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The Nigerian movie industry popularly referred to as Nollywood is an industry filled with multitude talents, male and female. Little wonder then that it prides itself as the 3rd biggest in the whole universe. As talented as these our stars are, however, they also have different traits in them, some good while some are bad. Let us take a peep into the life of one of these our highly respected stars in the person of Stella Damasus. Coming from a humble background as a hairdresser, Stella, a multitalented actress, singer, performer and producer has featured in more than 50 movies thereby endearing her to the hearts of her fans and foes alike.

Meanwhile, to a lot of people, 35-year-old Stella Damasus is the very innocent lady who will never hurt a fly. This is connected to the fact that on and off screen, the thespian breaks into tears at the slightest emotional provocation. Yelling at her only can make Stella tremble and start crying, let alone hurling abusive words at her; that can make her continue crying for days. As harmless as Stella appears though, it is believed by some people who claim to know her like the back of their palms that she is nothing but a complete impostor.

Stella’s philandering life itself can conveniently pass for a movie role. As far back as when Stella “officially” married Jaiye Aboderin years back, a lot of rumours that suggested that Stella was having extramarital affairs were in the air. It was once rumoured that Stella was in a serious romance with a popular Nollywood star, and presently the Edo State commissioner for arts and culture, Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD), an allegation Stella denied flatly up till this present moment.

With two lovely daughters; Isabel and Angelica, being the products of the marriage between her and Jaiye, Jaiye’s death was like the needed wing for beautiful Stella to fly away and warm the beds of different men and in the process ruin their homes. Even the paternity of her 2nd daughter is in contention as people said she has a striking semblance of fellow actor, Ramsey Tokunbo Noah whom Stella was said to have been dating after having the first daughter for Jaiye.

After her husband’s death, she started with gospel music singer, Sammy Okposo who, although Stella denied just like the case of RMD, dated Stella for many years until their affair hit the rock. Unknown to Sammy, Stella was sleeping with one of his back-up vocalists who goes by the name Tim Godfrey. Sammy later discovered that his relationship with Stella was heading for nowhere and decided to get married to another woman when Stella suddenly announced that she was getting married to one Emeka Nzeribe.

The marriage between Stella and Emeka lasted for just 10 months as Emeka was said ho have caught wind of his sweetheart throwing her legs wide open for a Lagos-based moneybags identified as Taiwo Afolabi of Sifax Group in far away United Kingdom. Emeka who was living in Stella’s residence at that time simply packed his stuff and left the house. That was the end of Stella’s 2nd marriage.

Not done, armed with her insatiable sexual appetite, Stella in less than a year after her 2nd marriage crashed moved on to another guy in Abuja known as Mofe Duncan while at the same time returning to her old lovers once in a while for them to have their normal ration of the international cake. Apart from Duncan, she is said to have dated a hotelier on Victoria Island, Lagos, an Owerri high chief who almost married her, as well as a rich and good looking man of God based in Ikeja, Lagos.

Stella, however, pulled a big stunt recently bringing out the prostitution in her and showing the kind of desperate home breaker she is when she snatched the husband of fellow thespian, Doris Simon named Daniel Ademinokan who is a movie producer/director. When the love affair between the two started, they denied ever having anything to do with each other romantically even when it was obvious that they were sleeping in the same room somewhere in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The two of them had claimed that they were just business partners and that was all. They said one of their business investments scattered around the country, most especially their boutique in Abuja called Code 55 brought them under the same roof.

People were, however, left with mouth wide open weeks back when Stella posted controversial pictures of herself and Daniel on the internet. The pictures suggested that what is happening between them is far beyond business partnership. As a matter of fact, information reaching us suggests that they are married thereby ruining the marriage of poor Doris! They were said to have got married sometime in the beginning of this year in New York in far away United States of America. This happens to be Stella’s third marriage. They are even said to be living together in the country and may even consider settling down there soon because Stella has already moved her children there and they have started attending a school.

The question on the lips of a lot of people now is what on earth would have made Stella so promiscuous? Your guess is as good as ours!

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