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Bala Mohammed

Bala Mohammed

There is an adage that says “those who stay in glass house do not throw stones.” This adage must have meant nothing to the immediate-past minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Bala Mohammed. Bala was reported to have enmeshed himself in many fraudulent activities, many of which were corruption-related.
Since emerging the numero uno of the juicy ministry, Bala did not do anything good to save the image of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan. In a spate of six years, the former minister illegally allocated plots of lands to his cohorts including his family members, friends, wives’ relations and of course, his concubines. Also, this category of people got juicy contracts from the free-spending minister who believed power would never evade him and his boss forever. It is reported that one of those who benefitted immensely from Bala’s largesse is Chief Edwin Clark who almost became the spokesman to Goodluck Jonathan. The elderly statesman was alleged to have gotten not only plots of lands but a completed mansion as a gift from Bala Mohammed. Chief Clark, through the gift from the ex-minister became a landlord in highbrow Maitama District, an area carved out for just the rich and mighty in the FCT.
Insiders affirmed that back in the days of late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, Bala Mohammed was privy to the arrangement of making him the president and as a betrayer that he is, he never told any Northern political leader that the plot of Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo was to forcefully install Yar’Adua as the president despite knowing that he was suffering from a terminal disease. The idea was to later install ousted President Jonathan immediately Yar’ Adua passed on and this worked as planned.
On taking over as the president, Jonathan fulfilled his promise to Bala Mohammed whom he saw as being loyal and made him the FCT minister and on resumption as the minister, Bala began laying his hands on any landed property at his disposal. Being aware that he still has some obstacles to break and also knowing that Goodluck Jonathan would be too busy to give him ample time, Bala cunningly and stylishly pretended to be loyal to the then first lady Dame Patience Jonathan. At a point, he became a contractor to the Jonathan family by bringing sorcerers to pray for the family against bad omen during their administration. He also won the hearts of the Jonathan family by automatically becoming their spiritual consultant.
The cunning and crafty habit of Bala Mohammed is, however, not new to people who are very close to him. They attested that when he was a senator, he was a wretched one who always loitered around in the corridors of power due to his knack for quick money. They also affirmed that he had betrayed his benefactor, Isa Yuguda who brought him from the gutters and made him a politically relevant person. Though Bala may be enjoying his loots from the Jonathan’s leadership, Nigerians are waiting eagerly for President Muhammadu Buhari to wade into his case and perhaps, make him one of the scapegoats of his anti-corruption campaign.

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