisuebeogun Former FAAN MD Was Sacked

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That the former Managing Director of Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria was disgraced out of office is no longer news. But what many didn’t know is that before he was booted out of office, his cup was full to the brim with many atrocities he committed in the agency when he was at the helm of affairs.

Those who are in the know claimed that Aisuebeogun’s tenure as MD of FAAN was nothing but a disaster. We further learnt that while there, many of the facilities of the airport were in a terrible state, which angered the new Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah, when she took over the affairs of the ministry.

During her early days in office, she was on inspection tour of the facilities at the airports inNigeriaand what she met on ground astonished and embarrassed her despite the huge amount of money as grants from the federal government and revenue generated by FAAN. This we learnt irked her and she promised to end the rot in the aviation sector.

Global News gathered that an in-depth investigation by the new minister showed heavy decay in the aviation industry, with grodd misappropriation of funds by the FAAN management running into billions of naira. Another allegation trailing the sacked managing director is that of kickback he is alleged to have been collecting from many FAAN contractors.

Further learnt that before the new minister moved against him, she had gone to intimate the President about what she discovered in FAAN and recommended that to make any meaningful impact during her tenure as the aviation minister, Aisuebeogun must go; a demand President Jonathan simply acceded to, paving the way for his exit.

Also learnt that before the new minister was announced, Aisubeogun and his team fought tooth and nail to see that the former minister, Fidelia Njezie was returned as the minister of aviation since they believed she would cover their tracks because of the relationship he was enjoying with her as it was alleged that he always shared with her whatever he made from his numerous deals.

When news of his sack was announced, many staff of FAAN especially ,women who he had allegedly at one time or the other assaulted sexually, thanked God.

4 thoughts on “Why Richard Aisuebeogun Former FAAN MD Was Sacked

  1. On the contrary, Richards tenure is the only tenure Nigeria did not experience plane crashes which every person monitoring the industry will bear witness. if we can be truthful to ourselves, we should be able to say the young man was honest enough despite the forces within and without.

  2. Will it not surprise anyone that with all the funds Nigerian airports are worse than aerodrums. Has anyone paid visit to Kano International airport lately and see what Nigeria present as her spectacle to international tourist. This man will go and serve no deterance and the in-coming will only perfect the legacy of rots better.

  3. Richard tenure was like any of the many previous and many to come FAAN MDs as long as corruption is still the order of the day.

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