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For people who do not know, the three-decade-old cold war that has been existing between former head of state who is also the presidential candidate of All Progressive Congress {APC} in the March 28th 2015 Presidential and Federal Houses of Assembly elections, General Muhammadu Buhari {rtd} and his colleague in the army, former military “President” of Nigeria, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida “IBB”{rtd} is far from being over as people in the know have sworn that no matter the olive branch waved by IBB, Buhari who is known for his strict stance on issues will never ever forgive him.


History has it that when IBB toppled the regime of Buhari in 1985, about 30 years ago, he summarily clamped him in detention and it took the plea of many notable Nigerians including the late wife of Buhari, Sefinat to IBB before he was released. That signaled the beginning of the “war without end” between the two northern generals. Another thing which we learnt enraged Buhari was the order IBB, when he was still the head of state, gave some uniformed men to raid his house. The raid left in its trail valuables and vital documents of Buhari being destroyed and some carted away, an incident he has not recovered from even after 30 years.
Recently, in his bid to win the presidential elections, Buhari has been meeting stakeholders in the country to seek their blessings, one of which is IBB. Buhari is said to have informed some people that he is suspecting that IBB is not favourably disposed to his cause because just like what former President Olusegun Obasanjo is doing lately endorsing the candidacy of Buhari openly, IBB would have done same by fully supporting him; rather IBB is “stylishly” supporting the ruling Peoples Democratic Party {PDP}.
He was said to have wondered if Obasanjo who is from the south western part of the country can throw his full weight behind his ambition of becoming the president, why not IBB who is a fellow “brother” from the north.

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