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We are all different, our tastes are individual, and each of us has our own concept of romance and places filled with it. Fortunately, the world is so diverse and beautiful that anyone can find a spot to their liking. Take a trip to one of these 10 most romantic hotels in the world.

Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

If you belong to those couples, who are sure that love is an endless holiday, you should visit the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. The pathos that surrounds pompous Bellagio will make you believe that you own this world.

Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris in Paris   


But if you belong to those couples, who can’t imagine romance without Paris, then we suggest you stay at the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris. It offers luxurious rooms, with terraces overlooking the Madeleine Church, the Eiffel Tower, the Pantheon, and the Grand Opera. The terraces have been styled to look like a super-yacht deck.

Danieli Hotel in Venice

If you value classic literature, and the names of Balzac, Zola, Georges Sand, and Proust cause awe in you, the doors of the Danieli Hotel, the most beautiful hotel of Venice, are open to you. This building was built in the 14th century and belonged to the noble Dandolo family. Its walls remember those famous writers.

Residenza d’Arte in Tuscany

If you think that your feelings need bright colors and impressions, go to the province of Siena. In the heart of Italian Tuscany, the medieval town of Torrita, you’ll find the romantic Residenza d’Arte Art Hotel. This hotel is located within the walls of an ancient castle, which is built on a hill surrounded by cypress and olive trees. In the hotel’s rooms, wooden masonry, medieval beams, and spiral staircases are creatively combined with bright colorful canvases, fancy-shaped furniture, and modern installations.

The Ampersand Hotel in London

The Ampersand Hotel is a gift for romantics, who seek something unusual. The design of all 111 rooms was inspired by such sciences as astronomy, geometry, botany, and ornithology.

Kakslauttanen Hotel in Finland

Those, who want some solitude, will enjoy the Kakslautanen hotel complex in Finland. From December to April, guests can rent a room resembling a snow hut with a glass roof. Your loved one is in your arms, and there’s a dark blue sky above you – what can be more romantic?

Shampole Lodge in Kenya

If you feel that your romantic relationship needs warm sunshine, then go to Kenya. Eight little mansions of Shampole Lodge fit into the surrounding nature and are located near the territory of the national reserve. The hotel, built of environmentally friendly materials, hides from prying eyes in the forest.

Endemico Resguardo Silvestre in Mexico

Like enjoying each other’s company in silence? Then your couple will harmoniously fit into the atmosphere of the Endemico Resguardo Silvestre eco-hotel. It’s located on the mountainside in Mexico. From the hotel’s room, you can admire both the view of the valley of Guadalupe and the clouds hovering under your feet.

Antumalal Hotel

This hotel will amaze you with its warmth and coziness. It’s located in Chile, right in the woods on the edge of Villarrica Lake. The hospitable owners of the place offer the guests cozy rooms with wooden furniture and magnificent panoramic views. Each room is decorated with a fireplace that will warm you in winter.

Singita Sweni Hotel

This amazing hotel, located in the South African National Park, amazes millions of people from all over the world. Its beauty is breathtaking and encourages its guests to return here again. While staying in this hotel, you’ll imagine yourself as brave adventurers.
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