March 30, 2023

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It’s A Thing of Pride to Graduate from Ojodu Grammar School’

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Mrs Bolaji Oke Fajaso is no doubt one of the Old Students making Ojodu Grammar School proud. Since graduating from the school 25 years ago, she has successfully proceeded to conquer other grounds professionally. This beautiful woman of substance is the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Elite Magazine. She is also an event planner and a motivational speaker. In this interview, the hardworking and honest lady talks about her Alma Mater and developmental plans


How does it feel to be an old student of Ojodu Grammar School?

It’s a thing of pride, the school has really transformed over time. You cannot but identify with the reformation going on in the school.

Can you share an unforgettable experience as a student of the school?

There are many unforgettable experiences but the one that readily comes to mind was when our school took 1st position in Jet Competition. It was a popular Science competition then and Ojodu Grammar School came all the way from 7th position to 1st.

How did your experience in the school prepared you for the challenges and life ahead?

Having gone through vibrant teachers whose tutelage has kept me going, one cannot but be resilient for whatever challenges the future has brought on us.

In what areas have you tried to inspire current students of the school, considering your wealth of experience?

During the last valenditory service, I was physically present as a product of the school and I was able to impact the young ones on how they need to be focused on their academic and get prepared for any challenges ahead.


Your 1995 Set wing of the Old Students Association is celebrating Silver Jubilee this year. What is so spectacular about the event?

Wow, many things. Number one is; the school is getting her first ever e-Library, donated by one us, Abayomi Isaac to be precise. Some past teachers will be receiving cash gifts, and most importantly we are celebrating the gift of one another. There are many our paths have not crossed since we left secondary school, so this is an opportunity for us to see and appreciate one another.

What is the bond between your set and other old sets?

Very cordial. They love and respect us and vice versa.

How has the Old Students Association contributed to the development of the school so far?

The old students association has been actively involved in the activities of the school, supporting the school morally and financially as the need arises.

A member of your set, Jooda Jimoh is the VP3 of the association. How will you describe him in few words?

My ever vibrant VP3. He always take the lead in all our activities. He’s actually one of our members who is giving monetary award to one of our past teachers.

Your Set is arguably the most active among the Old Students. What’s the driving force?

One with God, they say, is a majority. God has blessed our set with people who irrespective of their individual financial commitment are always ready to shoulder responsibilities. During the last valenditory service, the school called on one of our members (I know he wouldn’t want me to say this, but it’s highly commendable) and he single handedly dropped a total cash of N250,000 for the three best graduating students and best teacher. So we are always ready.

After the Silver Jubilee, what should we expect?

A more robust cooperation among us and increased urge to help our Alma Mater.

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