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Peruzzi and Davido

Peruzzi and Davido

A troll made by one Mista Mdee on the paternity of David Adeleke, aka Davido’s son, Ifeanyi, has continued to generate reactions across the social media space.

 Mdee, in a tweet that had been deleted, alleged that Ifeanyi was sired by Peruzzi as he described Davido’s album as a disaster.

The tweet read, “Using Peruzzi’s child as an Album cover doesn’t guarantee success. Low key, e don stain that little boy white with that disaster he called an album!!!”

Infuriated by the tweet, Davido said Mdee’s hatred for him was extended to his innocent child as he cautioned people against commenting about his children.

He said, “You don carry ur hate for me to my child!! Innocent child! Brother, you do this one !!! Oya na, say all you want about Davido…but do not mention my children.”

Davido also posted a picture suspected to be Mdee in a follow-up post.

 A Twitter handle, @sakpo0007_, while reacting to Davido’s remarks, said, “Anything happens to Mdee and we’re holding Davido. Even if na typhoid.”

In a terse response, Davido responded saying, “Nah me do am.”

Reacting, fellow artiste, Tobechukwu Okoh, aka Peruzzi, who stated that Mdee’s comment was disgusting, said Mdee would show him the DNA result that prompted him to make such comment regarding Ifeanyi.

He said, “Disgusting I must say. Disgusting. And when/if I see You, you’ll show me the DNA test result. This your nonsense will pay off brother, On G. Dem go dey hype you, dey support your nonsense. When e set, hope dem go dey to hype you still. Me & David are 2 different people. So, na 2 markets you buy. Except na really my child. On G!

Advising Peruzzi, a Twitter user, Daniel Regha, urged him to involve authorities in the matter instead of taking laws into his hands.

He said, “Peruzzi ur anger is justified but how u choose to vent such anger matter; Don’t let fans hype u into making a costly mistake that can scar u for life.

“The best course of action is to involve the authorities, don’t get physical due to anger. Kindly advise Davido to do the same.”

Describing Davido’s remarks and threat against Mdee as very irresponsible, a media personality, identified simply as Oloye, said Davido was exhibiting a false sense of superiority.

The post read in part, “You’re a celebrity. Some things come with the territory. Your position comes with benefits and disadvantages. A disadvantage is that people will try to drag you to appease their own side. You don’t threaten people because they said unkind things about you. Especially in the way he did.

“You kids are not sacred cows and the only lesson they’ll take away from this is that they are right to harm people if those people say things they don’t like. It’s false sense of superiority.”

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