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In Nigeria, the super-rich live their lives in very shady facades and at the slightest opportunity, they present to the public well-rehearsed documentary of how fabulous things have been with them, making the ordinary man on the street feel very inferior. Recently multi-billionaire construction magnate cum society lady Fifi Ejindu pulled another historic feat by throwing another incredibly obscenely ostentatious party at the only seven-star hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab, Dubai.

She once again proved that indeed there are so many billionaires in Nigeria, but she holds the ace when it comes to the Hollywood style of doing things. But the curious thing was that this time around she almost entirely snubbed the Lagos social establishment which had hitherto serenaded her legendary Mayfair wedding in London in 2001.The big question on the lips of all who don’t know is, what has happened between Fifi and her erstwhile clique of posh society friends?And add that to the powerful and heart-touching speech she gave at the Al Fallak ballroom, Burj Al Arab, venue of her 50th birthday where she stated amongst many things that she had gone to the University of life. It is obvious Mrs. Ejindu is very unhappy with some people. As if to add salt to injury, Fifi and her husband Chief Amechi Ejindu, for the first time ever granted an interview to Africa’s No 1 celebrity journal Ovation magazine where they went further to malign their detractors.

In keeping with our tradition, Global News investigative team of reporters has unearthed for your reading pleasure part one of a very delightful and sinful story played out by the most revered style icons and prominent society ladies in Nigeria, all the behind-the-scenes actions in Dubai before the party took off and why the guests list was as shocking as a naked electric cable.

It is scandalous yet electrifying. For the benefit of those who do not know or probably remember Architect Offiong Ekanem Ejindu, Obongawan King James as he is now known is the young Efik woman married to an Ibo man who upstaged the entire Nigerian social circle by coming from nowhere to plan and execute what is still today known as the most prestigious wedding by any Nigerian in London. She went shopping for her wedding trousseau in the most high-profile fashion houses all over Europe and Asia. Balenciaga after Coco Chanel, John Galliano after Versace, Givenchy after Hermes, Bvlgari after Harry Winston, Fifi Ejindu engaged all she  would settle only for the best.

After a worldwide chase for the perfect wedding dress, combing all the prestigious couture houses in the plush Parisian capital , her wedding gown was a 30,000 pounds eternal couture creation by legendary French designer Christian Lacroix, the diamonds for the wedding and after-party were flawless pieces sourced from the most reputable jewellers in Europe and Lebanon(the home of world class jewellers).who would forget the vintage couture outfit she wore for the after-party by Nigerian-born UK-based designer Adebayo Jones. From the prestigious cathedral in West London to the iconic Dorchester Hotel where the reception was held, Fifi seriously intimidated even the so-called established moneybags in Nigeria.

But it was the guest list that was very intimidating; almost all the stakeholders of the Lagos social establishment were present namely, Zainab Folawiyo, Florence Ita-Giwa, General Abdulkareem Adisa, the Nwobodos, the Inegbeses, then finance minister Anthony Ani, veritable socialite Nkiru Anumudu who was also her maid of honour, Ngozi Nkoloenyi, Erelu Abiola Dosunmu, controversial ex-beauty queen, Adenike Osinowo… just keep naming, Indeed it was an unforgettable experience as they all were amazed at the grandeur taste and dexterity and  aristocratic style this incredibly stunning newcomer was dishing out with a velocity of speed incomprehensible. Unknown to Fifi there were unwritten provisions for being in the Lagos social circle she was later to learn the hard way.

In the world of Fifi Ejindu, nothing is ever impromptu, neither is she the spontaneous type; everything about her earth-shaking Dubai party was well scripted to detail. She stepped out onto the floor of the outlandishly decorated hall in a diamond-encrusted corseted couture outfit that was flown in from Germany and was very strategically accentuated in a lavish consortium of exotic flawless diamonds from the stable of her good friend and favourite jeweller Indian-born, Bahrain brought-up Devji Aurum.

The guest list was virtually an impossible to access one and for three days she held her guests captive in the most unimaginable luxuries of the only seven-star hotel in the world.How better can she wipe her enemies on the floor and send a clear message to her detractors that she is god over them!She also snubbed the ever enthusiastic crowd of Nigerian media where she believes her detractors hold sway but rather went for HighlifeDubai (Dubai’s numero uno celebrity TV show) and Ovation magazine.

Unknown to most Nigerians, something very dramatic happened in Dubai before the party.Over the years she had become very close to the seat of power in Abuja but not in the style of fronting it like other society matriarchs. This accounts for the billions of naira worth of contracts her firms execute.She had invited both ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo and his ex-Vice President Atiku Abubarkar to the Dubai party. This was obviously unknown to the other that they were both going to clash into each other at the venue.

Obasanjo was the first to arrive and by the time Atiku touched down at the Dubai International Airport his moles confirmed to him that his ex-boss was already in town for the party, he screamed and commanded his entourage to do a u-turn and he returned to Nigeria without honouring Fifi’s invitation. As far as he was concerned he will not be in the same room with Baba celebrating their super-angelic beauty of a friend.

For the love he has for Fifi it was too much for him to take. Well, too bad for him as Obasanjo got all the attention his ever-bloated ego needs, but it was when Fifi began to make her speech that everyone realized the pains she had gone through over the years. She said amongst many things that she had gone to the University Of Life and has since returned. She spoke in riddles and codes but it was during her interview with  Ovation that she opened up on what is currently causing so much ripples amongst most society men and women.

”Most of the guests at my party are people who have been with me throughthick and thin, who truly love me,” she told the magazine. She said her party was deliberately taken out of Nigeria to avoid gatecrashers. Fifi went further to state that her super-posh wedding in Mayfair London in 2001 sparked a lot of bad blood and jealousy amongst most of the peopleshe thought were true friends.

