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img_1037The dirty politics being played by the Governor of Ogun State, Ibikunle Amosun is fast catching up on him if feelers reaching Global News are anything to go by. Recently, Amosun was at the Bourdillon residence of APC Chieftain, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu just to mend fences with him and curry his favour as the race for 2019 hots up.
The embattled Governor has been going to the residence of Asiwaju to beg for his forgiveness because of the way he had treated the latter in the recent past.

One can safely say that Amosun who now frequents Asiwaju’s house every week just to have a chat with the de facto “Lord of the Manor” in Southwest politics has bitten more than he can chew. His constant visits have been met with rebuttals from Asiwaju who sees his (Amosun’s) desperation to become a power-that-be in the political scheme as a mirage, and he is hell-bent on dealing with Amosun every step of the way to 2019 and beyond.
Tinubu who is bitter about the turn of events is said to have fenced the crafty governor to have an audience with him.

Amosun is said to have stepped on the toes of many political bigwigs in the Southwest and with the way he’s going, he will ultimately become a political outcast in the near future. Many political analysts and commentators would not forget in a hurry the dare-devil political antics of Governor Ibikunle Amosun that pitched him against Aremo Olusegun Osoba, Otunba Gbenga Daniel and a host of other political bigwigs in the Southwest states. This is a story for another day as the major assignment of this piece is to inform our esteemed readers of the extent Amosun can go to seek political relevance even if it means he has to climb on others.

Global News has exclusively gathered through a source close to Asiwaju that Amosun as a matter of fact is the evil genius of the political landscape that traverses all of the Oodua States. Due to his closeness to the President, he has the ability to have his way on any issue in this part of the country. In fact, Amosun now wields more political power than Tinubu in Aso Rock; and rightly so because President Muhammad Buhari will never forget his benefactor that stood behind him during his trial period. Amosun had done a lot for Buhari in the past and the latter sees this time as the payback time for his “boy” who stood by him when the going was very tough. At a time, it was alleged that Amosun was paying the school fees of Buhari’s children in the UK and always sent substantial amounts of money to him during Ramadan and Eid Kabir (Ileya) festivals. It is this closeness to Buhari that Amosun is using to the limit.

To show the closeness that exists between Amosun and Buhari, during the build up to the presidential election, the first campaign attended by Aisha Buhari was in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital. The pretty wife of the then presidential hopeful claimed she attended on the invitation of Amosun and his wife.

Be that as it may, Amosun played a very dirty and fast one on Tinubu when the ministerial appointments were about to be made by Buhari. Global News has been reliably informed that initially, it was Babatunde Fowler who actually introduced Amosun to Tinubu when he was gunning for the gubernatorial seat of Ogun State. As Tinubu was a bit skeptical and did not really know Ibikunle Amosun, it was Fowler’s recommendation that gave Amosun the number one seat in Ogun State.

It was even alleged that Amosun was in a bad situation financially during the build up to the 2011 election but Tinubu was said to rescue him by offering him few tax jobs in Lagos State to boost his war chest.

Fast forward 2015, Jagaban was rooting for another candidate to be minister while former President Olusegun Obasanjo was rooting for Bode Mustapha as the ministerial nominee from Ogun State. When Amosun was called to Bourdillion where Tinubu intimated him with his plans for the ministerial slot for Ogun, he didn’t say anything but also ran to meet Obasanjo to inform him of the plan of the lion of Bourdillion and Baba also told him about his own candidate.

However, instead for Amosun to facilitate the appointment of one the candidates of one of his benefactors, he capitalised on the negative report of the DSS on Bode Mustapha, ran to the presidency to discredit Bode Mustapha by telling Buhari that Chief Bode Mustapha is a “street boy” who is given to many escapades which informed why the governor and Mustapha don’t see eye to eye again. There and then, without telling Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, he gave the name of Kemi Adeosun as the ministerial nominee for Ogun State.

Tinubu, on hearing this became so infuriated, while, Mr Babatunde Fowler (the Federal Inland Revenue boss) who was instrumental to his first term gubernatorial ambition and who formally introduced him to Tinubu was equally gutted to the extent that he vowed to take his pound of flesh on Amosun for betraying the powers that made him. And since the occurrence of this ugly saga, Amosun has been avoiding Tinubu like a plaque.

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