September 21, 2023

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Why Power-Hungry Ribadu Accepted PetroleumTask Force Job

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The controversy generated by the Minister of Petroleum Resources’ appointment of former EFCC boss and presidential candidate of Action Congress of Nigeria has come and gone.

While many people are still at a loss as to why the former anti-corruption boss took up the offer from the Goodluck Jonathan-led administration, many suspect that Ribadu had another thought on his mind – to pay back Tinubu in his coin because of the way he treated him during the last election. Hence, after consultation with few friends and family members without consulting the top echelon of the ACN, he took up the appointment, which infuriated Tinubu and his men.

Ribadu, we learnt, has not forgotten how Tinubu messed him up during the last presidential election in which he performed woefully in some south-west states. It was even alleged that Tinubu was compensated by Jonathan for swaying the electorates to the side of PDP.

Further investigation by Ribadu showed that the election he won in some south-western states was pre-arranged by the top echelon of the party so it would not look as if the party sacrificed him.

It was gathered that the party did not support Ribadu financially during the election and he spent his money to campaign, going around begging for money from people while his party chieftains were busy with another plan for the election. And Ribadu was used and dumped, left in the cold like an orphan.

This infuriated him and rather than discuss it with the leadership of the party, he decided to keep calm and wait for the appropriate time to pay back Tinubu and his co-travelers in their own coin. And when Jonathan and his men lobbied him with the appointment, he quickly grabbed it with both hands, an action which no doubt annoyed Tinubu but he couldn’t talk or take any action because he knew the bad he had done to Ribadu. Instead, the party told the whole world that the former anti-corruption czar’s decision to take up the appointment was unilateral.

Right now, the permutation, according to some people, is that Ribadu’s acceptance may be his first step to joining the PDP.

19 thoughts on “Why Power-Hungry Ribadu Accepted PetroleumTask Force Job

  1. The Man Ribadu, I believe was compromised by ACN but Joining PDP will be his Waterloo. PDP of today is Nigeria’s biggest problem. Ribadu watch your steps

  2. Speculative journalism is simply lazy journalism!

    The headline read line an expo, but the contents came across as thrash!!

    I am sure you can do better!!!

  3. Their case is fish survives on fish in the ocean.
    Politicians; “Sio-oooo”, in my native language.

  4. if we all believe something need to be done then somebody has to do it as in the case of Ribadu its alright for him to accept the appointment let us all not rest on our oars, let us support him where need be and criticise him when the need arises so that we can be emancipated from this criminal entrepreneurs called leaders . however he and other members of the committee has 60days to submit their findings then we would know whether they are for the good of the country or not.

  5. ribadu is of PDP not ACN. ACN is only but collections of pretenders like tinubu who sees nothing wrong putting his wife in senate, son inlaw house of rep, another in lagos house of assembly. haba, ACN nothing wrong with these. gov fashola pls,pls get out of ACN for tinubu and that yeye man-hungry lai mohamed.

  6. At the right time we will put to book what we know happened during the last elections. some people are not what the world think they are.

  7. “….many suspect that Ribadu had another thought on his mind – to pay back Tinubu in his coin…”
    This is the most stupid assertion i have ever read! What coin will Ribadu want to pay Tinubu? As far as i am concerned, a man that could not win his local government is not fit to complain that another region didnt vote for him.
    We were all witness to how the ACN leaders followed Ribadu through the length and breadth of this country. If he had been more acceptable to his own Northerner, Tinubu & Co would have been more comfortable to follow him through.
    As far as i am concerned, accepting an ad-hoc assignment from a Minister is degrading to a runner up at the just concluded Presidential elections and Ribadu had just shown how unfit he is to rule Nigeria and how many of us made mistake voting for him.

  8. When a dedicated leader is committed to service ,he should readily accept any Portillo and capacity given to him to render such service and by moral and natural law he is bound to accept . If otherwise , it holds that he may have ulterior motive to his intention and presentation for service .

  9. The corrupt leaders should think twice and do good,if these leaders love thier neighbour they wil not steal the public money, thereby the people will not surfer, no good roads, the light is a complete failure, and the leadres are happy seeing the whole nation getting worse daily, but God’s judgement is not too far away, and many house wll cry, and no one will come to sypathysis with no body because it will affect so many families, my advice is please change it is not too lat e to do this.

  10. That is Yoruba politics for you. It did not begin with Tinubu and will never stop with him. It started with the late sage Chief Obafemi Awolowo who told Late Gen Ojukwu that if Igbos secede from Nigeria the Yorubas will do same but when Gen Ojukwu declared Biafra the same chief Awolowo went and embraced the North to stand for one Nigeria. It is obvious that the Yorubas can never be trusted with anything. We all knew how president GEJ won his election in April 2011. He won that election based on the number of states he won in the South West. Or how do you describe the situation where the ACN safcrified its strongest hold in the South West and voted even against their own party,ACN if not to humiliate Ribadu? Had Ribadu won all the 6 South Western states and Edo then there would have been a run off election which could have given Buhari a victory but Tinubu twarted all that and alligned himself with president GEJ’s PDP and the rest is now history. Ribadu that i know is free to accept any post without taking orders from any body because of his independent mind and he will serve the nation well in any capacity. Ribadu is in the same category of people like Mike Iginis,Dora Akunyilis and Ngozi Okonjo Iweallas of Nigeria.

  11. Ribadu has right to accept the offer, once late chief obafemi awolowo as accepted ministerial apointment, even from the military regime. i can only advice mr ribadu not to allow the bad ones to jeopadise his vision for this great country NIGERIA

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