Due to the lies and malicious rumours orchestrated by the friends, she almost lost her husband in their shortlived separation. So vicious were the attacks that they were geared towards her total downfall. According to her it is better to have two or three loyal and good friends than to have 100 evil ones as betrayal and hypocrisy are the two things she hates in any friendship. These are really serious and very harsh words from this lady who never does press interview and is also reputed to have a cool mien.

Fifi was never told that to arrive at the Lagos social establishment with the ferocity and showmanship she did, she needed not only a bullet-proof jacket but also a bomb-proof jacket  because the missiles are sure to come big timewhenever the party is over. It wasn’t long after her wedding that the rumour mill started producing some toxic gist about this enchanting beauty. For lack of space we shall take a few:  First they said she made her billions dating former minister of Works and Housing, late General Abdulkareem Adisa who then reciprocated her with huge construction jobs; that she wasn’t any spectacular architect as she was no Julius Berger.

When that kite didn’t fly hard they said she was now broke and that her De Beers lifestyle (the biggest producer of diamonds in the world) was no longer feasible. As Fifi was trying to find out where these were coming from, the sophistry and foxiness of the plotters beat her to the game. Not done, theywent about reachingher husband and they desperately tried to feed him with so many unpalatable stories about his wife: that she was wayward and sleeping with powerful men for huge contracts, initially her husband was on her side but the tales got more intense, more vicious and very diabolic and men can easily be vulnerable especially when the attacker is a very close ally of the family so he sort of fell for these very fetish ladies and they became separated for a while.

While Fifi was yet to recover from that they went to town with the tale of her criminal past in America. The rumour mongers posited that she has a criminal past in America and that she will be picked up by the FBI  any day she steps foot on that soil; they claimed that was why her entire globetrotting high profile lifestyle excluded the USA.This was when Fifi Ejindu realized where this insanely malicious rumours were coming from; for she had confided in a very close friend on what the issue was with the US law enforcement agency but it has now been grossly exaggerated and blown out of proportion. She told Ovation magazine until Hon Femi Gbajabiamila decided to fight dirty by suggesting to impeach President Jonathan and the latter in turn published his criminal misconduct in the State of Georgia, Nigerians never knew of his former name as Femi Gbaja while in Atlanta talk less of his issues with the authorities there.

But in Nigeria we hide our past a lot and it further complicates issues later on.That was Fifi’s undoing and they used it to their advantage. Lagos got so hot for her that she had to quickly relocate to Abuja to escape being hurt but they wouldn’t leave her; they claimed she couldn’t meet up to the expectations of the Lagos happening crowd hence her departure. It was in Abuja that she was able to pick the pieces of her life back. She got very close to God and began to return fire to the kingdom of darkness orchestrated against her by the Lagos dragons.

Unknown to this set of clueless women in Lagos,Fifi had made a massive breakthrough in Abuja and was now heavily into big-time government and private sector white elephant projects. She was building at an alarming rate. She is a US-trained architect with a first class result and impeccable beauty; add that to her intimidating style… which company will refuse her request?

What Ekanem Ejindu failed to realize is the that a lot of society ladies were not only blood-sucking demons but very hypocritical in their entirety so when she began to make them look like spent lives when in comparison to her, they had to quickly plot her downfall. The case of ex-beauty queen Adenike Osinowo is a classical picture of how fetish an average society big girl is! Nike who is supposed to be a Christian has a reputation of frequenting certain African country, Senegal, where she is alleged to have an army of Islamic marabouts and mallams who consult for her. She also travels the length and breadth of West African coast down to even Ibadan engaging all manners of white garment Olusho’s and Wolis for various sacrifices.

A known protégé of very powerful matriarchs, she is versed the world of coven and cares less what anyone thinks, yet she is one of the most photographed women in Nigeria and is still  in circulation. When she was locked in a bitter war with Biola Okoya over the love of her current hubby Dr Tunde Soleye, everyone knew what the end result would be, for Nike never loses a fight. While Biola is just a privileged spoilt rich kid who spoke the Versace language and lived the dream life  on account of her family’s wealth, Adenike is  not only from a humble home but is the breadwinner of her family. She viciously and very aggressively worked her way to the top echelon of the society by providing sexual favours of all sorts to powerful men,scandal after scandal with no visible source of income, she floats atop the social strata like the biblical angels in paradise.

She not only took Soleye in her pocket, she sacked Biola from the social establishment where Biola’s family is one of the most powerful stakeholders! That is how fetish these ladies can get even beneath their vintage Coco Channel outfits.

The big question is, who is this society lady or group of ladies that Fifi Ejindu has been castigating directly yet without mentioning their names, particularly the ring leader of the gang? Back in 2007 when French lace merchant and super-stunning society lady Ngozi Nkoloenyi had her one of a kind fashion show in Golden Gate restaurant, Ikoyi it was a star studded event as all the A-listers were there: Zainab Folawiyo, Senator Daisy Danjuma, Nike Akande, Grace Egbagbe, Erelu Abiola Dosunmu, Alhaja Tai Elemoso-Okesanjo popularly known as Montai, Chinyere Okwuosa, just keep naming, some of the guests were asked to speak about the celebrant for two or three minutes. Fifi who said she flew into town from Abuja for that event extolled the virtues of the celebrant like no one.Nkoloenyi who is even more popular for her Jennifer Lopez-like butt was one of the privileged guests at the Dubai shindig.

She said Ngozi was a very worthy friend to have especially in troubled times as she gave her very good advice when her life was very troubled. Of course we knew what she meant. Ngozi told her to be very prayerful, more focused on her business and try reconciliation with her estranged husband Amechi Ejindu.

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