June 2, 2023

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The arrival of this Landover Aviation in the early 2000s looked like the beginning of better service delivery as far as the aviation industry in Nigeria was concerned. The aviation company commenced operation by employing highly talented, qualified and brilliant goal-getters back then. To be successful in being one of the workers of this company, the candidate must prove his or her mettle to the satisfaction of the employers and interviewers. In fact, it got to a stage that examinations (written and oral) were conducted by the company for interested candidates then. This move was highly commended by the Federal Aviation Committee of the employment of workers into the aviation industry, because that era marked a seeming doom in the industry with several air crashes recorded then.
The company also had in its fleet, world class aircraft with tested and trusted pilots to steer the fleet of aircraft safely. Things looked rosy for the company at that period as it recorded no accident cases and any other incidents that could dent its image. But, alas, perhaps due to the change of hands in the company, the Landover Aviation needs to tighten its belt now. On 24th of November last year, the media reported that a Landover Aviation plane veered off the runway at the Ilorin International Airport after it made a normal landing. On board that plane were 59 passengers and four crew members. The fact is that this kind of incident had never occurred to Landover Aviation in the past and this must have really brought some worries to Captain Edward whose knack and passion for quality service delivery is unrivalled. He is also reported to be facing other challenges in the business as the Landover Aviation School is not really doing well the way it used to be at the onset. This aviation school has churned out aviation experts cutting across all strata of the industry like pilots, engineers, crew members and other protocol workers. Adding to some of the captain’s worries is that some of the workers that have left the company are alleging that the captain does not treat his pilots well. He was reported to have stylishly brought in some expatriates to work in the company as pilots and after a few months of working, they were ill-treated by him and that led to their resigning. So, what those people are alleging is that Landover Aviation has suddenly turned to a ‘soldier go, soldier come, barracks go remain’ company. These, however, will not be good enough for any company that has a reasonable vision and mission.

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