June 2, 2023

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Why Island Big Boys Are Now Becoming Homosexuals +The Popular joint and their Modus-Operandi

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Lagos is the most cosmopolitan state in the federation but the social fabric that drives the urbane culture of the state originates from the activities at the Victoria Island, Ikoyi/Lekki axis. Homosexuality is openly frowned upon by most members of the Nigerian society because we claim its alien to our culture and beliefs; in fact during the recent debate on gay rights; speaker after speaker, writer after writer all openly criticized the act. But how genuine were these criticisms?

In our usual tradition of in-depth reporting on issues that other publications will prefer not to deal with, we present to you the fast growing homosexual culture that is spreading like wildfire in the city of Lagos and the Island axis, to be precise.

Right now, the orientation of the average boy on the island has been infected with the fact that homosexuality is the fastest way of joining the super elite club of big boys, they easily pin point to wealthy Nigerians who are doing very well in business as a result of their hidden sexual preference. Considering the fact that the economy is in turmoil you needn’t preach hard before you find a willing interest, of course there are other reasons for joining the club of rich gay boys but the money is the underlining factor.

Unlike before when most gays were considered to be men who are old enough to marry, but are not married or those who are effeminate in nature, the scenario has since changed, in fact in the various gay clique on the island you have to be married or at least be in a “serious” relationship with a lady and this should be public. That way all eyes are not on you, in-fact those neck-deep in these sordid acts are husbands, professionals, reputable bankers, celebrated style icons and men we all look up to as dashing and upwardly mobile.

Due to the fact that most Nigerian women won’t divorce their husband even if he is gay so long as he is rich and spending it, this has encouraged the trend, a case in point is that of the young silver spoon banker who hails from one of the most prominent Yoruba family in the South-West axis of the country, he is married to the equally stunning light-skinned young lady from another prominent family and yet his sexuality is an open secret amongst all his staff. He is believed to be dating one of the top bankers at his bank where he presides over, in fact the word on the street is that even if he was on bed with his wife and he got a call from his co-banker lover demanding to see him, he will jump out of bed to make his way to their rendezvous.

Of course the wife is in the know of his sexuality and his banker lover but she chooses to look the other way because if she leaves his house other stunning beauties will be queuing up to take over her position, thus this very quiet beauty decides to suffer in silence.

Like in most western countries where you have gay-friendly clubs and hotels, now we have clubs on the Island that are perceived to be gay-friendly. Caliante is one of them and has remained hugely popular with the super-rich gay crowd, Movida is also one that has become the darling of most bisexual clients as same sex openly cavort each other with no shame.

These are undisputable facts as our source is a bona-fide member of the Island happening clique and has even vowed that if prompted, names, events, exact time and much more scandalous info will follow. He stated that he was present in Caliante that two of the most prominent male models in the fashion world were practically kissing themselves The most intriguing aspect of it all is that everyone looks away like it is some scene in SOHO West London, it is even at the clubs and posh hangouts that the fastest initiation takes place drinking of champagne in clubs have come to be a lifestyle that most Lagos boys desire. They will do anything to be with the happening crowd who spend and pop champagne like mad, when a gay predator calls for bottles of exotic champagne on his table, that table becomes the definition of the night. Everyone begins to filter in with their glasses to join the fun and little by little they get blown away by the impeccable lifestyle of the spender and before the end of the night one will be hearing questions and comments like: dude, what’s happening? I’m roasting here, your boy is available for anything; or men, I really need a lifeline, I’m down and low on funds, ‘ja mi si jo’; the list is endless.

At this point the sexual predators now start the induction process, the fastest criteria that get you into this unholy alliance is the size of your manhood, there’s so much emphasis on this because oral sex is their first bus-stop.

However, the newest trend on the Island at the moment is the predominantly bisexual themed orgy parties, after hours of soaking themselves in champagne and drug taking by most of them a coded invitation is sent out to all present that an orgy is rounding up the activity for the night, but the orgy party for the benefit of those clueless wannabes is just a pre-viewing party to see the dick size of all invitees, then it takes off from there.

These parties take place in private luxury houses, hotel suites or private guest houses, so widespread has this habit become that on a good weekend you have an average of 15 orgy grooves on the Island, there’s no doubt that prosperity is the attraction wanting to be with the IT crowd and to be accepted into the VVIP club. Most of the torch bearers of the homo sexual acts on the Island were schooled abroad and come from stupendously wealthy homes and habits inculcated abroad while schooled abroad never leaves you, rather they tone it down when back to the country.

The average boy or young man wants to be seen with them and also needs their connection for upgrading, so recruitment is very easy for those with the means, boys are dating boys at an alarming rate on the Island and its heading to a point of no return but most gays in Nigeria will always be closet homosexuals because of our hypocritical attitude to the act.

Homosexuality on the Island is just beginning on our discussion table; more scandalous but highly authentic illustrations will follow soon.

2 thoughts on “Why Island Big Boys Are Now Becoming Homosexuals +The Popular joint and their Modus-Operandi

  1. Unlike you cowards, I publish my real name.

    Your country is full of homophobia. You need to get over yourselves. Nobody cares if you “approve” of us or not. Screw you! What people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms in none of your business. You only *wish* you had some excitement in your own bedroom to go home to. And if anyone freely chooses to do sex work for money, that’s great for them! I hope they make LOTS of money and can support their entire family with it. Maybe they’ll make enough to be able to leave your God forsaken country and go live somewhere that has a normal modern intelligent society that doesn’t judge people based on their sexual orientation or their choice of work. Get a life of your own!

    The only thing scandalous is that you have nothing more important to obsess about. HINT: Your *poverty* might be a billion times bigger problem to focus on.

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